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  1. This was posted last year in March when first changed the rules to the new linden homes. We all know you cant use banlines any longer.
  2. I know some of you say why do you need to keep people away from your land...well sometimes you get stalkers and sometimes you just don't want people coming into your home unwelcomed. If I am on at night I do not want people just entering my home. It is like you leaving your front door open in real life. You have a home for your privacy otherwise we could just go and be in a sandbox.
  3. Very happy to hear this. Having everyone happy is the key to happy homes and neighbors. Looking forward to this change.🥰
  4. I just moved into my new sl house..never had a problem at the old one with my ban lines, when i get a message saying they are dodging the ban lines and to turn it off and use an orb.One I would have to go and buy and orb and two they are not so easy to set in such a small area. So it sounds like they are flying way to low .. thank you Gryphon for your reply.
  5. So it seems when you put up your second life security ...people that are flying around in airplanes are hitting the ban lines and getting a little annoyed. I wonder if its possible Linden Labs will lower these ban lines.
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