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  1. Hurray, I managed to log into SL! That's good, because I watched the Presidents' press conference about the successful raid against the leader of ISIS, like, four times. At least there's some good news out there for a change. And now SL is back! So...two good things! What a good Sunday evening!
  2. I hope the grid comes back up soon. I'm running out of videos to watch about the successful raid the President sent against against ISIS leader al-Baghdadi. The press release video is only 8 minutes long, but I'm glad to see some videos of the questions by the press. I suppose that's far better news that SL coming back online, but I still want it to.
  3. Well, at least the President had some good news to report! When the grid is back up, I'll be buying everyone drinks to celebrate!
  4. Suddenly, my body has been going invisible. This has never been a problem before, but all of a sudden now it is, and the only way I know to solve it is to relog. I understand that some viewers, like Firestorm, have, under Avatar Health, an option to refresh the avatar. But I use the Linden viewer. Is there anything short of relogging I can do to restore the visibility of the avatar?
  5. Has anyone had a problem with their Basically Girl AO HUD lately? Usually, clicking the ON/OFF symbol toggles the AO on and off, predictably. But lately, clicking the ON/OFF symbol has been making weird menus pop up asking me to select different types of walk, swim or sit animations. That's never happened before. I tried rebooting and just detaching and reattaching the original, but neither worked. Finally, I had to delete my Basically Girl AO and buy a new one. That solved the problem...UNTIL... I reattached my Spirit HUD from the Amazon River sim. I can't be 100% sure about c
  6. SL player "Ned Twig" is running a Cthulhu tabletop roleplaying game for 3 to 4 players (I'm one!) and is looking for the rest. We'll be using SL as a means of communication, but using Chaosium's tabletop RPG rules and the Wizards of the Coast dice roller (https://www.wizards.com/dnd/dice/dice.htm) for dice rolls. It'll be set in the Victorian gaslight era. Contact Ned Twig or me if you're interested. Slots are limited, so, I guess, first-come-first-serve...unless you can't fit into the gaming schedule...then we'll have to replace you with an alternate who does. Gaming schedule to be d
  7. Thank you, Innula. That is very helpful. I appreciate your kind contribution in answering my original question.
  8. That assumes that the sex offender in question knew of this obscure term of service that Adamburp quoted. None of the rest of us did. Also, sex offenders don't tend to think things through long-term, and most people do not know the terms of service to the letter. Only the person who had contact with the sex offender knows the totality of the circumstance, and the ToS preclude the totality of the circumstances from being divulged here...but I suspect you'd be considerably less leery if you had experienced the totality of the circumstances. McCallum, not only have I read the OP, I w
  9. Indeed. I am relieved to see that Linden Labs will not tolerate convicted sex offenders having accounts on SL, assuming, as you point out, that what was quoted is actually a term of service. If it is, though, it makes sense...Orwar said in an earlier post that Linden Labs is beholden to the laws of California, so it stands to reason that they would take such precautions so as not to be sued civilly, or even prosecuted criminally for some kind of criminal omission.
  10. There is nothing "silly" about wanting to protect the members of my community -- be it a physical, geographical community, or an online community -- from the predations of a real-life, twice-convicted sex offender.
  11. Okay...no problem, then. Thank you for acknowledging that, Love. I appreciate it. And thank you, Adamburp, for your post clarifying the ToS.
  12. Yes, agreed, Ceka. Sound advice that is, about going silent on them. And it is exactly what I have done. I'm glad to see others share my point of view on this matter.
  13. There's a reason people detest sex offenders...because sex offenses are detestable. Also, protests at their homes and such harassment is a fringe activity, not something that's widely done. The majority of people avoid sex offenders. That's the whole purpose of Megan's Laws, and why they are used in every state in the U.S. and at the Federal level. Because Megan's Laws work in protecting people from sexual predators. And, yes, Love, I agree that a person goading me into getting him or her into more trouble is unlikely. Again, let's not manufacture false facts that I think the opp
  14. There's no need for a mound of salt. Only one who has experienced the encounter with this sex offender knows the whole story. The terms of service preclude divulging too much on these forums.
  15. Why would someone that is not a sex offender, try to goad me into reporting him, to get him into trouble? Why would someone who is a sex offender, try to goad me into reporting him to get him into more trouble? Ohhh...I see what you are saying...wait...you're saying someone who is not a sex offender wants to stir up trouble for someone who is a sex offender. Well, that's up to a fact-finder to determine...whether it's Linden Labs investigating a Terms of Service violation, or a court of law investigation a course of illegal conduct.
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