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  1. I am looking for a donation script without hovertext. I have tried modifying existing scripts that I have but when I do, they no longer work as I really do not know what I am about. Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. 4PM SLT Thursday April 30, 2020 Brokeback Baroque presents The Salon with DJ Sarco and host Nikolai, featuring two hours of the finest recorded works, composed by masters and performed by artists, Formal attire not required but please, no nudity or overly casual garb. Thank you. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hinterland/195/205/23
  3. I have read the TOS, and have long known that child avatars are permitted (at sim owner discretion) on adult rated sims. My question has to do with the bit about proximity to sex scripted objects. Just how far away must a child avatar be from such an object without violating TOS? For example, if I have a sex bed and a friend wearing a toddler avatar visits in the living room, 10 meters away from the bed, is that far enough away? If I have a large house or skybox with several bedrooms, is down the hall far enough away?
  4. No, you are correct. They are not hard and fast facts, merely observations I and a few other hosts, DJ friends, and dancers have made over the years. People tip what they can, when they can, of course. However, I think what constitutes a "good" tip has somewhat of a cultural basis. What is sometimes perceived as under tipping at some gay clubs is perceived as exceedingly generous at other venues. I did not mention that as a criticism. Having attended parties for years at European owned clubs, I noticed tips of 10 to 25 Lindens being more the norm. This led to my belief that SL is pri
  5. I think that the majority of free accounts are not griefing/stalker or content theft or scammer accounts. I think it is just that there is no incentive to be a premium member unless one wishes to own mainland parcels. The majority of people I have met in SL with premium accounts have them in order to live economically in SL. A Linden home, and 300L a week that they save up in order to shop in SL, and whatever other perks premium membership offers. I suspect it is the opposite of what severa, here seem to think ... LL may attempt to peddle premium accounts as being oh, better or elitist or
  6. All these suggestions are great. One thing I would add is to treat everyone in a friendly manner regardless of whether they tip or not. Also, thank everyone sincerly, whether someone gives you a 20 L tip or 500 L tip, the thank you should be just as warm and friendly. Along with not asking for tips, I would add not getting in someone's IM and disparaging that person for not tipping, or threatening to boot someone for that reason. Yes, incredibly there is at least one host I know who threatens contest and sploder winners for not tipping a portion of their winnings. Every DJ, dancer, a
  7. Some people I know rent parcels, full sims, and homesteads at cost, because owning a private region is not always driven by profit. Two people I know parcel their sims quite generously and rent by the prim rather than by the amount of land. So for instance, a renter wants use of a maximum of 1000 prims. The parcel they rent holds 1500 prims. The parcels are all set to the same group and the "owner" manages the parcel via the settings in about land. The group that the parcels are all set to are closed groups, so the only people who can rez are one's neighbors. Given that each parcel has pr
  8. I do not know what clubs you go to, but the straight clubs I have gone to and danced a gropey couples dance or waltz or such tend to be jazz clubs or ballrooms with both me and my fellow wearing tuxedos. I have seen other male couples at such venues as well. In general though, if it is not an intentionally romantic venue or event, I do not see couples dancing together ... oh the occasional couple here and there, dancing some slow romantic dance to high energy dance or rock tunes, but I think I speak for more than just myself when I tend to think "gosh, can they not just get a room?" As
  9. I believe that one can have genuine friends one has never met in person. Many people have friends they have not seen for decades with whom they keep in touch via correspondence of one form or another ... childhood friends or college friends who are far flung across the globe but keep in touch. I do not think forming a genuine friendship in SL is too too different from that. For centuries, pen pals who have never met have formed deep bonds; SL seems a variant on a long standing theme in that sense. I can fall in love in SL, I can fall in like also. I can also loathe people I have met in SL
  10. The quality of your graphics card, your graphics setting, a good eye, and use of effective windlight (relating to having a good eye) can produce superb results without needing any post processing beyond perhaps cropping and resizing. This is particularly true in regard to landscape photography, but applies to portraiture as well. Especially now with mesh bodies that do not have jagged angles and edges that would require editing out, great photos can be done by choosing proper lighting and poses. Some of the really well known photographers in SL do a lot of heavy post processing which is part
  11. It has nothing to do with unfair land pricing advantages. One must own a heck of a lot of sims in order to get any sort of discounts ... I remember years ago, someone who owned upwards of 40 sims (most homesteads with a few full regions) complaining bitterly that he was not a big enough land owner to get discounts. Some places have a good vibe to them that takes years to establish, regardless of how pretty (or ugly) the sim is. Other places open and become popular sooner, once again, because of the vibe ... lots of parties, lots of shops, and things to do. A homestead simply does not have
  12. Yes, I realize that is the point of the discussion, but from what I read of the original post, that does not seem to be the case, and the OP's belief is an erroneous one, as you pointed out earlier in the thread ...
  13. Purchasing any shape can be seen as a scam really, as anyone can modify the system shape with which an avatar is virtually born. When I see "bento" shapes on the market, I see them advertised as being optimized for a particular bento head, and they usually come with a style card. So really, what people are buying is a shape that will influence the look of the bento head. It is no more a scam than selling any shape for those who are shape modifying impaired, so to speak.
  14. You can contact an estate manager and ask if that person is banned. If it is a large estate, the ban could be estate wide, though the option to ban someone on a single sim in an estate does exist.
  15. While this is often the case, a good many private estates do not rent parcels in such a way as to make the renter the "owner" of the parcel. Renting, rather that buying at a private estate, is fairly common for urban sims. Other estates have it set up so that while all or some of the parcels may be "purchased," regardless of titular ownership of the parcels, all must be set to the estate's group. Some estate owners do not like to give full land rights to tenants because not everyone knows what they are about when it comes to land settings and the like.
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