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  1. Hi! My friend made me a custom avatar and I'm hoping to find someone to make a AO for her. She's very uniquely shaped so animations made specifically for her are needed. What types of animations she needs: -General AO -Ears (bento) -Tail (bento) -Expressions (bento) She's more on the cartoony than realistic, I'll attach some pictures I have! Oh, and she is adult oriented, so be prepared for flirty poses and stuff like that! I'm willing to discuss more of what I want with ya in private. I have a discord we can use for faster communication.
  2. Thank you everyone for the advice! Stopping all animations and then setting it to submissive again worked! I am relieved to fix this.
  3. I've run into a very frustrating problem. I had used a deform animation given to me by my friend as a joke and it glitched my bento ears so they no longer position correctly. Resetting everything, scripts, skeletons, etc, and relogging has not fixed them. I am not using the wrong kind, they are the low far apart version and I double checked. I didn't expect this to happen and did not have a copy of the ears, I also don't want to just keep making copies whenever I mess up. There has to be a solution to this. They are meant to be on the sides of my head and wo
  4. Hello! Pretty straightforward question here: How exactly do you create/apply asymmetrical textures? I could not find any straight forward tutorials for this, or knew really what to look for, so if I can be pointed to one, or just told how, that'd be great! Thanks
  5. Hello! I am attempting to apply a custom texture to the Paws Ferret Head, but when I do, this happens when the eyes blink. Read the instructions and couldn't really find anything about the eyelids... Anyone know how to fix this? Much thanks!
  6. I think if he doesn't come back before my rent is up, I'll just try elsewhere. Thanks for the help everybody!
  7. Nah, it's only the guy who owns the land in there and it's completely blank, really weird.
  8. no, ive scoured his profile for any info really, its pretty blank. i did find a group, my friend suggested i look for that, but it was a private one i could not join...
  9. Hello, it's me the n00b again, here with another probably silly question. I am making a custom texture for my Crux (by Mutation Industries) avatar with a mod kit. I understand well enough how to make a texture, but there seems to be no actual torso/body mesh to apply the texture to. (attaching screenshots of everything in the folder in case i missed something) Every other body part seems to have a mesh with an option to change the texture when I edit them. When I try to right click and edit the torso, it doesn't select and just shows some options. I found one that says "Textures" and
  10. Thank you very much for this advice! I had no idea the system wouldn't automatically put me as the renter, but this has been a learning experience I guess. I'll do that, hopefully they will return soon as it was a very good deal. Thanks again!
  11. I just rented a piece of empty land using a rental box there last night but haven't been given any permissions to edit the land options yet and it's still shown as being owned by a group that i'm not in. The group is also private and will not allow me to own it. I put in 2 weeks worth of rent. It displays the name and stuff from the last owners on the "about land" too, but my own user on the rental box (will attatch pic). I tried to contact the person who I rented the land from but haven't gotten a response yet. I am pretty new to Second Life as well, so I'm very unsure on what to do her
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