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Found 4 results

  1. I dont know, if i can post that here, but some Big Question burns under my Nails like Fire! I blog now on Flickr with very good Photos for almost two Years, i got a lot Experience, as Examaple i only use LumiPro and my Photos are always at a Size of 6144 x 3382, means the Look of them later HD! Anyway, a Friend of mine, she gets on every damn Photo, that is totaly "Photoshopped", so you dont even see anymore, how the Image looked at Start, means it looks like a Woman that wears a bit too much Make up! But, what the Hell, she get´s on every Image 400 - 500 Votes. I am not envy, ok may she have 10.000 votes, but i wanna know, why my Photos get max. 270 Votes, my best has 306 Votes??? I must say, i got over 3000 Followers!!! I attached one of my best Voted (306) at the bottom! Slowly i ask me, is this a Competition on Flickr??? Or what ever, sometimes i think, this is like "You got No Big Name in the Scene, Than why you want High Votes?" Does it work like that, do i have first to be a Famous Blogger, like all the Youtuber Ministars or is this only unfair Mucked Around??? Has anyone Experience with Flickr Vote Process? Also what i found out, Flickr, the Owners of the Website self, reduce your Votes, when you got a Free Account there, cause i saw that, some Friends voted me three, one after the other and the Value keep the same "220" it didnt raise to "223" nope! So whats going on there, oh do i have to pay a PRO ACC, to be treated fairly? Thank you other SL Users and Friends if you see through Flickrs Way, so i finaly know if Flickr itself keep my Votes low, cause Free Acc, so that you dont can become more famous, or i only just imagining me that? TYSM Everyone and have a wonderful nice Day
  2. Hello and ty for reading my post. I'm the co-owner of a gay hangout sim on second life. We own a homestead sim and made it open to the public so gay men can come and enjoy the scenery or the occasional party. The competition however within the gay community is fierce. There's a lot of gay sims and hangouts on the grid already. Many of them that still look the same as they did in 2007 but they're still popular and even when they are not popular they still exist. Me and my partner started wondering why these gay sims continue to exist. Even when they own multiple sims (like 5-10) they are not closing. Either the owner is really, really rich or he's paying a smaller price. Unfortunately we realized the latter is the case. There are a lot of landholders (especially within the gay community on SL) that own multiple sims and made it public. But since they bought their sims a long time ago they only paid a fraction of what we pay. There are FULL SIMS within the gay community that only cost the owner 40$ a month. For a homestead we pay almost 100$. So it is basicalyl impossible to compete with that. For the price of 1 full sim (300$) they have 7 full sims and 1 homestead and keep it open at the same cost. This unfair advantage really damages the development and evolvement of SL land ownership. Often these sims havent been touched or updated for years (hence why they look like the noob days of SL). To us this a serious problem as we'd also have loved to own 7 full sims for less than 300$ so we can continue to grow and create. So what is the story behind that? Are they VIP or just lucky? And why doesnt LL make them pay the regular price? If my RL land lord wants to up the price of rent he has the right to do so, but gives me a notice ahead of time so I can decide to stay or leave. I think LL should do the same here and announce they are gonna pay the regular price but they have 3 months to decide.
  3. Hey everyone, please read this and let me know... This is about private region owned in SL and I want your opinions And possibly help if you feel I haven't done anything wrong or I haven't done that big of a violation to be treated like that. I work as a manager in the power couple contest and as a way to get more people and spread the word, I am promoting this contest. Many of you might have got a message from me about it. I am fairly new to SL so I don't have much friends or contacts... Similarly inworld , I look for groups that have their member list and have not mentioned I can't message them and send then ONE SINGLE message - a brief about the contest and if they are interested. Nothing after that if they don't reply. No follow up, no asking , no nagging. Like many of you must have seen. Yesterday I messaged some people from my rental and one happened to be the owner's alt. And without any warning, any intimation she banned me from the sim. I apologised to her since I thought maybe she was not okay with the idea, I explained to her that I was unaware of such a policy and even told her I have paid for 3 weeks rent with my hard earned money and please give me one last chance and consider. She never replied , nor did the support there. And MY friends who got the same rental yesterday requested to her too and they were banned as well. So I want to ask if what I did was such a huge thing that warrants a ban ? My idea of communication is word of mouth, we all have our dj and host friends who tp us or have conferences about their gigs. Do we ban them? I don't think so, or else how are people going to know about that club or about that dj or in my case .. about that contest. Please leave your opinions as comments have a nice day
  4. This is so unfair that first i whn i login i lost my INVENTORY and i lost even my friends then i tried to even clear the cache but nothing helped me... then next day i saw that i was not able to Login then i kept on tryin and trying and then it says login failed we cant complete your request this time check the support then i found that my account was on hold and the support was closed for christmas eve then i tried on 26 whn it was supposed to open then again it says same..... then i tried to login here in SL community then it says that Unable to access then i made this account. ANd till now i cant login and even can get any help bcz i cant login anywhere...... Am i supposed to compromise my account like that how hard is that to gather things and purchase.. is that a joke or a troll with me I CANT TOLERATE THIS AND I M NOT GETTING ANY HELP FROM ANYWHERE...... I m sorry to be loud this time but i feel like crying that how can this happen to me..... Please help me for gods sake i will be very thankful.. PLEASE FIX my account please i request. i like sl alot and i dont want to hate it and its my loss all over please help me and fix this problem My account username is khizrah
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