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  1. Theres is a huge gray area... The short answer is that nobody knows how close a child avatar can be to an adult-object. Could be meters? feet? Or within draw distance? But all of that is relative.. So nobody knows PERSONALLY I think it doesnt matter.. As long as they dont ''use'' the adult-object.
  2. Well I think sansar is cool for VR experiences. Like... a big event somewhere in the world and you cant be there physically so you put on your VR goggles and then you can still participate in the event.. Something like that. I dont really think its meant as a game or anything. It has too many limitations that made SL special. I think what would have been a better idea is create a Secondlife 2.0 where they focus on VR and improved architecture of the databases, rather than having a new product that nobody really knows what is is and what we should use it for.
  3. Downloaded Sansar today.. I heard a lot of stuff about it but I dont really get it. Is it a new SL where you can create things? It kind of reminds me of a glorified IMVU without the cool stores to buy things. What exactly is LL trying to achieve with Sansar? It seems to me MILLIONS of USD were invested in a project that just doesn't seem justified enough. I can't stop imagining how more wonderful SL would have been if that money was spent on .. SL. Are we just the cash cows to finance Sansar?
  4. in my experience the bad reputation comes from ppl that dont ''understand'' SL and ''fear'' it. Humans dont like things they dont understand or fear.
  5. Instead of limiting free acounts they should make premium accounts more attractive really.
  6. Well I also dislike some things in SL , just like anyone. But I am not going to deny them their right to be who they want to be. And I sure as peep am not going to be JUDGING them. Who am I to judge someone that wants to play as a child avatar? That wants to have someone else on a leash? Its none of *my* business tbh... Now ofcourse i dont have to *like* them.
  7. Guys lets be clear on this one thing before we continue. We all agree that child avatars on Adult rated sims are a violation. Thats not what this is about. Its about the G-Rated and M-rated sims where sometimes a child avatar is greeted with aggression and suspicion. This is something we CAN change though. What happened to ''dont judge a book by its cover'' ? All I am saying is not to jump to conclusions and generalize. Keep an open mind and respect people's personal preferences. I dont like furries but I am not going to ban them from my store just because of that...
  8. Also i think people look into this way too much maybe. Second Life is OUR world. We can shape it the way we see fit and we have the chance to create a society thats welcoming and not toxic and excluding people just because of who they are. I think with common sense, cutting people slack and minding your own business we can all achieve a great deal already right? Enough with the hate really. I get it.. some hate child avies, some hate furries, some hate guys with pussies, some hate avies in wheelchairs. But lets step over that hatred and leave it for RL. On here.. when you login, you should be pleasant, non judgemental and use your common sense. It will help a great deal.
  9. The Beauty of SL is that you can be whoever or whatever you want to be, for whatever reason you chose. If only real life was like that.. right? *grins*
  10. thank you You're a good kid then. And you are also living evidence that not all child avies are nasty people or entitled.
  11. I agree with that. Same things apply of course.
  12. If by fun you mean sex then ofcourse i agree. No child avatar should be involved in any sexual activity at all. But if you mean fun as in a themepark, hunt or some other festival then it is unfair to ban child avatars just because you dont like their avie lol.
  13. You are generalizing a lot here.. Anyway... I understand you all have to deal with annnoying children IRL and that parents really NEED a break from their children and hop on SL. Its a 2way street indeed. However I dont consider a baby avatar as a child avie. The babies are annoying lol.
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