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  1. Supposedly we do get voice morphers. I've never managed to figure out how to use them. Then again I have not tried too hard.
  2. I won't voice to verify being a woman. But I am a DJ, so if people think hearing my voice is important to them, they can come listen to my sets. I'm a pilot and I sometimes take passengers along. It's easier to talk in voice than type. If friends want to chat in voice I often will. And I have limits on the use of my hands that make typing difficult at times. So if people want to chat, voice will often be easy there too. So there are plenty of opportunities if someone wants to hear my voice. But just because somebody feels that somehow verifying my RL gender will help with their insecurities? No, I will never voice for that. By the way, has anyone ever heard of being asked to voice to prove you are really a man? I've never heard of that one.
  3. Spotted in the time tapestry exhibit of SL16B: Any idea what the planned update that "launches today" is? Or when "today" is given that SL16B is a multi-day event? Surely this doesn't just mean the preview display of the new trailors.
  4. "Thou shalt beget privacy walls, screens, and shrubbery around thy land which please the eye of thy neighbor as they do theyself." I'm not the person who rezzes the most of these obelisks around the mainland by a large margin, but I do put them up on everyone of my parcels. And I own roughly a dozen small ad parcels where I rez them. I don't find them ugly (sorry to those who do) and they sure do look a lot better than the average advertisement. But their purpose is not to beautify their neighborhood. Their purpose is to protest against people who use their land to be bad neighbors and disrupt the use of mainland by doing a variety of things including blocking land, security orbs, ban lines, and leaving junk lying around because they don't use autoreturn. Generally speaking, I find that the people who have problems with these obelisks are the same people who like to scream that it's their land so they get to do whatever they want no matter how it affects anyone else. So their solution is to tell me what I should do with my land (not put up obelisks) even though it affects no one. If someone wants to come up with a prettier object that sends the same sort of message, I would be willing to consider using it instead of the obelisk. But the point of protest is always to encourage change. The message is directed at Linden Lab (at least in my case) but it is a message that users could heat as well. I would suggest that being better neighbors and playing a part in a community is a better way to respond than by trying to get a perfectly TOS compliant, non-obnoxious object removed.
  5. Not to worry. I own a fuel depot. The Town Clerk is hereby directed to record the names of Mount Molly and Lia's Airstrip in the official town records. (Signed) The Cat Supreme Ruler of Bellisseria
  6. Uhhhhh . . . did you notice my photo? I'm a cat. A snow leopard, to be exact. So fishing being dinner is not exactly demotivating for me. How far is Mount Molly from Lia's Airstrip? Lia's Airstrip is, of course, the air strip in Costner Bay region. Lia's landing there in an H-92 during the construction of the rainbow statue was the first ever recorded landing at Lia's Airstrip. As the first pilot tp land there, Lia gained the right to name it after herself. This claim is further reinforced by the fact that Lia is me (my display name!) and, as pointed out above, I am a cat. Therefore I hold ultimate authority over Lia's Airstrip and all else. By the power invested in me as a cat, I hereby recognize the name Mount Molly until I decide to name it something else. When and if I feel like it.
  7. I am a licensed, professional snow leopard so I hide too. But then I pounce. 🙂
  8. . . . or improvements in other places in Second Life.
  9. Beg to differ. If you were to upgrade now, you’d get a $300L stipend, you’$ get more groups, priority entrance to full sims, and access to a Linden home, even if not immediate access to a new one. That may not be the main reason for a given individual to go premium. (I’m premium mainly for stipend and land ownership and care a lot less about other benefits, for example) but it is not nothing.
  10. At risk of stating the obvious, selling out of a product is not fraud. The elements of fraud are (1) a false statement of fact, (2) whoever said it knew it was false, (3) that person intended to deceive, (4) reasonable reliance on the statement by the party to whom it was made, and (5) actual damages suffered. If all five elements are not met then, from a legal standpoint, there is no fraud. LL didn’t make a false statement. They said the new continent and Linden homes were available to claim. They are. Since it wasn’t false, they obviously did not know it was false. Since it wasn’t false, they obviously did not intend to deceive. They never said anything about guaranteeing everyone who wanted a LH home could get one immediately. They did say they plan to keep building until a sufficient supply is constructed. Since no guarantee of the type the OP seems upset about was made, the OP could not reasonably rely on it. In fact, given the large user base of SL, it seems like the OP should have reasonably known there was a high probability of the homes selling out. Actual damages are a bit harder to evaluate. Sounds like the truthful, non-fraudulent statements by the Lab induced the OP to buy into premium membership. So the OP may have been damaged by his own unreasonable interpretation of what was said, but he was not damaged by any fraudulent statements by the Lab. I actually agree with you. I have two premium alts that I use mainly for generating stipend and for building up land tier. And I’ve been tempted to go try and get a Linden home with one of them because I have a traditional home now and I’d live to get a house boat but I hate to give up my hard won traditional home. I don’t do it because I know there are a lot of people out there who paid up like I did and haven’t gotten one. Seems selfish of me as the person behind the screen to go try and get more than one when others cannot even get one. When they are no longer so scarce, I may go get a second one, but right now that wouldn’t be the right thing to do. On the flip side, there are people who have opened up their homes as a spot for people who do not have one. I cannot comment on how many those people may own. But letting others use them like that seems pretty generous, no? I feel I should mention that if your words are a nuclear bomb, using them would risk running afoul of the prohibition against the use of weapons of mass destruction in 18 USC § 2332a or it’s equivalents in other countries of the world. I also could mention that there are a ton of news updates on the Linden homes in this very forum. For example: . . . and scattered throughout other threads in the forums. Not all news about Bellisseria comes from Lindens or Moles and not all news from Lindens or Moles comes in threads they started. I certainly understand the desire to hear more detailed news like a certain date when release is planned. And I do think LL could do a better job of letting people know at least a very rough time frame. But I also understand that LL doesn’t want to be put in a situation where if they miss the planned date, people go ballistic and start accusing them of fraud.
  11. Hmmmm. Well, surely it must have a temporary location, right? Can you send me an SLUrl for it? Sounds like it needs 11 tons of water dumps on it. 🙂 Dare I say they also contribute to that feeling of community and friendship that comes from when people get together and have fun together? 🙂 It’s things like this that make me happy/sad. Happy because people are getting together, having fun together, making friends, and building community. Sad because it seems like this is what the mainland was supposed to be except mainland could be even more so because you’re not limited there to building and working with only what the Lindens can build. But instead it became this walled off area full of bunkers where people are taking the most connected areas of the grid that are setup for travel and mixing and meeting and trying to turn them into walled off camps. 😞 Plus we’re not supposed to be making things that look commercial, right? That looks clearly commercial to me. A town center like this could be pretty cool! Plus I don’t know many people who would want to live near a fire station in rl. Too much annoyance from all the fires they have to go to. But please bear in mind that the idea here is simply to take the Rez zones that are being created anyway and make them look like that. I can understand that it may not be exactly what some people want next door. I can also understand others might not care or would even love it. But the idea, at root, is simply that make rez zones that fit in better.
  12. Well, I’m trying to be mindful that this is meant to be a Linden homes continent. LL is trying hard to make it look like a community. And they have responded to the need for rez zones by making best efforts to add some. Basically all I’m proposing is making those rez zones look like a fire station/police station/hospital/whatever else. That’s not very major, it’s not a change to what LL is trying to do. It’s nothing more than a facelift for what they are already doing. I’m not quite sure how a Chunnel would fit in. It’s a big addition that would certainly be fun. But it seems like it kinda side tracks from what they are trying to accomplish here. Shops are kinda the same, especially since this is supposed to be a non commercial area. Maybe some small kiosks like already exist? The Squishy Pickle, for example? While we could all list lots of fun things to add, these seem very different from my suggestion to take what’s already done and just make it look a certain way. Please feel free to pounce and correct me if I am wrong. Afterward, I did the math on how much water I dropped. This was a Shergood CH-47 helicopter with the Kimbi bucket. The Kimbi bucket holds 2600 gallons of water and I filled it to capacity. A gallon of water weighs 8.34 pounds (with slight variation depending on temperature). So that means I dropped 21,684 pounds of water, or just shy of 11 tons on that poor house fire. So I put out the fire. Refilled the swimming pool. Probably flooded the whole region. And if any neighbors are wondering where their yards or gardens went . . . I have no idea where they ended up. The fact that the house survive having a nearly 11 ton weight of water dropped on it is a miracle of second life engineering. P.S. For those wondering, I am the OP. Just forgot which account I was logged in with when I wrote the original posting.
  13. I can add to my post that LL actually does take action on these zero warning orbs. Although they have not been responsive about it the last month or so.
  14. The super duper obvious and easy way to do this would be to join them into a single parcel. Is that not desirable for some reason?
  15. The SL Newser published an editorial today that reflects my main concern about the premium rate hike. Basically, the concern, which the newser put better than me, is "Why raise prices if the number of subscriptions, and therefore income, is going up anyway?" http://slnewser.blogspot.com/2019/06/commentary-linden-labs-surprise-price.html
  16. I would argue that the restriction on orbs and elimination of banlines and restriction of security orbs is *the* contributor. Once you take down the barriers that keep people apart, that sense of community can start to form. People start to meet, to talk, and to make friends. People even discover that their fears about everyone being a griefer do not reflect reality. It works. I think we can expect similar constraints on mainland. Linden Lab says they want the mainland to be social too. It's not just Bellessaria that is supposed to be a social community environment. It's all of SL. If they want to have that happen, they need to get involved in putting some constraints on mainland. The Blake Sea estates make a great example because they are actually the opposite of how you describe them. Most, if not all, of the Blake Sea estates *do* force tenants to curb their orbs. I run sailing races for one of the big yacht clubs and the particular ones I run take place in the Blake Sea estates. If they didn't restrain the orbs, we couldn't have those races there. Take a look at the estate covenants. You will find that they often use the term "sailing first estate" to describe themselves. And they tend to contain restrictions that prohibit things like security orbs that reach into water, including water within the parcel boundary, and minimum time durations that often exceed those on Bellissaria. Of course, a few left. But I have to wonder . . . if LL wants to build community, then are the people who stand in the way of that really a loss? Aren't we possibly better off without them? Especially if it is that sense of community that offers the opportunity of a second wind for SL? And we've even seen some of the people who screamed bloody murder about the restrictions turn around and express thanks now that they've seen how they operate and it was not some catastrophe. And we've seen demand dramatically increase sense the restrictions were put in place. Really? I'm not aware of any put up by the moles. Would love to see some if you have any LMs to share! The object was originally created by Abnor Mole. There are some residents who put these up to encourage people to be better neighbors and as a way to voice objection to the mess that mainland has become. To me it makes the message far more compelling that these are proliferating among residents. Sad to say I've seen some really over the top hateful reactions from some residents to those of us who like to rez those obelisks. Usually it comes from people who say they don't want to be told what to do with their land, so they respond by telling others what to do with their land. Sigh. I agree at least as far as the banlines eliminated and orbs restricted. Subject to the provision that accomplishing the same thing as is done on Bellissaria would require more than a 15 second minimum time. I disagree strongly. The mainland is rather obviously meant to be traveled over. That's why there are roads, water channels, etc. Yes, building within a larger context is an advantage. But I would argue that space to travel is even a bigger issue. But if someone wants to be isolated without people coming in, then single unconnected regions are perfect. And for those who want their private space with no one coming in, the private estates are a perfect solution. Allowing them to disrupt mainland use via security orb abuse and other such problems, on the other hand, is catastrophic for the mainland. Someone earlier in the thread mentioned how someone with a 1024 could mess up business use for a whole sim. That's essentially what is happening now. A small number of antisocial selfish people setup orbs and ban lines to interfere with innocent use and travel around the mainland for everyone. That is not acceptable.
  17. Actually, bait and switch is when they offer you one deal (the bait) but then try to sell you something else (the switch). So if they offered you a premium membership, but when you tried to buy it they said, “sorry, we are out of premium memberships, but we can make you a great deal on a dozen eggs!” That would be a bait and switch. I’m afraid the price increase in premium accounts is something far more mundane: a price increase.
  18. I created my firstest, original account on July 25, 2006. Cannot believe how closely I barely missed out.
  19. Not my area of expertise, but isn't this known in SL as the beta grid?
  20. Ah yes, the basic accounts forced to walk around wearing only a barrel because that is the only clothing they are able to own. The limited number of accounts per person, as existed long ago. The limited nu Sorry. I ran into the limited number of characters in a message. Then suddenly I remembered I was premium currently, so I can type as much as I want to. The removal of personal photo albums. . . . wait, we have personal photo albums? Where do we get those? All these years I've been carrying around textures in my inventory when I could have had an album? And no photos of an avatar allowed! If you try to take one, some bodyguard comes over and shoves their hand in your camera. We will all teleport and then teleport again, only to end up in the (extremely crowded) cornfield where I could never ever leave or move again. And now that you mention it, I did notice that I bought $L5000 and somehow ended up with -$L5000 on my account. I guess that's the 200% commission at work! Yes, that's the future of SL. Starting tomorrow, which is Sunday. Yes, in a further dastardly act, LL implements these changes on . . . a day when they are closed. Or maybe someone is being just a teeny tiny be alarmist. Naaahhh... couldn't be! tee-hee-hee.
  21. For sale, the Marina de Lia Annex. This is a 832 sqm parcel in Sansara that offers connections to Mare Secundus and beyond. Parcel land capacity is 285 LI. Location is right here: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/forum/286-parcels-for-sale-mainland/?do=add The parcel is priced to sell with an asking price of 2500L. Visitors are always welcome across the river at the main Marina de Lia and I'd love to welcome a good neighbor to the area.
  22. Well, the experience in Bellissaria seems to be showing the way. From that experience, we can learn that people like water access. So maybe some rivers, canals, lakes, and islands would be good. Most of that could be carved into existing space. We can also learn that people want relief from ban lines and security orb abuse. So curb that in a similar way to how it was done there. It couldn't be identical but the same general idea of requiring a concrete time amount would work well.
  23. With the changes made to Bellissaria (air strip, eliminating ban lines, reigning in orbs, etc.) and then this, it's pretty clear that LL is listening to its users and I think we all ought to appreciate that. I know I am. I just wish I did not have to make a decision about re-upping premium so soon. My renewal date isn't until next year. And, truthfully, I have been starting to think more and more about not renewing at all. Bellissaria is awesome. But I can't get in there. I'm stuck in the rest of the mainland. And more and more I feel like a prisoner on the land I own because leaving it is like walking around in a minefield thanks to all the orbs and ban lines. Premium has benefits no doubt. But I also don't feel comfortable paying for that prisoner-esque experience. So I have been weighing a decision slowly. And now I have to make that decision quickly. I think I'm leaning toward re-upping for another year. But then turning off the auto-renewal to make sure I don't automatically get locked in if nothing changes. But . . . every year's renewal is a decision. A price up is even more a decision. And some pretty significant negatives to go along with the pretty significant positives have made it no longer a no-brainer decision. I've read that there are more premium benefits coming. I imagine it would help those of us making that decision a great deal to have some idea what those additional benefits are so that we can weigh them when making the decision. I'd imagine that they probably weigh in favor of paying in for another year. But in the absence of knowing at least some general info about them, none of us who are making these decisions can consider them either for or against re-upping.
  24. What’s been in most demand? House boats. That seems to tell LL something about the demand for access to water. Then LL restricted orbs and banned ban lines. A few people got upset and panicked over fears of what could happen. Now many of those same people are big boosters and lovers of what has been created as a result. And LL got a good, measurable response to this when they saw the response to the second release of house boats. They disappeared in under 30 minutes, making the original Linden home release look like a slow selling unpopular product by comparison. Which says something about the demand for places without the ban lines and orb abuse that litter the rest of the mainland. And many more people are wanting in. We see people upgrading to premium just to get into the new continent, thereby earning LL more revenue. To make the demand even more obvious, we see that Bellisaria and the surrounding area have become crazy busy places for both sailing and flying, much like the Blake Sea. Why? Because the area around Bellissaria is one of only two places in the entire grid that are safe to fly and the only one that lets you check out the land from above. LL said they wanted to create a space with community. And what are people praising about Bellissaria? Community. LL is getting a clear message that this is what their customers want. And what they tried to do is working. Seems to me that it would be smart to do more and to roll out what they can from this experience to the rest of mainland. This experience is giving clear indications of how to go about revitalizing and bringing back to life the rest of the mainland.
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