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  1. I have a first life Internet radio show called Lia Listens on Fridays from 4-6 pm SLT. I would love to simulcast it in SL. The show is musically eclectic and features live on air call-ins from listeners. Broadcast licenses are provided by the station. Ideally, I'd like to do it at a non-sex oriented music club in a mature or adult sim that welcomes all avatar types. The station is furry fandom oriented, but the show works well for furries and non-furries. I have had some folks with no connection to the furry fandom tell me they are quite hooked. I see real advantages to doing the show in a non-furry club or a furry club and would consider both. About me: I am an active SL dj who currently provides highly eclectic music sets, sometimes with visual choreography, at Vipera (#17 on the SL top 40) every Thursday. I got my start as a fill-in DJ at Club Amarantha (#1 on the SL top 40) and have also done guest appearances all over the grid. Apart from the radio show, I am not looking for other perm gigs, but I do enjoy doing guest DJing now and then, so I would consider those gigs. Please contact me in world to discuss! Lia (female.winslet)
  2. So I was just having a conversation with the owner of Cuties, mitchwillhelm, who asked me to put a post stating that yes, furries and all others are welcome. The only rule is against child avatars. The OP stating "no furries" is flat out wrong.
  3. I'm really wishing I had never started this topic . . . I wonder if there is some way to get it locked or deleted.
  4. I find that people use both first and second person so either way works. I'm sure there's someone out there who has some grammatical insistence on one thing or another. But for most people, I think either way will work. Griefing is a pretty broad term for anyone who gets their fun from ruining the fun of others. A lot these days seem to be trolls. Years ago, they tended to make sims crash, make users crash, etc. It still happens, but that type of thing seems a lot less common than it used to be. Okay, two things. First of all, the idea that there are players suggests that SL is a game. A great many people--me among them--would disagree. If it's a game, shouldn't there be rules, an objective, a way to win, etc? As far as furries go, I don't think just wearing a pair of ears would make you seem friendly. But I'll tell you what I will do. I will send you an IM in world. I'm doing a DJ set at a human club tomorrow (Thursday). The theme is going to be furries and I'm going to play the music of the real life furry fandom. My sets usually draw a few furries besides myself. And a furry themed set will probably draw even more. That would be an opportunity to meet some of us. So I will send you an IM about time and place. Apart from that, I would suggest that the way to seem friendly is just to be friendly. If you want to talk about furry stuff, I never mind if people reach out to me. And I get people asking me those questions all the time. So you can always talk to me about the stuff. I thought your photos were pretty cute and I'd bet quite a few other furs would too. :-) I especially liked the first one.
  5. Welcome! However, Second Life is plainly not a game. If it is, kindly advise what is the objective. How does one play. How does one win. :-) I am a furry. I used to do human in SL. I don't do human at all anymore. My last human avatar was 2011 and is now stuck in a storage box. I can tell you that there is a pretty big furry community in SL still. But it is very segregated from the human majority. I feel like one of the few who goes outside of it and mixes with the human majority. There is a lot of fear of discrimination. And while I certainly do encounter people who hate me because I'm a furry (I guess I'm too cute for them?) I find that the fear of hate is much less than the reality. The thumbnail photo is a face shot of my avatar. I usually roam the grid as an anthro snow leopard. Eh. There are some clubs like that, just as there are some human clubs that are like that. I find that furries and humans are a lot alike that way. Some of the popular clubs for both groups are X-rated sex clubs. On the other hand, there are also quite a few G/M rated spots for both groups. In the case of furry clubs, a lot of places that are pretty clean in practice are still in adult sims. That started years ago because adult verification to get into those locations took a bit of effort and that reduced the number of griefers. There is, alas, a long history of furry sims being especially targeted for griefing. While griefing seems a lot less serious than it used to be, the fear and the memory lingers on.
  6. So I’m a DJ. My June schedule is fully booked, so I am not looking for more work. But it wasn’t so long ago that I was having trouble finding work and something like this would have been really helpful. But I would have been put off by the lack of professionalism. If you’re going to be placing me in clubs, then I’d like you to be as professional as I am. Otherwise, you make me look bad. Simple grammar matters! 1) “AJOB” is two words, not one. 2) “Until you are successful.“ is not a sentence. 3) I always appreciate training, but I’m not so sure about “traning.” I guess it’s hard to stop a trane. And so on. Thing is, I am really not all that great a dj, so if someone came along and wanted to help me improve my skills, I’d probably go see them. But when I see this kind of sloppiness, I figure they would probably train me to be sloppy too. No thanks.
  7. I must say that the lack of attention to detail (no location info) and the unprofessionalism of posting "...." every few days would dissuade me from working there if I were looking for work in SL.
  8. This is a pet peeve of mine. You want me to prove that I'm female? How about you prove that you are male? But no, I don't think men ever get asked to prove their real life gender. Even though there are plenty of men in Second Life who are women in their first lives. You can wait until the next time I feel like turning on voice. Or my next dj set. Or you can do what I do and just not worry about it.
  9. Hi Nimue, just want to tell you your post struck a chord with me. I'm not very alone in SL anymore. But I had a difficult time finding my tribe as well. And I too am in recovery from an injury that left me with a disability. You're certainly welcome to reach out to me in world and come hang with me if you'd like to. As far as places where I find people who have a hard time finding their "tribe," I have a couple of places like that I can introduce you to. But, alas, you kind of have to be there at the right times to meet people. I think it always helps to find just one or two good people to hang out with. Good people tend to hang out with one another, so if you find one or two of those to hang with, then you will start to meet others.
  10. If I understand it correctly, this will render mesh bodies obsolete and give system bodies back the ability to simply wear clothes and so on while achieving the same level of detail and quality of rendering. If I am understanding this correctly, I am very in favor of that.
  11. In twelve years in SL, I have only been two things. Human and furry. That leaves me in a very poor position to speak to what it's like to be anything else. I've never had a vampire, child, etc. avatar and hence cannot speak from that perspective. But that doesn't mean I intended the whole thread to focus on furries. I guess I am at a loss to understand how the way we treat the avatar is any different from the way we treat the person behind the screen. Since we all interact via avatars, I think the two are one and the same. If I'm being nice to you, you see my avatar saying and doing nice things to your avatar. And vice versa. Either way, the real communication is between the people behind the keyboards. It's really two people behind the keyboards being nice (or not) to one another. I'm sorry, but the idea that there are real people behind the screens for every avatar is so fundamental to me that I don't really know how to explain it. The one exception being roleplaying games, I suppose. :-)
  12. You know, I never thought of child avatars as a candidate for most discrimination. But that might make a whole lot of sense given the special rules and restrictions that LL has for them. Also would explain why child avatars have gotten so rare. I did recently find myself chatting with a vampire yesterday, so I learned they do still exist in SL! :-) I think she was involved in Bloodlines even. But I wonder if a degree of ability to hide in plain sight helps protect them from discrimination. Well, I thought my topic line and my original post were pretty matched in focus, but if there is a difference, I guess my preference would be if we could stick to something at least tangentially related to one of them. More than anything, I was just reacting to the loss of civility that seemed to be starting. I started my first av about 12 years ago and I've always found the SL community to be polite and civil most of the time. I know discrimination gets to be a hard topic to keep a cool head about, including for me. But would just be nice if we could all try to maintain the civility on the forums that we have in world. I probably let myself get a little caught up in it for a moment too, so I will also try to do better.
  13. I would be very thankful if we could discuss the topic of this thread. Thanks.
  14. I had a couple of reactions when I read this. The first was to wonder which non-humans are participating in Second Life. I was under the impression that everyone in second life was a human behind the screen rather than a non-human. This everyone's avatar is a representation in Second Life created by the person behind the screen. Few of those representations are remotely realistic. I never have seen much difference between representing oneself with a supermodel avatar vs a bunny rabbit avatar. All avatars are very personal things. Quite a few people feel comfortable with one avatar or not another. For example, I recently had a person who is a woman in real life tell me how she tried a male avatar and ended up crying rl tears while looking at her own avatar. It ended up that she just couldn't do it and had to switch back. She never did it again. Much the same happens with human and non-human avatars (I know that one from experience). And I would guess it happens with child/adult avatars too. So that means simply changing avatars is not as simple as changing clothes. It also means discrimination based on avatar type hits the person behind the screen. Which probably is why the topic of avatar type discrimination keeps coming up. It really does sting the person behind the screen. And most people don't like being stung and wish that other people would quit it. The second reaction I had was to wonder what being legal has to do with the subject at hand. There are lots of perfectly legal things that are wrong and people shouldn't do them. Sure it's legal to post a "human avatars only" sign. That doesn't mean it's right. Nor does it address the topic at hand, which is which avatar type faces the most discrimination. There aren't a lot of places that keep out adult human avatars. They exist. But they are not at all common. I would imagine it's safe to say that adult human avatars are probably the avatar group facing the least discrimination in SL. Probably by a large margin. As far as I know, flyers are not an avatar type. :-)
  15. Don't know that we really represent much of anything. We do enjoy Bugs Bunny type characters though. Nope. We're having a great time!!! :-) I don't want to turn this into a thread about furries, but give this a listen to have furries explained in a friendly groovy way:
  16. I guess I should mention that I am also a furry. I came back to SL after several years away and the furry hate seems relatively diminished. It's still there, but I haven't been banned anywhere yet. I do run into some other negative reactions. Part of what prompted me to post was actually a discussion at one of my favorite fur spots in SL about this exact question. The idea that herms might be most hated in SL got floated in that discussion. I could see that, but I haven't witnessed that particular hate. On the other hand, I do experience the furry hate that still exists. I guess I can understand it. If I didn't have a super cool tail, I'd be jealous too. :-) But since I experience that, I tend to see it most and think of furries as the most discriminated against group. So I wanted to test that idea and see if I was wrong. So far it looks like I likely am wrong. But I too get so many questions about how to get furry avatars, where to go to meet other furs, etc. that I really should start charging a fee for those types of answers . . . or start telling people not to ask me until I have at least fully grasped this concept known as "mesh." I have been targetted by one or two anti-furry griefer attacks. So far I've been surprised how mild it was compared to the old days. This might be a silly question, but do vampires still exist in SL? I don't think I have seen any since coming back. Yeah, there's a lot of self-segregation that happens there. I feel like a very rare furry who actually goes out and mingles with everybody else. I probably split my time around 50-50 between spots that cater to furries and those that don't. But I'd feel like I was missing out if I didn't. The great thing about SL, at least for me, is the wide variety of people you meet. If not for that, then what's the point?
  17. Furry hate is pretty legendary in SL and I've always assumed that furries were probably the most hated and discriminated against group in SL. But recently I have wondered if that is true. Thoughts on who it might be and why? One thing I will never understand is the hate based on avatar type in SL. Every avatar is a personal expression of the person behind the screen. But at the same time, it's only an avatar and we are all people behind the screen.
  18. I am in SL right now so I did a search and came across Nate's Feral Furry Beach in addition to the GYC and the Feral Passion Group that has been mentioned. Many, if not most, furry hangouts don't have words like "furry" or "yiff" in their names. So they kind of blend in on the search results and look the same as anywhere else until you show up and realize everyone has a tail. To find them, you kind of need friends who are furry because they are the ones who will know that place X with an ordinary name is a fur hangout. I am a furry. But I am not especially feral. I wouldn't be at all surprised if there are very feral focused spots that I would know nothing about. I do know a couple of people who spend most of their time as ferals. The OP is welcome to reach out in world and maybe I could make one or two introductions if login times overlap.
  19. Lots and lots and lots of furry hangouts have no mention of yiff in their names. :-) I think the OP would find themselves welcome as a feral in most furry spots. But I don't know a lot of places focused on ferals specifically. One would be the role play areas at Timber Wild. I assume the OP likely knows about that already?
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