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  1. We shall pass on the news of this glorious thread and the honored grid status website. (Right, everybody? We're gonna be helpful while we watch our cat videos, right?) I guess I'll ask the obvious question. I'm sure you don't know when things will be back up. But can you give a rough idea? Are talking about an hour or two? Or, more realistically, tomorrow? Or longer? Or just no idea?
  2. The bar is full now! But still can't login! Any minute now . . . .
  3. What I want to know is how the lag is for them.
  4. I'm sure we all appreciate the hard work and understand that this a complex product that is subject to hiccups. Thank you for your hard work on this. We look forward to finding out what kinds of nifty coolness await once it's all over. In the meantime, maybe there are things we users can do. I did see a thread started by someone who must have been relatively new who had uninstalled and reinstalled Firestorm because of being unable to login. Maybe while we are all entertaining ourselves on this thread while we wait for SL to come back, we could also keep an eye out for people like that and help them out by letting them know what's going on? Anything else useful we can do, Lindens please let us know. In the meantime, I'm going to be amused by looking at the profile image under a Linden and seeing "newbie." 🙂
  5. It's actually kinda fun, actually. I'm a total information sponge. I am enjoying taking in info from here and a bazillion other sources at the same time about what's going on. Of course, I'd rather it be up and working, but there are alternate forums of fun. Like catnip. Or chasing deer, ibex, rabbits, and many other critters. Or knocking things off of edges.
  6. The little bar keeps getting longer and longer every time I try to login. Look! I can almost login!
  7. Nope. We do it because we are evil.
  8. 282 people logged in per my Firestorm. I wonder how the lag is.
  9. Yes, well, one time I was bar tending in world and I said to the room "If I can get you a drink, just let me know. I will fill up your drink and then knock it off the bar." The owner's response was "Hmmmmm.... maybe cats do not make the best bartenders." I was sad. I never got to tend bar again. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh . . . bittersweet memories of SL. I remember it well.
  10. Well, in fairness, it has been a long time since the entire grid went down. . . . although my firestorm shows 283 people login so I guess maybe saying the *entire* grid is down is a bit much.
  11. The entire grid is down right now. Scroll down on the link moirakathleen gave and you can see the list of what is out.
  12. Let it be known that Linden Lab has just confirmed that it was not because a cat knocked the grid off the edge of something. In other words . . . IT IS NOT MY FAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂
  13. Word from a Linden. Services being brought back and should be up soon.
  14. I hear reports that some people in Linden homes have started being able to login.
  15. Full list of all that is down here: https://status.secondlifegrid.net/ Scroll down a bit to near the bottom. Basically it's most things that are down. However, you can still buy Lindens! That part works!
  16. It seems pretty clear that security orbs pose some challenges. I think in the future they will face some more concrete limitations than they do now. Part of the issue probably stems from the fact that right now they send messages to users that can often be downright hostile. I was thinking that one way to make them a little less annoying would be to find ways of making them funny! And, if nothing else, discussing that might be a way to have a fun laugh. It seems to me that they would be funnier if they comply with LL policy than if they don’t, and that includes the requirement to give an adequate warning. I’m thinking maybe the Darth Vader security orb, for example. Warning message: “You have entered space controlled by the Empire, rebel scum. If you do not leave in 60 seconds, we shall remove you. Don’t underestimate the power of the dark side of The Force!” Ejection message: “*FORCE PUSH* All too easy.” Possibly the secure government facility security orb (with thanks to those who have suggested the concept of an air defense security orb). Warning message: “You have entered a secure government facility. Use of deadly force is permitted in this area. You will come under attack from our security forces if you do not leave in 60 seconds.” Ejection message: “Security forces commence fire!” Maybe the Magrathean security orb? Warning message: “We are pleased by your interest in our services. We assure you that when this location is opened for business, announcements shall be made in all of the most fashionable travel magazines. Until then, this location is closed. Please leave. Within 60 seconds.” Ejection message: “It is most gratifying that your enthusiasm for our services continues unabated. And so, we would like to assure you that the guided missiles currently ejecting you from this location are part of a special service we extend to all of our most enthusiastic clients. The fully armed nuclear warheads are, of course, merely a courtesy detail. We look forward to your custom in future lives. Thank you.” What else? Hmmmmm.... to create or not to create.
  17. By comparison, I have a 150 prim boat slip I rent that normally rents for $L450 per week. It’s free for me because it’s at a yacht club where I’m on staff. $L350 per month versus $450 per week is a huge difference, but the old rule about location, location, location matters. This particular location happens to be a sim that is adjacent to Blake Sea, which is still regarded as the best sailing/boating area in the grid. So having it start on the next sim over is a pretty big deal. No need to travel far to get there. It’s also something that is quite scarce. If you’ve ever tried getting a slip right on the Blake . . . Good luck. There are only so many of them and demand seems to far outstrip the supply. Even clubs that are pretty inactive these days have their marina rental areas pretty full. And it’s also a different product from a house boat. It’s a yacht club. It’s a place where dedicated sailors get together. And it’s a place where you can put things you cannot put in a Bellisseria boat slip. The Bellisaria slips are made to hold a small boat. A 65 foot racing yacht lives in my slip. I’m surrounded by similar size boats. They just won’t fit in the Bellisaria boat slips. And, of course there’s also the demographic. There’s a fair number of us out there who rent like this as a way to show support for the sailing community and the people who provide the spaces to do it. I am one of those people. I get this one for free, so I pay for rentals elsewhere at two locations farther away in the sailing estates. Those areas tends to be pretty full too. For the very casual sailor, I imagine that something like these rental slips would not appeal much. They are too expensive and it’s just not that appealing if you’re just going to go sail once a week. So those individuals will probably stick to a house boat with a slip in Bellisaria. But I doubt they ever would have wanted to rent in the yacht clubs anyway. But if you are a serious dedicated sailor, the value equation changes quite a bit. There’s no replacing a spot close to where the action happens. A houseboat with a slip does not replace the immersiveness of basing yourself at a yacht club like one where you might be based in real life. And you can’t support the larger sailing community at all by renting a Linden Home. It’s that type of dedicated sailor who probably rents those expensive slips in the first place. And I don’t imagine they’ll be moving on unless the lab decides to provide a better alternative to the Blake and it’s surroundings. So far I see no effort being made to do that. Bellisaria just provides a different type of product aimed at a different customer meeting a different need in a different place. I don’t see Bellisaria as competition for the rental slips market. I do see it as a place that may prompt people to try sailing. Some of those people might get hooked on sailing and become a little more hard core about it. Hmmm.... I wonder if that’s why attendance at some of the races seems to be going up lately.
  18. I'm sad to read about High Fidelity folding. It was certainly not SL, but I liked it and could see it as a future platform more easily than Sansar.
  19. I can't comment on the Shergood UH-4 Commuter specifically since I do not have one. I was taking the inaugural flight in my newly purchased Shergood S-64 Skycrane. But I imagine as long as it can move at a relatively reasonable speed, it should all be good. It's really neat to see SL from the air. It's a whole new perspective in much the way it is to see the real world from the air. I know we're not supposed to mention person-to-person disputes, but I think we're allowed to say good things and in that regard, I'd just like to say that I'm consistently amazed by all the detailed amazing work that Kelly Shergood and Co. pour into their helicopters and I'm really glad there is somewhere to go for the majority of SL users who want to be able to move around. It allows me to actually make use of this really neat (and expensive!) purchase and allows others to do the same for whatever their personal equivalent may be, whether it be walking around exploring or some other similarly expensive thing.
  20. Perhaps some kind of message sent out via the content packs that also delivered the orbs? Suggestion from someone who has not yet managed to get a spot on Bellisaria. Somehow that old Monty Python skit about the place you can go to so you can get an argument, verbal abuse, or hit on the head comes to mind. 🙂
  21. I've been quite frustrated with flying lately, so I have not done it in a while aside from test flights. But today I took the plunge. I went down to dogbone air strip. I flew across the Bellesaria from there to Expanse of Alberchill sim (no, not a straight due east course) at a speed of about 80 knots continuously climbing and reaching an altitude of 161 meters at the end. Here's a log of what happened as I flew across. [23:30] Now playing: Leann Rimes - How do I live [23:31] LH - Security System: You are in a restricted area. Please leave within 15.000000 seconds. [23:31] Now playing: Thuy - All Night Long (feat. Lil Kev) [23:31] Now playing: Baek A Yeon - Just Because (Feat. JB Of GOT7) [23:31] Now playing: Jimi Hendrix - The Wind Cries Mary [23:31] Now playing: Shalamar - A Mix to Remember [23:31] Lia (female.winslet): cycen The last entry is me telling it to center the cyclic, which slows me down and eventually puts me into a hover. Wow. This short flight was paradise. The one security orb warning I got was far less disruptive because it was not a blue screen popup. I was flying a slow helicopter, so my speed wasn't super high, but I was already out of the parcel before I even noticed the warning. And that warning was even worded less aggressively than many orbs. I daresay I didn't bother anyone the ground and they certainly didn't interfere with me. The worst thing that happened was that I don't quite agree with some people's taste in music. But I imagine we can all survive that. Compliments and thanks to the lab for making it possible to move around Bellesaria. From the comments from other users, the limited use the new orbs have been receiving according to all reports I'm aware of, and the insatiable demand for new Linden homes, I daresay that the new orbs and the continent are fantastic successes. I urge the Lab to repeat this success on the mainland at large.
  22. This might be crazy . . . but it occurs to me wonder if the LI for the new LL security system might be intentional and might be a good thing. LL says they want a social place and that orbs run contrary to that desire. So maybe a little bit of a cost to interfere with or act contrary to the social nature that LL is seeking makes sense. It's not a large cost. But a small cost in terms of LI could be desirable?
  23. I’m a snowland owner. I don’t know of any policy this would violate. And I don’t know where in the snowlands this would be . . . but it sure does sound like it would violate the good neighbor rule about not building eyesores. At least in my sim and some of the surround sims, there are several of us who buy up land in scenic areas specifically to make sure it stays open for people to visit and that beauty in the area is preserved. Please don’t undo our efforts by building grassy summer scenes and such on the ground. It may not violate the TOS but it sounds like it just would not be nice. 😞
  24. I'm hoping to see a meaningful water connection to Sansara. As it is (or was the last time I checked) there was a connection to the southern tip of Sansara, but it wasn't very meaningful because it didn't connect to the other Sansara waterways. I'm dreaming of the day I can sail from the Marina de Lia in Sansara and down all the way to Jeogeot. 🙂
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