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  1. This is a process which heavily favors those who are able to camp in front of a computer and just happen to be on line and able to pounce at just the right moment. This process has been thoroughly screwed up by SL's management. Yes I could accept that my premium membership allows me to claim one of the old homes but by doing so, I'm out of the loop for when a very, very tiny number of one of the new ones are released so in order to have even a minuscule chance at a new one, I have to remain homeless and practically glued to my computer. That's not possible for me. So, the majo
  2. Thanx. That's great. Thanx for sharing pix of the perk that the vast number of premium members haven't been able to get yet.
  3. And yet there they are, empty and appear to be surrounded by homes that are occupied. So I'm extremely dubious of the "not ready" thing. "Not ready" or "not yet available" would be understandable if they were in regions which don't yet have any occupants. If they're not ready or not available even though unclaimed, why are those houses right next door claimed and being used? This seems extremely fishy to me, a dodge to keep premium members dangling with a bait and switch promise of new but unavailable premium content which merely cycles to the old, tired, outdated and undesirable premium
  4. Yeah, there are new homes and a new region. I've checked it out, seen the houseboats and the homes on land. A number of these appear to be unoccupied, the empties all seem to be owned by someone named "Dyna Mole" and yet when I click on the "Get your new home now" link, the old, very tired, laggy homes in regions that have been around for a decade are all that I'm offered. These new premium homes being offered seem to be only some to be some sort of bait to keep me paying for a premium membership, dangled just tantalizingly beyond reach but never actually available. The smell of rotting f
  5. cleve Byron

    Camera perv

    The crosshairs give you a rough idea. Everybody knows we get perved but it would be interesting to know when and by whom. It might help facilitate conversation. Why bother trying to talk to someone who's shown you no interest? But anyway it might all be moot if the viewer software doesn't allow it. I was just wondering if there was such a thing and if so, how to do it.
  6. cleve Byron

    Camera perv

    Thanks. That helps a lot. Pretty amazing after four years in SL I never knew that. I use Phoenix so that would explain how my perving is being detected.
  7. cleve Byron

    Camera perv

    That's what I've been wondering. I've since found the Character>Show Look At option and have disabled the Broadcast Camera Focus Point Rolig Loon has described but I've always wondered if there's some gadget that would notify me when I'm being perved. I've looked a many of the spy huds available in the Marketplace but can find none that mention this as a feature. I'm guessing that this amy somehow be disallowed by SL. The huds all seem to concentrate on notification of nearby avis and who's on and maybe where they are and protection against griefers and attack but none seem to offer any kin
  8. cleve Byron

    Camera perv

    I've had a couple of instances when I've clicked on an avi to check out a profile and when I've opened a chat with that av, they've said that they were aware that my Camera was pointed at them. They weren't mad about it, mind you. More like flattered that I was looking at them. Kinda took me aback a little because I didn't know that was possible. I've been using SL for a few years but there seems to be a lot of stuff I didn't know one could do. I figured they may have had a hud which would detect this but lately I've been reading that the Character>Show Look At would do this but it seems to
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