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  1. In other words, "My neighbor is wrong, and someone evil made them think that way." Mmm hmm...
  2. What happens when your neighbor sincerely believes that something you think is right is wrong, or vice versa?
  3. https://www.healthychildren.org/English/safety-prevention/at-home/Pages/Liquid-Nicotine-Used-in-E-Cigarettes-Can-Kill-Children.aspx
  4. I saw an episode of "True Tales of the Emergency Room" where a little old lady sent her whole family to the hospital when she made dinner using some greens growing in her garden, one of which was wild tobacco. And you can buy heroin at any gas station... Oh, wait...
  5. There are countless artists who maintain they actually do their best work when they're under the influence of alcohol. Theresa Tennyson murmurs something to herself which she chooses not to write down, but would like to point out that she herself doesn't necessarily agree with that statement.
  6. Cigarettes are interesting things. Most things that people end up addicted to are pleasurable from the get go. However, most people don't "enjoy" the first time they smoke; it takes a few times to get used to it. Ironically, you need to have motivation to become addicted to cigarettes. https://www.zmescience.com/science/why-the-first-cigarette-feels-disgusting-and-how-this-could-help-smokers-quit/ There are substances that are physically addictive that have nothing to do with "personality." I'm physically addicted to caffeine. This doesn't mean that I go, "Oh my God, I gotta get my coffee fix." I COULD stop drinking coffee any time. However, I don't because I don't like the sensation of feeling like someone is using a pneumatic nailer on my head if I go into caffeine withdrawal.
  7. It fell out of favor when it started involving being poked with a needle.
  8. Roblox would be trying to keep foxes out of the henhouse; Second Life would be trying to keep chickens out of the fox den. Whole different set of motivations.
  9. If you're in an area where there are other people's houses, etc. with things like televisions, your camera can quickly locate them and they'll start to play, and they don't stop playing automatically. If you open up the media panel you can see what's playing nearby. If you spend a lot of time in that area it's a good idea to block those things because it'll keep happening otherwise.
  10. That would only be a valid argument if systemic racism had to be 100% effective in order for it to exist.
  11. It's a reversal of the situation that we who live in modern developed countries are used to, but not to the idea of "triage" by any means. Triage was originally what military doctors did, and the three ("tri") categories were: 1) those who would live without medical care, 2) those who would probably die even with medical care, and 3) those who would survive only if given medical care. We've just gotten used to the idea that there's "nothing doctors can't fix," and they'll always have the resources necessary to fix everything. In other place, times and situations that hasn't been the case.
  12. These scenarios also have little to do with how someone will present at the hospital. They won't be coming in with a scarlet "C19" on their forehead; they'll be coming in with a set of symptoms that could be COVID-19 related or could be some entirely different problem. The first thing that's going to happen at the hospital is to treat the symptoms, whatever is causing them. Then the care will become more specific once they figure out what the underlying problem is. And the idea that whether someone will or won't be cared for by their verbal answer to a question, especially one that the average person will know how to answer to "win"? Not the way it works.
  13. This whole argument is over unicorns. People aren't criticizing people who aren't vaccinated because they can't be. There are relatively few of those people, and they'd be the ones who'd have the most to lose because other people aren't vaccinated.
  14. And they apparently can't write either; nor do they have relatives. Meanwhile, being under a doctor's care and knowing that they are immunocompromised, they have ignored the symptoms of a widely-circulating disease until they can barely breathe. Theresa Tennyson nods and smiles.
  15. So, your argument is that someone who was told by their doctor not to be vaccinated is not going to have any medical information?
  16. Meanwhile, the American Cancer Society is saying that there is very little danger with giving COVID vaccines to cancer patients because they aren't live-virus vaccines, and that it would be worse for a cancer patient to get COVID than the vaccine. https://www.cancer.org/treatment/treatments-and-side-effects/physical-side-effects/low-blood-counts/infections/covid-19-vaccines-in-people-with-cancer.html
  17. The last time I saw that argument, I pointed out that when someone in authority says that you 'should' do something and you reply with, "Well, you didn't say 'must'", they generally come back with a new direction that not only says 'must', but is usually more draconian than what they were asking for before. I made that observation a few days before ban lines and no-warning orbs were banned on Bellissaria.
  18. In a scientific setting, research is "looking for confirmation" because the process generally begins with a hypothesis. However, a scientist will do it in such a way that they can also see when the hypothesis isn't confirmed.
  19. With most other games the environment won't change unpredictably. In SL I've been at a club event where the owner started rebuilding the club in the middle of it.
  20. Set the alpha mode on the attachment to "none." If the body is set to "alpha masking" it will read the alpha, but the attachment set to "none" won't. This is why previous mesh bodies that are converted to BOM with an applier can't use worn alphas - their alpha mode was "none."
  21. Another possibility would be translation/proofreading. Many fairly major merchants don't speak English as a first language and it makes some of their communication and advertising look sloppy - they may be willing to pay to look more professional.
  22. I'm pretty sure that Linden Lab also keeps a copy of conversations for a period of time so they'll have an unaltered record.
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