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  1. If a region has a piece of landscaping, environmental item, etc. I like I often inspect it to see who made it. You might be able to have some sort of subtle arrangement with people who use your items on their regions where they put some sort of description saying that they use your products.
  2. I didn't mean it as a success story. I needed a number as to the number of small fires a smoker starts in a day.
  3. You'll probably get quicker results by reporting it to the managers of the event. They're the ones who will get their bacon burned if this new system is shot down by LL so it'll be in their best interest to fix problems like this.
  4. It sounds like this system is mainly aimed at professional resellers, who realistically are the main audience for that event anyway.
  5. I'm sure you would. There's an interesting dynamic in these threads. Apparently nicotine is harmless, smoking is an anti-gateway drug that keeps people from freebasing cocaine, etc. For the record, I'm not the one saying to regulate portrayals of smoking, making it illegal, etc. I'm just responding to people who are defending smoking. If you want to say, "Yeah, smoking isn't great but I do it anyway. So what?" I'd have no problem with it. But, yeah, it isn't great.
  6. Here's the thing. None of those things are routinely done in crowded public spaces, on public transportation, while walking down the street or while driving down a road. When smoking was common and where you could do it was largely unregulated, people were routinely lighting over a dozen tiny fires all over town every day.
  7. Shoulder Angel: "Don't touch that. Just leave it there and walk away. No reason to say anything." Shoulder Devil: "Touch it touch it touch it touch it touch it!!!" Such is my day...
  8. So, around 14 times a day? https://www.cdc.gov/media/releases/2018/p0118-smoking-rates-declining.html Theresa Tennyson nods and smiles. Of course...
  9. How many times a day does the average pot smoker light up, and where, versus the average cigarette smoker?
  10. A careless smoker can kill a few hundred people in an evening. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2000/08/000807064005.htm
  11. Theresa Tennyson scratches her head and writes "Opposite Day?" in the corner of a piece of scrap paper.
  12. Oooooo, Jackie Gleason's gag writers are still alive? Cool!
  13. I'm starting to lean toward "chatbot" myself.
  14. Isn't this directly contradicting your position in the first post of this thread?
  15. Yeah, I can't imagine how people wandering around imaginary electronic landscapes and encountering avatars that could be any type of beast could imagine themselves as characters in a story.
  16. Are you talking about the same region being restarted twice in a week or are you talking one region restarting one day and another one on a different one? The first case happens occasionally because problems are found in the server software that is rolled out. The second case is standard operating procedure that has been going on for years because different regions may be running different server software versions for test purposes.
  17. In other words, "My neighbor is wrong, and someone evil made them think that way." Mmm hmm...
  18. What happens when your neighbor sincerely believes that something you think is right is wrong, or vice versa?
  19. https://www.healthychildren.org/English/safety-prevention/at-home/Pages/Liquid-Nicotine-Used-in-E-Cigarettes-Can-Kill-Children.aspx
  20. I saw an episode of "True Tales of the Emergency Room" where a little old lady sent her whole family to the hospital when she made dinner using some greens growing in her garden, one of which was wild tobacco. And you can buy heroin at any gas station... Oh, wait...
  21. There are countless artists who maintain they actually do their best work when they're under the influence of alcohol. Theresa Tennyson murmurs something to herself which she chooses not to write down, but would like to point out that she herself doesn't necessarily agree with that statement.
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