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  1. How did you arrive at the conclusion that he was saying that we shouldn't attempt to do anything? Note that he said, "...we suffer because of it."
  2. So why in the name of Pete's blue bicycle are you using Google?
  3. Theresa Tennyson presses the fingertips of both hands together and holds her hands in front of her face as she cocks her head to the side and raises her eyebrows.
  4. Have you considered the possibility that the look she gave you had to do with the reasons she left you in the first place?
  5. That particular area is down in one of Second Life's many rabbit holes - namely, it's on a privately-developed group of regions attached to the Mainland. There were a couple of clusters off/attached to the west coast of Sansara way back in the very early years of Second Life. As I was saying about the word "legacy" in Second Life...
  6. The word "legacy" in Second Life has been used for so many contradictory things that it's utterly meaningless.
  7. The foundation that made the Internet possible was created by a small group of entities working together to create universal, non-proprietary protocols.
  8. Theresa Tennyson blinks repeatedly in surprise. In 2008 there was a massive financial collapse because so many people were "able to buy a house and pay a mortgage" because they were given massive loans they weren't realistically qualified for and couldn't pay off.
  9. Every additional rigged mesh worn by the avatar is a performance suck. The Second Life de facto system of having a "body" and then wearing additional "clothes" on top of it is a bad idea which most other similar environments don't use. Most games combine clothing and underlying bodies into the same mesh. That wasn't practically possible with Second Life as mesh clothing began as something worn over the system body and then became something worn over a mesh body that had semi-permanent textures; however, with Bakes-on-Mesh it would be perfectly possible to, say, wear a shirt which included the exposed portion of your arms which could pull textures from the avatar bake automatically. The idea of adding new technology to allow people to wear additional rigged meshes that won't be seen is... well...
  10. If a region has a piece of landscaping, environmental item, etc. I like I often inspect it to see who made it. You might be able to have some sort of subtle arrangement with people who use your items on their regions where they put some sort of description saying that they use your products.
  11. I didn't mean it as a success story. I needed a number as to the number of small fires a smoker starts in a day.
  12. You'll probably get quicker results by reporting it to the managers of the event. They're the ones who will get their bacon burned if this new system is shot down by LL so it'll be in their best interest to fix problems like this.
  13. It sounds like this system is mainly aimed at professional resellers, who realistically are the main audience for that event anyway.
  14. I'm sure you would. There's an interesting dynamic in these threads. Apparently nicotine is harmless, smoking is an anti-gateway drug that keeps people from freebasing cocaine, etc. For the record, I'm not the one saying to regulate portrayals of smoking, making it illegal, etc. I'm just responding to people who are defending smoking. If you want to say, "Yeah, smoking isn't great but I do it anyway. So what?" I'd have no problem with it. But, yeah, it isn't great.
  15. Here's the thing. None of those things are routinely done in crowded public spaces, on public transportation, while walking down the street or while driving down a road. When smoking was common and where you could do it was largely unregulated, people were routinely lighting over a dozen tiny fires all over town every day.
  16. Shoulder Angel: "Don't touch that. Just leave it there and walk away. No reason to say anything." Shoulder Devil: "Touch it touch it touch it touch it touch it!!!" Such is my day...
  17. So, around 14 times a day? https://www.cdc.gov/media/releases/2018/p0118-smoking-rates-declining.html Theresa Tennyson nods and smiles. Of course...
  18. How many times a day does the average pot smoker light up, and where, versus the average cigarette smoker?
  19. A careless smoker can kill a few hundred people in an evening. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2000/08/000807064005.htm
  20. Theresa Tennyson scratches her head and writes "Opposite Day?" in the corner of a piece of scrap paper.
  21. Oooooo, Jackie Gleason's gag writers are still alive? Cool!
  22. I'm starting to lean toward "chatbot" myself.
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