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  1. Conveyor belts, gacha, etc from their ancestral home:
  2. Also means your stalker can't change their name either.
  3. It sounds like you're basing your whole argument on what happened when you got very lucky while pulling at prices that are about a third of normal. Here's the shopping guide for the last Arcade event. Note that most of the clothing was $75 per pull; also note how often matching sets are split. http://thearcadesl.com/shopping-guides/june-2021/
  4. Buttt... buttt... buttt... isn't only pulling three times just fine because everything in the selection is desirable and worth the pull price?
  5. Donation of premium-account tier only applies to mainland.
  6. Guess why you're only paying $25 per pull, and what you would have paid before.
  7. Worn tip jars may be owned by the club and are set to automatically take out a percentage of the tip for the venue owner, as well as allowing the venue owner to monitor the activities of their hookers employees.
  8. That seems more like a reverse of the situation that it's easier to return a RL purchase right after you make it than several days afterwards. I'm not saying for a minute that you were being shady by buying Lindens and then wanting them converted back into cash three days later; however, if someone was being shady that's exactly what they'd do.
  9. "Purchases of account credits and credits due to gift codes or other promotional account credits are nonrefundable, and may not be processed as a payment to you. " Your "dollar balance" has $400 in it, which you use for paying tier. For some reason, you get a $100 credit to your account from Linden Lab. You now have $500 that you can use to pay tier. However, you still only have $400 that you can cash out, because the $100 credit can't be used for that.
  10. You buy five dollars worth of macaroni at a dollar a pound. Your bank account now has five dollars less; your "macaroni account" has five pounds of macaroni in it. Your aunt gives you a two-pound box of macaroni because you washed her car. Your macaroni account now has seven pounds of macaroni. You decide that your situation would be better if you had less macaroni and more negotiable securities. You find a macaroni broker who will pay you the same dollar a pound for your macaroni, but they want to take fifty cents out of the total because of the nuisance of carrying around seven pounds of macaroni. You agree to this. Now you have no macaroni and $6.50 of cash. The gross proceeds of the sale were $7.00, however, with the fee taken out, the net proceeds of the sale were $6.50. When you sum up the year's totals with your macaroni accountant, yes, your net proceeds in macaroni trading will be $1.50. But this doesn't mean that the macaroni broker only gave you $1.50 for your seven pounds of macaroni.
  11. Net proceeds in this case is minus fees. When you buy Lindens you're converting real-life money into property, just like if you bought $5 worth of macaroni. If you acquire more Lindens in world/if the value of Lindens increases substantially and your balance is now worth $7, you can withdraw that whole $7 minus the various fees Linden Lab charges. They have nothing to do with your initial $5 buy.
  12. You're basically describing a casino chip.
  13. That's funny. Most of the Pavlovian dogs I'm hearing here are barking because they want to go back into their Skinner boxes.
  14. Theresa Tennyson nods and smiles. Oh, they're all for businesses behaving freely. Until the moment that they start doing something that they don't like...
  15. A lot of real-world trading cards are used to play some sort of game in which rarer cards have more power. Sell the game mechanics, which is the same for everyone, and give away the random, transferrable cards. MadPea often runs games with a similar system - you buy a HUD and then go hunting all over the grid for free-to-you items to go forward in the game.
  16. If you're buying gacha with the expectation that you'll sell off duplicates or items you don't want you're already buying wholesale; you're just doing it with your eyes closed. I think a good solution to keep resellers happy would be for the ex-gacha merchants to sell bundles of NC/T items that the resellers could sell individually.
  17. Explain to us how someone would go about making a demo that works well for a product that doesn't.
  18. Have the customer "sit" on the vendor and lock sales to the avatar sitting on it. Then have the vendor cycle if paid or if the customer stands. If the customer doesn't want to pay for the item up they can stand, but that will 1) re-roll and 2) possibly give someone else a chance to sit.
  19. Theresa Tennyson sighs. Provide the random packs of "cards" for free, with some sort of limiting mechanism if desired - one "pack" per day per person, for instance. Then find some way of monetizing them that doesn't involve paying for an unknown result.
  20. People can have all the fun with trading cards that they like. Unless, of course, you're counting the person providing the random cards being paid as "fun."
  21. Bye bye copyable flag too, in that case. Be careful what you wish for...
  22. Now let's step into the Food Town Casino, also known as the entrance to the local grocery store. There are a variety of vending machines there. One is full of Eye of Terror gumballs - all basically identical chewable bloodshot eyes, same color. All outcomes of putting in a coin are effectively the same. Not gambling. One is full of giant gumballs of various colors, but basically identical otherwise. Any given gumball has identical value as a chewable object. Assuming that there isn't some non-standard motive - i.e. you want to dye your tongue a specific color for some reason - probably not gambling. Next is the NFL football helmets in capsules. Exactly the same size, weight, and materials; identical in market value and rarity; but for various reasons the quarter-owner may want some teams more than others. This probably is gambling - using money to cause a random outcome where some outcomes are better than others to the person spending the money. Now the next capsule machine has various different stuff in it, ranging from crappy rubber aliens to (as the quarter-owner's heart starts beating faster) temporary tattoos. The temporary tattoos are much less common than the rubber aliens, as well they should be. Now we're flat-out into gambling. Really can't say otherwise. Now, it's not illegal gambling because the stakes aren't high enough to attract legal attention. People say that "gambling is illegal", when usually what they mean is that it is regulated. In most jurisdictions it's legal to have friends over to gamble but not to run a business for the purposes of gambling.
  23. I'm beginning to think there are people who are just trying to goad me into insulting them to get me in trouble.
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