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  1. Set the alpha mode on the attachment to "none." If the body is set to "alpha masking" it will read the alpha, but the attachment set to "none" won't. This is why previous mesh bodies that are converted to BOM with an applier can't use worn alphas - their alpha mode was "none."
  2. Another possibility would be translation/proofreading. Many fairly major merchants don't speak English as a first language and it makes some of their communication and advertising look sloppy - they may be willing to pay to look more professional.
  3. I'm pretty sure that Linden Lab also keeps a copy of conversations for a period of time so they'll have an unaltered record.
  4. They've added the ability for merchants to do bulk redeliveries from the Marketplace when something has been updated.
  5. A minute of somebody's time, when they were about to go to the grocery store but thought a forum thread might be interesting.
  6. Assuming you were buying a region and paying Linden Lab directly, you could have converted your Lindens to a US dollar balance and not tried to send it to Paypal. Then you could have used the US dollar balance to pay part of your fee to Linden Lab.
  7. Can you confirm that both lots are in the same region? If your neighbor's lot is in a different region you couldn't return it because it literally has no physical existence in your region.
  8. Theresa Tennyson nods and smiles. Of course it isn't. And "Petrol" was originally also a trade name. https://web.archive.org/web/20110628204613/http://vintagegarage.co.uk/histories/carless capel %26 leonard.htm So, if "gasoline" is Nutella, "petrol" is Nussfit.
  9. ...which is short for "petroleum", which is crude oil. Not only is "petrol" an abbreviation, it's an abbreviation for something that it isn't. Theresa Tennyson wonders if anyone has guessed her pet peeves yet.
  10. To answer the title of your thread - yes. There are dozens of people in SL running businesses that make them a real-world profit. If anything this business is involved in is illegal then that would be a problem, but converting Lindens to real-world money isn't.
  11. So, not liking something means that you think it should be banned? You apparently think that disclaimers before television shows should be banned, as you don't like them. Do you have a certain punishment in mind? What agency will be responsible for enforcing the ban?
  12. Because if they did that driving on the Mainland would become impossible because the roads would be so full of WAAAAmbulances.
  13. Could you explain to us how Maryanne's statement indicates that she was advocating for banning gacha machines?
  14. I'm not sure how "direct" you're looking for, but some time ago there was apparently a lot of financial fraud in the buying of high-cost gacha rares.
  15. The problem with that statement is that Linden Lab would be making money from your place, just as they do on any other piece of virtual "land" someone rents. If the copyright holder has an issue it's the Lab who would be in position to take the hit and they'd have no interest in taking on that kind of exposure. Part of the TOS states that any "user content" must be clear of outside copyrights.
  16. There isn't really a way to separate out "political" threads from anything else, especially in "General Discussion." If someone starts a thread discussing acrylic vs. wool yarn for knitting it will become political, and you can generally predict who will be on what side and what they'll say. ETA: Actually that one could get interesting, with it's petrochemicals vs. animal rights dynamic. I can imagine certain people will start arguing with themselves.
  17. If it's an option, you should use Bakes-on-Mesh for tattoos. That way they'll display as the same texture as your skin.
  18. If you're using an applier it means the bra/tattoo is applied to an "onion layer" and is probably an "alpha blended" texture. With a complicated shape like a body, it's easy for one alpha-blended texture to be "erased" by another one that the graphics engine thinks is on top of it. In this case "rebaking" can change the order the various alpha-blended textures are sorted in the viewer, but it's not a permanent or reliable fix.
  19. If you've been using them before just go to "Places", then "Teleport History", then type in the first few letters of "Sandbox". As Firestorm's default, "If it wasn't in Viewer 1 it's scary," interface doesn't give you a "Places" button, you can go to "World" - "Places" and call it up that way.
  20. Here's the problem. In the history of high level "women's" athletics, DSD's have literally always been an issue. There have been women's medalists since at least the 1920's who were biologically "male" on some level, but they spent their entire lives considered as "girls/women" by the society they lived in. https://longreads.com/2016/08/18/the-life-and-murder-of-stella-walsh-intersex-olympic-champion/ Babe Didrickson never had a child. We don't have any conclusive evidence of her biology. Tamara and Irina Press were listed as "girls" in their official records when they were small children. When you put biological walls around "women's" athletics, aren't you saying to these people, "Well, you aren't a girl at all?" And isn't this whole controversy about making things "fair for girls"?
  21. Okay, puzzle time. 46 XY DSD is actually a wide range of different syndromes - all it means is they all involve having 46 chromosomes with the 23rd pair being an XY pair. https://rarediseases.info.nih.gov/diseases/8538/46-xy-disorders-of-sexual-development/ One of these is Swyer's syndrome, which you've labeled as "female." One of these is 5-alpha reductase syndrome, which is probably what Caster Semenya has - it involves not being able to form male genitalia in the womb but having internal testes that produce testosterone, which the body is capable of reacting to. You've labeled it "male." Now consider androgen-insensitivity syndrome - the body has internal testes but can't react to testosterone, leaving it with a dead-end *****, no uterus* and looking like an XX female - in fact, probably not even having pubic hair. In 1996 genetic testing at the Atlanta Olympics discovered that about half a dozen "female" athletes had this syndrome without knowing it. It gives no athletic advantage. So, would this be "the natal type that can produce sperm" - male - or "the natal type that can produce ova" - female? *Everyone has the necessary genetic code for a uterus, but the creation of testes usually creates a hormone that suppresses it.
  22. I remember watching an episode of a "true tales of the emergency room" thing where a patient walked in complaining of various symptoms and the medical staff was treating them a bit gingerly because it was obvious to them that the patient was a male presenting as female and they were kind of beating around the bush rather than coming right out and saying it. It turned out that the patient was pregnant.
  23. Again, what does reproduction have to do with athletics? If the actual physical, athletic differences are as extreme and fundamental as you say, wouldn't it be easy enough for them to be measured?
  24. Would it still be a "men's" category then? I have no problem with a top-level "open/unlimited" category and a category designed around rational athletic factors that would be the equivalent of the current "women's" category as long as they get out of the people-labeling business.
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