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  1. A post like this might have been more effective if it hadn't come after several posts by various people saying how much they approved.
  2. Option 1: Right click on the object, go to "Object Profile". It will show you the owner. Clicking on the name will allow you to pull up their profile; right-clicking it will allow you to IM them directly without going through their profile at all. Option 2: Go to the "Conversations" panel, click on the button with the "+". Type in what you know about their name. When you see the name in the list (works perfectly for "aki69"), hit OK. This opens an IM with them and also gives you the option to pay, add to group, etc. Both options are from the official Linden viewer and have been there for ages; neither use the web search at all.
  3. In the screen you see when you open the viewer, go to the third white box (that normally says things like "My home" or "My last location" and type in the name of the region.
  4. So, freedom means that the decisions you make in your life are determined by what's necessary to spite someone else? Doesn't that mean that they're still determining your actions?
  5. Theresa Tennyson mutters to herself, "The real kerfuffle will start when there are regulations about oxygen consumed versus intelligent thoughts created."
  6. There are other types of bias that can turn up in algorithms. Languages have varying amount of default coding for the sex of a person they're talking about. In English we tend to encode the sex of a person when using a polite title or a pronoun. With most "European" languages the sex information will also be encoded in things like job titles and adjectives. And in Japanese, there is almost no sex coding at all - the most common polite title, "-san", is gender-neutral and pronouns are seldom used and usually gender-neutral as well. Automatic translation programs will attempt to inject this information into the target language when it's missing from the original based on the most common uses. Now let's take a case of a female doctor writing a prescription for a female patient. If this is translated from English to a "European" language the doctor will probably become male. If it's translated from Japanese to English the patient will probably become male. And from Japanese to the "European" language, both will probably become male.
  7. Theresa Tennyson nods and smiles. Of course you did. Because when I made the search for "gay kissing" on Google literally the first image was two Black men kissing. https://www.google.com/search?q=gay+kissing&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjMwcaLxIDyAhVOB50JHe7pAMwQ_AUoAnoECAEQBA&biw=1227&bih=706
  8. There's another factor that you don't seem to be taking into account. All your searches are for "GIF's". Essentially, the only thing that GIF's are used for these days are for animated "mini-movies", which are most commonly cut out of movies or television shows. Therefore, the possible types of GIF will be influenced by the available movies or television shows with gay kisses, and that's going to skew your results. If you're trying to make a study of images, you should use less specialized image formats or not specify a format at all.
  9. What was your threshold for determining Caucasian-ness? The reason I asked is when I ran the search a lot of the results I came up with were monochrome, and with the nature of a kiss, one or both of the kissers' faces were often partially obscured. Even so, running the same search (Firefox/Duck Duck Go)* I saw a few definite African diaspora/East Asian faces. *And it always amuses me when people say, "Google is Ebil! I know that because a Google search told me so!"
  10. If it had nothing to do with you, how and why were you chosen for this treatment? Dartboard? Nobody ever leaves Margaritaville until they realize how they ended up there.
  11. It's interesting how your descriptions of other people's lives seem completely centered around you and how you assume they can't be doing anything worthwhile now that they're not associated with you anymore.
  12. Gee, it's too bad that you can't change the texture of your skin uses in Second Life to make your navel shading different. Oh, wait...
  13. Also, Snow Crash had the benefit of being created by an author who could declare its users to be happy without a more direct point-to-point transportation method.
  14. If you create an artificial barrier to what people want to do in an environment with the flexibility of Second Life, they'll create an artificial way around it. Within a month of removing teleports, I see the vast majority of people getting around with "vehicles" that just shoot them across the landscape as quickly as possible, making the scenery meaningless while multiple people zoom through people's home plots every day on the way to somewhere else.
  15. What you're seeing isn't anything that an auto-alpha will do. Are you wearing a clothing/tattoo layer? A clothing layer set to "Alpha Blending" will do that.
  16. Unless there is an entire identifiable class of multiple people called "Prokofy Nevas", and shopkeepers are excluding all members of the "Prokofy Neva" class beforehand without considering the actions of an individual class member, what you're whingeing about isn't segregation.
  17. Says who? A HUD in SL can be transparent; many HUD's have portions that are. A square is a rectangle, as it's a geometric shape with all corners being 90 degrees. This, of course, ignores the fact that words are often used and understood for cases that aren't their most common definitions. For example, say... "jackass."
  18. So, what's the weather like on Mercury these days?
  19. It gives some people an opportunity to wallow in their own sense of martyrdom over and over. And that must be worth something, or they wouldn't keep doing it.
  20. Theresa Tennyson nods and smiles and thinks, "With some people, the most toxic environment they ever experience is when they look in the mirror."
  21. You should be aware that many mesh bodies are marketed to a population that has never seen a female nipple other than on videos of porn stars with bad boob jobs.
  22. Huh? You can spend a lot of money on SL. You can also entertain yourself on it for free. And you can actually make money at it.
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