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  1. Im can't find any YouTube gameplay on this viewer. Anybody care to upload some gameplay up?
  2. U have no idea what im was talking about learn some coding before u fartin.
  3. Whatever u throw at ur computer always make sure u have 24-32gb ram. Why? At some stupid meshed buildings secondlife used more than 16gb ram. Then u noticing tons of FPS dropped due to ur memory used up.
  4. Don't listen to her or else u regretted. Open box n second hands are people returns broken craps.
  5. Noobs viewers have nothing to do with lindens servers. Go on YouTube n find crystal Frost viewers, it made on Unity engine. Now u get a idea viewers don't depends on servers. Yeah some teams should work on a unreal engine 5 viewers for secondlife. UE5 have da kick-ass optimization for low to high end PC.
  6. Cough cough noobs said If 8192 X 8192 regions size ain't slow your clients side it dang can go seamless world. Yo only need 10x 8192 X 8192 regions size to make secondlife a big grid.
  7. One more month till 2024 any news when they have beta? They said it gonnabe by the end of this year for beta.
  8. Interesting animesh working on lumiya 3.4.2. im can see my dogs from Jian. It used to see your avi flatted when u have animesh attached to urself. Only bom don't work for now. Hope somedays some smart people works on the code n add bom then this lumiya viewer is pretty complete. If the future second life mobile app ain't run on low end phones. Lumiya still a good go.
  9. 4K heads skins but no 4K body skins is a joke. We need both matched.
  10. iPro creator of bento V n physic dik said lack of demand for this khara body they ain't making bento V for it. It dang only need some adjustments on their 3D tools then khara body have a perfect V. U can try the demo V with khara if u wanna know what im taking about.
  11. Bom clothes are a joke. Never said old classic as bom clothes.
  12. Never use any DDU app some of them contains viruses or malwares infection. People who cares too much about the build in uninstaller mostly get themselves infected with 3rd party app. The Intel Core i5-12400F single core performance beat AMD ryzen 5 5600. Which is the one you should considering for secondlife. Im upgraded from AMD FX-6300 and noticed a huge performance boosted.
  13. That is caused my some brands vehicles owner made. Some pros ones don't have that issues.
  14. Im have seen someone worn physics clothing on social island. It feels like wind blows to it.
  15. It better because linden labs moves it servers to cloud servers.
  16. Come on lindens try and make it happens maybe improve all your servers that don't need cross-regions. A seamless world is better than anything that secondlife ever achieved.
  17. Bullcrap I don't need to buffed about it. It has been used for years. You the one need to do more research on how Second life graphics works. Don't believe me? Just build yourself a PC similar spec and test it.
  18. That laptop is probably infected with *****. No ways a RTX 3050 laptop run firestorm at 4.5 FPS on ultra. My desktop have worser specs but running 100x faster.
  19. Second life mesh Avi is a ram sucker. If you always go to clubs with 50+ people you need more than 16gb ram on ultra graphics setting. RTX 3050 laptop or desktop will do it. You will get constantly 50-60 FPS.
  20. Very much same as belleza genX classic but cheaper.
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