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  1. It's going to be an update to the current classic body not more. Don't expect too much from it. Like second life creators are going to uses the devkits to makes compatible clothes? I don't think so. The current bought bento mesh body are the ones need to focus on and constantly updates.
  2. Don't use anything by LL, it always outdated like ur classic av.
  3. The OP asking for laptop not desktop stop giving lame advices. RTX 3080 or 3090 is over 5K costs don't even bother. Just get a GTX 1650 to RTX 3060 those are around your budget and you can add additional 8gb ram on if came with only 8gb RAM. Dual channels RAM makes second life faster too. Make sure you use lasted firestorm viewer it the best performance viewer right now.
  4. Do u guys know why I said that? Because I had FX 6300 stocked 16GB ram dual and GTX 1650 super got way more FPS than OP. That's the only reason I could think of. My ms:2 which aka pings from my ISP. I had 30mbps download connection.
  5. @OP, since you said don't need ADL on just buy yourself gtx 1650 without super is alot cheaper. The super already run second life with ADL on more than 100+ FPS with the use firestorm 6.6.5+ mass performance increased. Don't use any lower version. I have FX 6300 with 16gb ram dual and GTX 1650 super run second life max out with Reshade on like water.
  6. @OP, that's a joke on i9 CPU, the clubs barely 100 people at the time you recording. You barely maintain 30 fps. Why? Your Ms:160 is the ones that lower your FPS. If you got ms: 0 to 2 from your ISP. It makes a huge differences. It just like this. Someone is getting 250ms from other sides of the world, they experience lags and FPS as well.
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