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  1. Thanks Clem, that is exactly what I'm talking about. It definitely puts me off transferring my Linden land allowance to Mainland.
  2. If they are acceptable on Mainland what's the problem in Belli? Whatever the objection for not having them in Belli should be the exact same reason they shouldn't be on Mainland either. If there is no objection for one, then there shouldn't be any objection to the other.
  3. This is also tongue-in-cheek: Take that to an extreme, we accept everything that is on Mainland. Before you know it, there would be visible skyboxes everywhere. In my humble opinion, just because something is the way it is on Mainland, it should definitely not be a reason to introduce it elsewhere.
  4. I appreciate your response but it was a hypothetical question. I do realise it is never going to happen but I like your idea of encouraging people to do it voluntarily. Who knows, it might catch on.
  5. First let me apologise for incorrect assumption that you were referring to my post... I am genuinely sorry. As for feeling entitled, you have me 100% wrong on that. I am not trying to remove skyboxes, just get them to be proper skyboxes, higher up in the sky. I do not understand why anyone, including the owner of a skybox, would want to be able to see it from their Earth bound property, unless it was a true extension spiralling up into the sky. Having a decent gaming PC means I do not need to lower my draw distance. I do not think that changing my graphic settings when I am in one area and then changing them again is a great answer. Admittedly, I have reduced my draw distance in the past to get a nice photo of my sailboat. Normally, in life, when there is a perceived issue, one person's right to do what they like would not outweigh everyone else's. De-rendering, as a solution, is the many changing for one. It just doesn't seem right. I am a resident of Bellisseria and have been for a while. Let me ask you this, if it was possible for LL, with one command, raise all skyboxes to a minimum height, would that really be so bad? Just try and imagine travelling around these beautiful sims and not seeing a skybox. I do realise it will never happen and that mainland is mainland. I just think it is a shame they never thought about it in the beginning. My last thought on this subject. I generally have this view, if you want to see where issue lies exaggerate the issue . So, in this case, everyone who has a mainland parcel puts up a skybox that can be seen from the ground, what happens to the sky?
  6. May I refer you back to my original post: And as for your reply to Animats We are all aware of these other land options but this was specifically about Mainland. Also, it was not about, necessarily, owning a piece of Mainland, but sailing through it. De-rendering is not logical, efficient or practical. No one is stating that skyboxes should be banned, just a bit higher, out of sight. Why would you want to see them? The vast majority of them look ugly and ruin the overall look.
  7. I used to live not too far from Pratts Bottom which wasn't too far from Badgers Mount
  8. Hi Diamond, yes, you are probably correct about the difficulty and expense. It would set a precedent but surely a good one 👍 I don't expect it to happen at all really. Just thinking out loud. It just seemed like common sense to me as those Skyboxes ain't pretty, they ruin a good vista.
  9. I'll probably get roasted for saying this but here goes.... Why can't there be a minimum height level for Skyboxes? When sailing on Blake Sea and heading to Nautilus the amount of eyesores that ruin the look of the surrounding land is ridiculous. Instead of individuals having to de-render, just have a minimum height level. It just seems the wrong way round to solve an issue. With one person creating a beautiful parcel of land, only to be ruined by a low level Skybox seems crazy. I am sure more people would consider buying some Mainland if the eyesores were placed higher. It definitely puts me off, A lot of places on Second Life Mainland look really good, thoughtfully landscaped etc, only to be ruined by Skyboxes. Just doesn't make sense to me. If you have a low level Skybox, why would you be offended if it had to be placed higher when you TP to it anyway?
  10. I can't remember exactly when they were introduced but it seems like quite a while now. Someone else will have the exact date. Opted for one as soon as they were released.
  11. PP homes by the sea please.
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