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  1. I had my graphics dialed way down on my old laptop because it was a potato, and wore a cute black witch dress to an event, looked fine on my screen...my friend took a Gyazo video, and I was shining brightly enough to signal space aliens. I'm not sure if the creator intended that or if she also hadn't checked it on high graphics settings before putting it out, lol.
  2. I think Hilly Haalan is still free to join, and they've got a whole building of free clothes.
  3. Yup, I especially try to remember to do this during Fantasy Faire, because some of those skies are just gorgeous! Other than that, midday for inventory sorting or for creating, so I can see colors clearly, often sunset for relaxing and hanging out with people because it's soothing to me.
  4. Yep, it's usually a keyword. I had a listing get switched to Moderate for "gambling" (it had playing cards in the design, but did not facilitate any actual gambling), and another get switched to Adult because I used some Gorean-adjacent terms (which I was ok with, as it makes sense for the item even though the item itself isn't naughty). Delete those, switch it back, and it'll probably stay General thereafter.
  5. Vaki Kvaki Flora https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/sakura-dress-VAKI-KVAKI-Flora/23730791
  6. Let me also throw Wazzer Works in here. The stuff isn't dirty, but they have a lot of uniform/tactical pieces that you can combine with other things (think police/army), and some nifty accessories like helmets and masks.
  7. I like to be able to change the color of one piece of the item. I get it, it's more work every time you make part of it able to be changed separately. There are ideas I scrapped because I would have had to make a 50-button hud to do them justice lol. But please, just let me change the belt! I'm an absolute sucker for a cute novelty print. Put llamas or cupcakes or llamas eating cupcakes all over it, and I'm there. I tend to like longer skirts, and it's not even a modesty thing at this point. I just like the proportions better, and they remind me more of clothes I wear in RL. Not having to pay separately for 15 different pieces of the outfit. Top and skirt I will deal with. But if it's a 100L sale and I have to buy the top, skirt, cardigan, panties, stockings, boots, harness, hat, and purse all separately just to get the advertised look, and they're each 100L, that's not really a 100L sale in my opinion. I will probably either go home or just pick the one or two items I like best, then mix and match them with stuff I own already.
  8. Why do you think everyone who uses a child avatar is part of the same "community"? What does "community" mean to you? Just using the same mesh body? Because I'm not answering for the misdeeds of some other Maitreya user I've never even met.
  9. Can I still fly? Because otherwise it'll be risky to teleport anywhere that's 3500 meters up! Do I die if I get booted?
  10. I sometimes see the "not rezzed nakie" phenomenon, but it's not sexy at all, because they are usually also a cyclops if it's that laggy.
  11. Oh yeah, the toilet! One of my houses has one and the other doesn't. I'll have to either rez one there or tp to the other one when nature calls. 🤣
  12. I'm hoping all those cute SL food items in my inventory will become edible and have flavor once I'm an avatar. I wonder if they'll run out or if I can just rez a new one. I never did get into MyStory...
  13. Ditch 90% of my shoe closet, because if I have to walk in those things with my real bones and nerves, owwwww!
  14. Also, if it's laggy, they might not really be naked. They've just rezzed before their clothes. They may see them just fine even though you (general you) don't. i'm a fan of the "put the demo on over my regular clothes, then take off the regular clothes" thing, which I guess is the SL equivalent of that thing where we contort out of our bras while keeping our shirts on, but who knows what other people see? I was in a community with a strict dress code for a while, and one thing you learned quick was to wait a minute before messaging people about their wardrobe malfunction lol, because it might not really be one.
  15. Yes! I'll say events in general. SLB, Fandom Con, Spoonful of Sugar. I'm trying hard not to start thinking about next year's Fantasy Faire yet. 😂
  16. Then please enlighten me about what pedos really do in SL, where almost all the players are adults and there aren't a lot of actual kids to groom. If you read the article that started the whole scandal, there were people who'd play kids and wear adult attachments to signal that they were looking for AP. Those weren't real kids, and they weren't innocent nonsexual RPers either. They were adults looking for AP, either with other APing kid avatars (ETA: who were also really adults) or with adult avatars. That's what LL is trying to crack down on now.
  17. That's how it works in RL. But in SL, where it's all really adults behind the pixels, I imagine some of them like to play the adult, some like to play the kid, maybe they switch off. They're not going to have much luck "converting" a nonsexual kid avatar. Because that nonsexual kid avatar isn't an actual kid, with all the naivete that goes with it, but another grown adult who is playing a kid avatar for their own reasons, which don't include AP.
  18. Are they for bodies that can only make child avatars, or ones that can do both?
  19. Then those of us who joined more recently could be screwed even if we go around looking like the Crypt Keeper. 😂
  20. I will say, though, that Epstein had actual real minors there whose real ages could be discovered. The problem wasn't so much that people looked young in his orbit, it's that they actually were. I think it's going to be less of a PR problem for SL if someone (for example) snaps a picture in an adult club and some people look ambiguously late teens-ish. Because if anyone were to dig into the real people behind the avatars, they're probably legal and well beyond. And their appearance alone is not enough to be shocking. Lots of legal adults look young. What they don't want (IMO) is images of naked prepubescents up to no good, because there's no ambiguity and it shocks people even if the real people piloting the avatars are 60.
  21. Well, they do that because it's one single item. The way the bodies are made, the same undies (or pants, or skirts) fit all of the Rebirth variations. So there won't be a separate one for the flat (usually child) size. It's kind of like Maitreya and Maitreya Petite fitting the same bottoms. But I would hope they have a non-strippable version in there anyway. Like if you get an outfit from Vanilla Bae (who doesn't make anything for children), it comes with a PG version too that's not scripted to strip. Edited to add: I think I found the item, and yeah, there doesn't appear to be a no-strip option for the bottoms, which isn't good. (I did find one other strippable bikini that includes Rebirth, but it does not have Flat at all, and there's also a no strip version for sale.)
  22. I think it's probably a bad marketing decision in addition to being inappropriate. Surely the slice of the market that will click "Women's Clothing" in their search for swimsuits is bigger.
  23. I'm wondering if the second commenter got confused and thought only the CZ Slim was on sale, but it looks to me like it's all of the bodies, and the first commenter just mentioned CZ Slim because that's the body they have.
  24. Rebirth certainly is. (I sell a ballet outfit for Rebirth; while the outfit is not risque, I've changed the ad pic of it to grownup!Rebirth for the time being--I think the modesty bra will show when they roll out, so I don't want to have an ad pic that doesn't show one where one should be, if that makes sense.)
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