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Found 8 results

  1. Neufreistadt (New Free City) is the oldest region of the Confederation of Democratic Simulators, (CDS). A delightful Medieval, Post-modern Bavarian town commands the mountain and overlooks a lush alpine valley. Explore the imposing Schloss with its secret passages and majestic ballroom. Don’t wander into the dark side of the Schloss. You might never find your way out of the dungeons. Enjoy a beer at the Biergarten and explore the treasures in the Museum of Contemporary Art. Neufreistadt offers a lot for visitors and residents to enjoy and use. Presently, there are four spacious parcels available in the valley. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Neufreistadt/71/78/126 This would be a delightful place to call home in SL. Neufreistadt has all four seasons. And we enjoy seasonal activities all year. The houses in the town of Neufreistadt do not count against your land impact and are ready for moving in. Check out available land online at: https://www.casperpanel.com/rentals/EBqr62nTckP1ooQw/available. Land ownership confers citizenship in SL’s oldest democratically organized sim. Residents administer all aspects of the sim, from landscaping, building of public areas and estate management. Many opportunities exist for participation and expanding your knowledge of Second Life without owning a full sim. Or in Second Life here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Colonia Nova/89/179/44 Begin your visit to Neufreistadt here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Neufreistadt/160/181/173 Come join one of SL’s oldest communities. The regions are are designed with an alpine or Italian theme with many parcel sizes to choose from. The common language is English, but members come from all over the world to take part in this cooperative. Start your journey at Neufreistadt and wander down one of SL's most impressive mountains. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Neufreistadt/160/181/173. The list of available parcels is located here: https://www.casperpanel.com/rentals/EBqr62nTckP1ooQw/available. Our tier is monthly and the best value in SL. Check out our many wonderful parcels. Spring has overtaken winter and the mountains are fresh with new growth and flowers. We welcome visitors and we offer paths and roads for hiking, horseback riding and bicycling. While you explore some our beautiful public buildings, take a moment to investigate our unique organization at our website: https://cdsdemocracy.org. We are a citizen governed sim and land ownership confers citizenship. Check us out.
  2. New! 1456m Furnished modern home, garage & driveway on Route 5 Linden protected road. 499 land capacity. Includes use of TR3A 1962 Group Car Rezzer & motor bike rezzers. Vacant lot available next door to rent if you would like to add more land to this rental. $275 weekly 1456m Modern Home & Garage 2688 Lot Beautifully Landscaped Woodsy Parcel with Small Furnished Castle & Well. 922 land capacity, but parcel is already furnished & landscaped with 673 land capacity still available. If you give up 500 land capacity you can have this lot for $350 weekly. Use of full land capacity for lot is $600 month. Quality Horse rezzer on site: Horse trails coming! Woodsy Castle 1584 Lot with Snow Castle. Great view & landscaping. Quality Horse rezzer on site with horse trails. Currently unfurnished, but if you would like a furnished one contact Evolving Yin. 543 Land Capacity $300 per week Snow Castle 1248 Lot OceanView Home adjacent to protected waters. Access to Colona Yacht Club, boats, jet skis, and yachts.$450 week plus bonus week for 4 week rental Deep water sailing, Ocean View Just Reduced! 1536 meters 727 Land Impact Lot Bungalow & Skybox Furnished & Landscaped adjacent to Linden Protected Waters Regions & Roads $300 week plus bonus week for 4 week rental. Sugarloaf Bungalow & Skybox 1680 Lot Island & Choice of 4 Skyboxes. $275 per week. Dock for Boat. Land Impact for use negotiable depending on the Skybox you choose. Alope Island & Skybox 1024m Boat Parcel,Yacht & Choice of Skybox; 351 land capacity. $275 weekly + 3 bonus days. Can be rented without yacht for your own boat. Full use of Colona Yacht Club, jet skis, and speedboats. Adjacent to Linden protected waters: Alope, boat dock, yacht, & Skybox For Complete Listings Visit Evolving Rentals Office Evolving Rentals
  3. Join in for a set of magic as DJ Kitsune works hers! In Club Esoteric at the Castle of the Metaphysical Individuals.! Don't forget your friends and families. at 12pmSLT to 2pm SLT! Club Esoteric
  4. Sanguine Draconis Bay, an island that welcomes all peoples, races without any difference, wrapped around a flag: freedom and fun; Our Land is Bloodlines themed and LGBT Friendly. Snow-capped mountains and crystal clear lakes, white beaches and magical forests, are the setting for a magnificent castle that stands out towards the sky with its peaks.
  5. Fully furnished with the ability to return unwanted items! The Living room overlooks the west coast and has sash windows as well as a door that will lead you onto the porch and beach. Kitchen diner with French doors that open out onto the second gazebo overlooking the waterfall and a small brook. Two bedrooms (or convert one bedroom to a study). Spacious bathroom. Lights and windows can be controlled and tinted from the panels on the walls. Xancast Radio allows you to select your own music choice. The back porch leads you to your very own waterfall and private gazebo. Security Provided, allowing you to switch on/off or add/remove friends or guests. The grounds of the house have a splendid amount of foliage and flowers, not to mention an abundance of pine trees and beach. As with all of our Little Robin Cottages the grounds are maintained by the Estate grounds staff and subject to seasonal changes. Rent per week L$ 2658 Usable Prims 1253 New Renters-Pay six weeks get one week Free on top. To view this delightful home, please visit: Sea Breeze House Or, view our other homes at: Estate Rentals You can also contact: Douglas-TodALeRDALE Stine Alba Islands website Facebook
  6. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Keroo/123/58/37
  7. SL TELEPORT LANDMARK http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jaguar Mountains/35/215/21 VIEW US ON SL DESTINATION GUIDE http://secondlife.com/destination/mountain-lion-night-club-amusement-park CHECK OUT OUR FACEBOOK GROUP https://www.facebook.com/groups/1894546247450880/ MOUNTAIN LION CLUB & AMUSEMENT PARK presents "FEAR MOUNTAIN" Do you dare enter the Fun House of FEAR? Ride into the Dragon's Lair? Take the Shadow Woods Ride? Check out the Haunted Crypt, Haunted House, Roller Coasters, Interactive Art/Toys and many more rides and spooky things to see and do. Follow the pumpkin trail from the Halloween House and make sure to see it all!! Then come down to the Club, Mall and Full Amusement Park to enjoy the rest of our sim.
  8. Save the date! DJ Peki and Unmasking A Cure is taking the Castle Home and Garden Contest by storm. We're reaching for the moon! Only 1200.00 US Dollars away from raising 12,000 USD for Relay For Life of Second Life! Join us at Rivendell http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/CHG North/122/123/25 on July 25, 2017 at 7:00 pm slt!! It's gonna be fun, crazy, and awesome! Questions? Can't make it but want to donate? Contact Mary Teodosio
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