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  1. What you're describing sounds like a common situation in both SL and RL. The honeymoon period of a relationship is always new and exciting, but the novelty eventually fades. So unless there is a real connection between both people, then it's unlikely to stand the test of time. This being SL with all its temptations and opportunities, that honeymoon period passes even more quickly. It's possible he's gotten bored or someone else has caught his eye or he has other things going on in RL that are distracting him instead. Of course as others have said there could be thousands of reasons why you feel this sudden mood shift from him and the only way you'll truly get an answer is by confronting him about this and explaining how you feel and why. Relationships take time and effort and some people simply aren't willing to put in the work to help them flourish and grow.
  2. You'd have to specify what you mean by "good places" @sweetlovelyshan! What sort of thing are you into? What are you interests? Favourite music? That sort of thing!
  3. Glad I'm not the only one who thinks this. There's absolutely nothing wrong with a quickie. I'd much rather have fun with someone who will "get the job done quickly" than with someone who gets there in two hours. 😴
  4. The superhero that's faster than a speeding toilet. 🚽 ⚡
  5. You can all join my gang of anti-social but semi-lonely misfits group if you like! Drop me an IM if interested. 🖤
  6. So the conclusion? There's a time and a place for longer emotes if both parties are willing and able. However emotes of 2-3 lines are usually preferable (the happy medium between an "oh yeah" and a life story). As the action and intensity increases it is acceptable/preferable to use shorter and quicker emotes to describe what is happening/what you are doing/how you feel. Orgasm. The end. Have we established this is the winning formula for the perfect emoting style? 😄
  7. Sure thing @Drake1 Nightfire I'm thinking the group is all about being inclusive, with low expectations and high tolerance (for everything except creeps and sleazebags). Will probs set it up today! 🥳
  8. Yeah..full disclosure... I'm secretly trying to sabotage myself, hoping someone else will buy them all and make my decision for me! I think there might be a better use for my £40
  9. /me Pixie reflects on the question in hand, her macbook balanced on her legs. Reaching forward she picks up her novelty Star Wars mug and takes a sip of tea, enjoying the warm sugary and milky liquid as it slides comfortingly down her throat. As her Spotify playlist shuffles to the next song, a choice cut from the latest Dua Lipa album, she moves her fingers to the laptop and starts to type. Ignoring the vibrations of her phone as it shakes excitedly on the nightstand next to her, Pixie's fingers dance agilely across the keys outlining her carefully chosen response. She looks at the screen, before decidedly pressing "SUBMIT REPLY" committing her answer to digital records forever. It reads.... "I dunno".
  10. Ok guys! Help me out here. POLL... Should i change my name to: 1) Pixie Pancake 2) Pixie Peppermint 3) Pixie Vanilla 4) OR keep my name as it is, save myself £40, and blow it all on hair, shoes and cute outfits instead! 😊 🖤 Pix 🖤
  11. Sounds like there's a bunch of us who feel similarly and are looking for the same thing! Friends we can hang out with at times, without pressure to be mega-social and stuff. If it's ok with everyone I'm going to add you all and create a group maybe? Interests: shopping, bargain hunting, events, quizzes, games, RP, discovering news sims, meeting new people, making new friends, learning new things. I come on at irregular times depending on RL commitments, but usually grab an hour or two in the morning and/or evening. 🖤
  12. Did anyone manage to find somewhere good? Always open to recommendations! Thanks ❤️
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