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  1. Hello, I am looking for somebody who can create custom BOM skin from a RL picture. Please reply to this post with a private message or IM me inworld (lilia.levitsky) with a price and link to your portfolio. Thank you Lilia
  2. Thank you for all your advises! I will definitely try them all. That's true, you can't make a humpy nose even with system female avatar, though I was able to give a nice eagle nose to my husband's avatar. But system shape has that "jowls" option, that allows me to make cheeks lower. The heads I tried - the three that were free recently - Freya, Ciara, and Genus, and Ruth 2.0 - looks like jowls slider doesn't work there. Is it a common mesh head thing, or do some heads have jowls implemented?
  3. Hello, After 14 years in SL, I finally decided to invest into mesh head and body. But the problem I got: most of mesh avatars look too Kardashian: big cheekbones, silicon lips, huge female shapes. My system avatar is made to measure and looks a lot like me (well, as much as avatar can). Can you please advise me if there is a good mesh provider that makes non-mainstream avatars? Features that I'm looking for: Head: Low cheeks Humpy nose Body: Slim, almost teenage shapes. This is my system body, and I want the same proportions, but without this "system" look. Thank you in advance
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