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  1. Yas Queen! Way more fun to troll them a bit instead of blocking. 😆 I see it as providing a free education service. And also hope it means I'm sparing someone else from the displeasure of their unsolicited attention.
  2. Thats an oxymoron. There's no such thing. 😜 But in my head it would go a little something like: "Ey up, feed t' cavier to t' whippet and make fancy brew in me gold-plated mug" ☕💰
  3. Hi I'm from Britain and can confirm that we are all quite evil and are constantly scheming up ways to reclaim America and achieve world domination, so that stereotype does in fact ring true. 👍
  4. Making Bellisseria great again 🖐ïļðŸ’Đ
  5. Absolute nonsense! Nobody really knows who is behind an avi and anyone who says otherwise is full of it. They can speculate all they want. Part of the beauty of SL is that you can represent yourself however you like, regardless of who you are in RL. F*ck the haters! You do you babe. PS - I think your name is cool too. âĪïļ
  6. How is everyone asking what Adult Swim is! Doesn't anyone else watch Rick and Morty??? If not, you should! Also curious about how this event went. Sorry I missed it. It's a cool concept
  7. LOL, whats with the ominous "............yet"? Maitreya is the most successful mesh body creator ever! I don't see why it would shut.
  8. I really hope most Americans follow this pattern of logic in the next election. I'm not optimistic but will remain hopeful. This should read: " You can be on some people's lists all of the time, and on all people's lists some of the time, but you cannot be on all people's lists all of the time." ... 😄
  9. As far as I can tell, hosting involves the following steps... 1. Acknowledge and say hello to everyone who TPs in 2. Keep dancing and keep the conversation going in chat 3. Remind people to invite their friends and show some Linden love 4. Do this for 2-3 hours But I'm keen to attend the boot camp and see if I'm missing something
  10. Never really understood the "duck lips" complaint when you have sliders to adjust that. ðŸĶ† 💋 People are quackers. ðŸĪŠ
  11. @Alice Crisp - This sounds like it could be fun! I'll be in touch.
  12. Master Dominic just messaged me apologising for running late. He says to use the spiky pink butt-plug and handcuff yourself to bed in the dungeon and he'll be along shortly. 😉
  13. Are you Ms Punkful or M Spunkful...because it reflects your interests very differently depending on where that space lies 😅
  14. That's weird. I've already completed SL twice and I'm already on level 32 again. ðŸĪ“
  15. What a good idea! Thanks everyone who has shared and I will definitely be checking out some of the above recommendations. âĪïļ I generally do that thing of watching one video then plunging down a black-hole of randomness for the next two hours, but these are the channels I always return to at some point... Horror... MrCreepyPasta Music... SuicideSheep Music reviews The Needle Drop Self healing... Russell Brand Beauty... Cruelty Free Becky Logical Harmony Lifestyle... The Mustards
  16. "I might not be Fred Flintstone, but I bet I could make your bed rock". "Is your dad a thief?.....Because I think he stole my DVD player."
  17. Now that I'm a seasoned SL veteran of 8 years (!), I wouldn't buy one as I have the confidence and skills to create my own shape and tailor it to my preference (and I enjoy the process too!). But back in my noob days when I first joined, they were a necessity as I had no clue. Personally, I don't think I'd pay more than around 200L for a shape? Others may disagree, that's just how I feel. *shuts her purse so the moths don't escape* ðŸĪ­
  18. Hi @iLailaKin and @iLilyKin - I'm a gamer who also loves shopping/dressing up in SL and looking for new friends to hang out with. From your list, these are the things I'm into: Witchy vibes, Tarot/Astrology, Personality typing, Gaming, Fashion, Disney, Netflix/Amazon Prime Binging, Cute/Kawaii things, Monsters, animals in general, 420 friendly, window shopping, Spoiled, Maitreya/Catwa, Roleplaying. I'll check out Pixeluna and send you guys an IM. ðŸ–Ī Pix ðŸ–Ī xxx
  19. This is sad but beautiful. Always makes me cry. Very relevant with what's going on right now.
  20. There's a scene in a french film called Little White Lies where one of the characters is a wife in a sexless/joyless marriage and you see her playing Second Life and having an orgy in it. At the time I was looking to inject some more excitement into my life, so I thought yeah why not try? I also remembered seeing SL in a scene from The Office US and thought it looked like fun. I've been off and on for eight years now, but always come back. SL was such an adventure to begin with and still manages to surprise me with its weirdness and wonderfulness! âĪïļ
  21. If he's not even replying to you anymore or making the time to talk then that's definitely a red flag! It;s possible that its already over in his head, he just doesn't have the guts or decency to end things properly and give you the closure you need. Or maybe he just has major RL issues to deal with? Either way its not fair for him to string you along without a proper explanation.
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