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  1. Another tip for people looking to build friendships in SL is shared experiences! Thinking about my closest friends in SL the things that bond us are the things we've done together, places we've been, people we know etc. Again that isn't something that happens instantly, but comes when you put in just a little time and effort to develop a relationship with someone when you think it is worthwhile. Arrange to go shopping, clubbing, to a live DJ set or to the beach, or take pics, do a quiz, play a game together...stuff like that. There is still no guarantee, and both parties have to be on the same page, but when it works it really does bring you closer. I have quite an established group of friends in SL so its tough for me when new people reach out as (like all of us) my time in-world is limited and they are basically competing for it against my existing friends, my boyfriend and my quality alone-time/me-time/pixie-time! Still if you don't try you won't succeed. All this stuff can happen naturally of course! This info is mostly for those who have spent a bit of time in-world trying to chat to people and feel they are struggling to make connections. I hope it helps, cause SL is definitely 100% more enjoyable when you have people to share it with. 🙂
  2. I think you're going to make a great Bail Bondsman / Motel Doorman!
  3. Not gonna lie. This Xmas / New Year has mostly been about Tay Tay...
  4. I prefer referring to myself as strawberry blonde in RL, and often recreate the same colour in SL too. I will always have a soft spot for those who are touched by fire. 🔥 🐉
  5. True to an extent! But I wouldn't let that dissuade you from trying! I identify as an introvert in RL but I love to socialize in SL. I always come armed with things to say and questions to ask (I am genuinely fascinated by people though, so always curious about what makes them tick etc). There are plenty of people hoping to form meaningful connections and friendships in SL, however just like in RL, there are no shortcuts or hacks to achieve this. It's all about sharing moments and building experiences together. If you put in the effort it will happen for you. I agree with the suggestion above about finding groups and sims where you can meet like-minded people who share common interests.
  6. @DepressedAssassin you need to put yourself in the position of a potential sugardaddy. There are plenty of broke peeps in-world who would love a wealthy benefactor to fund their shopping habit, so why would such a suitor choose you? To start with, maybe post a pic, share some more interests, what timezone you in, how often you on etc. At least any possible sugardaddies reading this would have something more to pique their interest. However I think you would have more success in-world, meeting people in sims, or chatting to people in group chat. And I wouldn't open with "I am looking for a sugar daddy" either, just meet people, make friends and develop relationships. If you can't be bothered to put in effort to do that, why should they? I just happened to meet my "sugardaddy" at a club where me and all my friends hang out. I actually IM'd him cause he had a cool looking avatar and it turned out he'd been checking me out for a while. He is very caring, always there for me, and treats me from time to time too, but tbh I'm a boss bish so I prefer to pay my own way anyway.
  7. SL is similar to RL in this respect. The main difference is someone cant go AFK when you're talking to them in RL (although there's numbers of times I've been in conversations when I wish i could have!). Essentially like in RL you can't expect a friendship to just happen. You need to find and develop connections with people. My tip is, come armed with things to ask people and things to say about yourself! It won't happen with everyone, but every so often you find something in common that clicks, or a talking point that works.
  8. Yes I would say feel free to share as much about your RL as you would like, but don't place any expectation on people to do the same. Appreciate that many are here to escape/avoid/momentarily forget about their RL issues or whatever, so be sensitive to that. Of course I understand that for many (myself included) it is difficult to build any meaningful friendship or a relationship with someone if they choose not to discuss anything about RL, so if you're someone who keeps to SL in SL etc, then be mindful of this fact too. You sort of get back what you put in, if that makes sense? At least thats how it feels to me.
  9. Yeah I feel like time zone is less relevant, it's more about what time of day you can log in wherever you happen to be. I'm UK, but I usually log in my afternoon or really late at night, so I got friends from all over (US, Canada, Australia, India) who I regularly get to see.
  10. Yeah its not easy being a noob I know. I hope you stick with it though. The journey of building your avatar and learning how SL works, exploring where to go, finding where all the people are, its all part of the fun really. ❤️
  11. Awww this is so cute. LOVE. 😍
  12. How many SL users use the opposite gender for an avi choice than your real life gender? I've heard so many different answers to this question! From 90% of girls in SL are guys in RL, to 50%, to 40%. But the fact is there is no statistical analysis on this so its all complete speculation! From personal experience I would say there are a lot fewer guys playing as female than people think (I speculate the reason people often think it's more is because they assume any girl who doesn't share a pic or want to voice is a guy, which is completely false). And from what I've read on the forum, I think there are quite possibly more RL girls playing as male avatars than people think too.
  13. Hell no! It's SL! Be who you want to be! I would judge anyone who had a problem with it. If someone prefers not to share their RL gender either, thats fine too. It's clear the only people who do have a problem with it are the ones using SL as a dating site and hoping to transition a relationship into RL. Otherwise just enjoy the virtual world in whatever body you feel most comfortable in.
  14. I think it's 7/8k + lindens for a good quality nice looking female avi and 10/12k+ lindens for a male one. I say this because i put together a decent looking female alt for about that much, and I also looked into building a male one and worked out that's roughly how much it would cost me. It is a little bit of a "how long is a piece of string" question though cause people might quote you less (if you pick up this free body, group gift head here etc) and also much much more if you want to go top of the range everything.
  15. It's difficult. You have to enter into a serious relationship, host your own club night and successfully raise a virtual pet.
  16. This sounds like loser talk to me. I've just completed level 43 and on course for a record highest score.😜
  17. Most people admit to having between 0 and 3, although I know others have a lot more. Many people I know don't have any at all. When you invest time, effort and $$$ into one avatar it can be a disheartening prospect having to build up an entirely new inventory and friends list all over again.
  18. Sure! But England is a part of Britain. It's also a part of Europe! So identifying as English, British or European are all correct I'm all those things! As well as one of those unfriendly mean Londoners.
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