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  1. Granted, you quit waffling around on things, and decide to procrastinate some more. I wish all my alts would log on and bump up my like count.
  2. Granted, but your Television will be out of service. I wish things would quit disappearing.
  3. Oh, I remember Jellicle Ball! That was fun. I realize now I didn't understand it though.
  4. Exactly! Where's my estate ownership of all mainland? May I rage now, pretty please with sugar on top?
  5. Phallic anticipation towards intimate experience -- RIDGD.
  6. Socialism is the Government taking over whatever it hasn't already. In my great grandfather's day, Social Security was Socialism. Not any more. Hence, Socialism is the Government taking over whatever it hasn't already.
  7. Actually, you pretty much have to if you're doing complex stuff with Bento. Your animations file sizes will exceed the max otherwise.
  8. Why don't you just use alpha masking instead?
  9. Well, my view is that these days building in SL and texturizing on flat projections in Photoshop (or GIMP) is a lot harder than just making the jump to 3D tools.
  10. Granted, but the one catch is that you now have to figure out how to corrupt your own wish. I wish SL mesh head makers would ship them with bodies already matched so there is no neck seam.
  11. New avatars invite virtuous expressions -- INDIG(nation)
  12. I've seen Cats on Broadway in NYC, and I don't recall much mating involved. So, there's not a lot of common ground with with the SL furry genre of my experience.
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