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  1. One thing I noticed that I'm guessing may be different is the fact that instead of saying "Spacemouse Wireless" beside the joystick it says "3Dconnexion Universal Receiver."
  2. I'm guessing since the updates, it just doesn't click with secondlife or firestorm off the bat. Theres like some complicated instructions behind it to get it working with the programs now but I can't figure out why mines is being restrained.
  3. Yeah, I have that stuff selected and everything. I even did the whole script thing in the beginning, even though there's like 3 different versions. Each one just gives me this range of motion that's like 10m. Its so annoying. Here's a GIF of what I mean.
  4. Yes, and I tried Nalates but for some reason its like it wants to work but like the camera movement is restrained. Its really weird, I was just using it not even a month ago.
  5. I'm having an issue with connecting my spacemouse to my Firestorm application. I've tried like 4 different methods and still nothing. Its driving me crazy because I've gotten it to work on 3 previous laptops before, even the one I'm currently using, but unfortunately no dice. I make a lot of videos, so having this accessible to me is very important and its sucks that I can't use it at the moment. Does anybody have any updated instructions. I've disabled the joystick and everything else I needed to do per instructions on a few different websites. I've uninstalled and reinstalled like 500 times to no avail. When I finally go inworld with the camera, its like its locked onto my avatar. It tilts smoothly , it turns smoothly (but only partially) and everything is really nice, but its like the camera is locked onto my avatar and won't give me Free Flycam range . Please Please Please help ASAP. THANK YOU!
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