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  1. thank you molly you explain this really well
  2. bernies going to win! landslide in california
  3. people might get quarnatined and have to stay indoors could be more time for them to join or rejoin sl and spend their money here
  4. do you know where she is from, is she inuit, her face is very unusual?
  5. do you think amber frost will start the socialist revolution in america. i have been watching close on youtube and seems she is turning everyone against trump and is making 100000 a month from her podcast
  6. when i am on build land i have to put a cube down i cannt help it do you too
  7. going to bed again now good night
  8. has anyone seen this, the interviewers voice is odd but ebbe speaks about real life and his life transforming skiing accident a rare chance to hear the man speak
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