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  1. Granted, but only at Santa's Workshop on the North Pole. I wish I knew the difference between the North Pole and a Dance Pole.
  2. Debutants always interest lanky yankees -- AGREE ?
  3. Please do. I'll vote for it. My recollection is that you are #2 in Jira filings behind Ms. Fizzle. A Jira from you is known to be reasonably reasoned, whereas I'm an unknown.
  4. To that, add the exchange rates on the transaction volume on the Linden Exchange https://secondlife.com/corporate/pricing.php . The volume on Marketplace is unknown, but LL gets at 10% fee there. TLDR: For quick historical numbers just go to wikipedia under Economy of Second Life. Several citations
  5. Granted, you've now had too much champagne, and when a man IM's you with a "Hi," you're replying Mae West style: "Is that a pistol in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?" I wish someone would answer my question favorably over in the scripting forum.
  6. TLDR: I need to be able to read the parcel's object return time setting, but I can't see any way to do that. Pardon the new thread, please. This is either easy, in which case I've overlooked something, or not available to LSL. I'm building a vehicle that I rez via a hud. I want to set an llDie( ) time on the vehicle to be slightly shorter than the land parcel's auto return time so that autoreturn doesn't junk up my Lost and Found folder. Sometimes in past efforts, I've set the object to Temporary status intead of using llDie(), but I don't see much practical difference. Say if parcel autoreturn time is 300 seconds (5 minutes), I'll have the vehicle llDie() in 240 seconds if no one sits on it, and stop the timer if someone does sit on it. I'll then restart the timer if the last person hops off the vehicle, triggered by a changed( integer change) with CHANGED_LINK flag, and testing for the number of links. To make this work, I need to be able to read the parcel's object return time setting, but I can't see any way to do that. I've looked at: LlGetParcelDetails LlGetParcelFlags LlGetParcelMaxPrims LlGetParcelMusicURL LlGetParcelPrimCount LlGetParcelPrimOwners I'm not the first to ask this question, but perhaps there is a way to do it now that wasn't possible in 2005: http://forums-archive.secondlife.com/54/a2/231877/1.html
  7. Philip was always talking about the latency challenge in two-way interaction as being one of High Fidelity's biggest challenges. So, maybe Sansar took a clue from that and decided that live performances with an audience bypass the biggest challenges.
  8. I hid a liter of them in my brassier and now I'm getting twice the "hi" IMs.
  9. So you can guess who is going to IM your next "hi" experience.
  10. Furless Bento tail for females with a mushroom cap.
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