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  1. To require mesh avatars at human erotic roleplay SIMs is hardly new. This isn't newsworthy.
  2. I listened to the entire video, which I now regret. My reaction is, "why are these people talking at all?" The Sansar Project was the #1 priority, and now it is a complete unmitigated failure. When your #1 priority fails, you have no credibility, and are no longer worth listening.
  3. The solution for people who cannot be bothered to look before they click twice (there is a second confirmation) is perhaps to frequent these forums rather than SL.
  4. If you are only concerned about your own in-world experience, you can increase the value of the AudioLevelRolloff Debug Setting in your viewer. See http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Debug_Settings . People who play combat games in SL dial up that AudioLevelRolloff debug setting so they can hear weapon fire from a long way away. If you are trying to make it so other people can hear, Rolig Loon's answer (above) is your answer.
  5. Are you speaking of Plato's Republic? I rather liked that. I don't see the work as prophecy, but yeah, its likely predictive of what we are going through.
  7. I think that is an excellent suggestion. If you see a profile inworld that you don't like, desist from reading it. If you think the profile violates the TOS, AR it. The least productive thing to do would be to enter the forums and post defamatory terms like the one in red above. It is unlikely that SL will ban a person just because they are politically in favor of an elected official.
  8. The thread title is: The question itself is defamatory to SL. Such is not not acceptable, but the title suggests otherwise.
  9. The thread is about an inworld event that the OP doesn't like, and the procedure is to file an AR. All the rest is thread drift.
  10. I don't understand why we are having this conversation in the first place. The Community Participation Guidelines are clear:
  11. You meant to say omnipotent. Read Paul Tillich's Systematic Theology, especially Volume Two. He deals with it rather well.
  12. I'm satisfied to let LL's AR team do what they do. There are two sides to every story. I only hear one side, but the one side I hear sounds like hyperbole. If it were ban'able "hateful" behavior to be a member of any group that ever told a lie, we would have to abolish all leading political parties, and ban everyone who ever joined or gave a donation to one.
  13. Merriam-Webster added a singular nonbinary sense of "they" to the dictionary in September 2019. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/they https://www.merriam-webster.com/words-at-play/singular-nonbinary-they
  14. I am the first to admit that I can't stay completely up to date on luxury belief systems; doubtless I'll err in some detail. My understanding is that the new definition of "hate speech" is anything that the political right says. Likewise, the new definition of "violence" includes "hate speech." This too will pass. Luxury belief systems must evolve when the masses adopt them. If the term "luxury belief" isn't familiar, use your search engine for keywords such as: "luxury beliefs"
  15. I remember when the Lindens were real people. They still are, if you quit your day job and go to their bankers hours meetings, but it's not the same. I take that back. This was pretty good:
  16. Granted, you don't need sleep at all, but you'll miss the dreams. I slept four hours and woke up without lights or alarm. I wish I could go back to sleep.
  17. Also, the BOM only has albedo information. No normal. No specular. So, a BOM skin just can't have the apparent depth that can be applied to mesh by other means.
  18. Agreed. Particularly today, when it seems everyone is getting the same *.dae file meshes from the same sources. The mesh may show them as "creator," but all they did was upload a *.dae file they bought. Texturing skills really set off a product. Today, though, if you want to do a really good job you have to have the skills to paint on the mesh in 3D. Its getting harder and harder to be competitive with just photoshop skills.
  19. Now that we have resizer scripts that can handle X, Y, and Z separately from complex linksets, resizer scripts get the job done pretty well.
  20. Oooh! I want one. I'm going to make my own if I don't get one by other means!
  21. I never knew that we had true unicorns! What a new year! The horns are actually quite long, but I'll take girth over length any day!
  22. My understanding is that if it's not beef, it tastes like chicken. Note that I'm not advertising nor promoting beef or chicken!
  23. There are only two kinds of fees: fair and unfair. Fair fees are those that other people pay to me. Unfair fees are those that I pay to others. It is just not fair!
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