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  1. What may be an interesting experiment is to create a windows VM under virtualbox under 'buntu, and running SL/FS in that.
  2. One thing I believe may make (help make) smaller (512m²) homes more popular would be to include some basic furnishings, in the build (outside of the LI allowance). AS for styles, I would love to see smaller abobe based housing, or tiny homes (such as the last option for the trailers (I forget the name)). Basically a one or two room virtual structure.
  3. Still running /c classic avatar shapes, skins here. Haven't seen much reason to change, although, truth be told, it's probably due to sheer laziness on my part. I did spend a lot of lindens (in the day) to buy this shape, and I LIKE it, dangnabbit! Of course, my RP group has started educating us on MESH heads, etc, for general avatar customization and education. We'll see if this old dog can learn new tricks.
  4. It WOULD be a good idea, (IMNSHO) if LL would allow inventory sharing between alts. Obviously, this would require some (or a lot of) oversight. Perhaps if it was limited to PREMIUM accounts, registered to the same eMail address AND credit card number. Then, perhaps require the account hold to register them as known alts.
  5. I picked up a houseboat near DellaLaBella's earlier today, just a little bit further east - over in Ambition. Was waiting/trying for several weeks now.
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