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  1. Thank you for telling me there are HUDs ! (Hand on Chin) I have no intention to copy them lol ! With so many shops here (Although I see some of them are very similar), and there are bloggers to give us ideas on different styles I like to read the profile because I like to connect one's appearance to their profile stories, it is like the book cover and the content lol It helps me to understand someone before starting a conversation, and after about a month in SL, I feel that it is quite different from other games (More real !) And !!!!!!!! Some guys asked me am I single / do I ha
  2. Thank you all the suggestions ! I asked this because there was once I saw someone with an outfit (I should not use outfit, because there are all kinds of effect, flying prims around him) For someone who is very new, it is like watching a Demon Lord teleporting through a portal with sound effect and a complexity of 400000 (Like power gauge !!!!!!) I play other games but have no idea SL will let you build your character like that So I tried to look at his profile, it said *I know you are watching me, but you cant steal my style* I know he said that to everyone but that makes me a
  3. I am quite new to SL (Very new actually lol) , and have been looking at other residents' profile, some of them have very IC profiles, some are more causal. But I am a little scared to say hello to them when I am inworld as it seems in SL everyone concerns privacy a lot ? If I start talking to someone (such as your jacket looks lovely on you will already get you reported?) How should I start a conversation to them ? Or I gotta join groups/community before connecting with people ?
  4. @Tazzie Tuque They are no modify items, so I think I would just leave them lol ! Thank you for helping me to sort this out !!!!!!!
  5. Thank you Tazzie !!!!!! As it looks blurry and makes my avatar rendering numbers jumped quite a lot, so I think I should take it off ! Would you tell me how should I do that ? I will right-click the item and choose edit, inside the menu where should I go ?
  6. Hello everyone, I am new to SL and when I was trying new clothes, I have seen some clothes from different creators that will have two layers on the body (Usually Fur/kitted style, like this image), I have tried to view it on Mac and PC but it looks the same lol ! Is it because of my graphic setting ? I am using latest firestorm viewer and have set the graphic to high, can help me with some suggestions ? Thx !!!!!!!!!
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