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  1. On the support page https://support.secondlife.com/ You need to click on the link on the right side bar for "Submit a Support Case". The links to the forum from the main support portal are because there are many types of issues residents have that don't need Linden Lab abilities to resolve, but often can be resolved through knowledge other Residents have accumulated over the years, or viewer preference settings, etc., that other Residents have knowledge about. Your particular issue though sounds like something that Linden Lab support personnel would be needed for.
  2. Thank you! (and wonderful documentation on the enclosed notecard)
  3. No you are not missing anything. They didn't bring back last names as they were initially, what they did was add new functionality to allow people to change their name - either their first name or their last name or both. The last names are limited (similar to the old days) to a list of last names that can be chosen from. The name change functionality does require payment for the name change, as well as being a premium member.
  4. I believe that there is still racism in California - it might not be as visible as it is in other states, but it's there underneath the surface, and not just against Black Americans, but also Hispanics. At one of my husband's high school reunions, 15 years ago, we were talking with someone he had been acquaintances with while in school, and had stayed in the area as we had. He was white, but had married a black lady, and like many of us, had not thought much about racism in our area, prior to their marriage. He said he was shocked at the difference in how he was treated at a lot of places locally in our county when he was with his wife, than when he was by himself or just with other white people. When it's not as visible, there is a danger that we forget it's still there, and then we are surprised when something happens that causes it to jump out as an issue again. This has been heavy on my mind this past week or so, and I am really saddened, again, with the realization that in spite of the gains that were seemingly made in the '60's and '70's, along a spectrum of civil and environmental rights, it feels like issues were just partially swept under the carpet instead of being actually addressed in a way that would create lasting change, and the current political climate the last few years has been bringing out the worst in the worst groups.
  5. /me peers out into the distance, squinting her eyes against the reflections on the waves, looking for signs that something unusual may be occurring under the water (and keeping one eye partially on her mini-map to make sure no one sneaks up behind her and pushes her in). Looking forward to seeing what you've done when it's finished
  6. It depends on the individual role play sites whether they would be open to avatar types than the normal human looking avatar. Often it will depend on the role play genre - a RP set in the American Wild West (1800's) or a historical RP set in 1700's Italy for example, is not likely to allow an anime looking android. You will want to look for RP genres where an android would fit in with the storyline and world. Most RP regions will have a landing area where they also provide information about the role play including what roles and avatar types they include. So be sure to look for that info when you arrive (it may be a box that you click to get notecards, or an info board or poster - it varies from place to place). The information provided will also usually have the name of someone to contact if you have questions. Thinking about how you might fit in, and then politely inquiring about it is always worth a try.
  7. One of the main reasons I have the mini-map up when I'm driving or boating is so I can see when I'm getting close to a region crossing, so that I can slow down and make sure I'm crossing it at a right angle. Also, once I start to cross it, if my vehicle starts to go wacky, I take my hands of the keyboard until the vehicle is back on the road where it should be. For vehicles that drive on roads, for the most part, the vehicle does return to where it should be on the road, and usually I'm sitting fine in it when it does. (I do more driving on roads than sailing, so I'm not as familiar with all the ways boats can go wacky).
  8. If that's the Par I know, I'm not surprised (Even though I have my mainland parcel, I've also rented a parcel from Par for the past several years.)
  9. I'm not associated - just another customer who loves the store When I saw this post, I thought I would mention the gifts as they don't need a group tag to pick up, thinking that others here might be interested the gifts as well.
  10. On my way out the door to attend a rally in support of Black Lives Matter...
  11. Thank you. I can't take credit for the credo - it was on the tapestry gift - but I am certainly adopting it, as it does truly represent my values in RL. On a side note, I had considered changing my hair to one of the other styles I have been recently wearing, but then realized that it was dreadlocks, and thought that could be seen as culturally insensitive in terms of the subject of the picture I was taking.
  12. I'm just getting in-world for the first time today, and hope to be posting a picture shortly with a couple of gifts put out yesterday at Petite Mort (they are with the group gifts in the store, but no group tag is needed to pick them up) - a BLM cropped tank top, and a Compassion Tapestry which I really like. I went to all 3 of my SL houses last night to hang the tapestry up in each one: In this house, we believe: Black Lives Matter Women's Rights are Human Rights No Human is Illegal Science is Real Love is Love Kindness is Everything I really like the tapestry, and am racking my not-to-creative brain of how I might make something like that for my home in RL.
  13. That pretty much sums up my interaction skills as well. I think the last friend request I did accept, I did follow that up with a warning that I'm not much of a conversationalist. There are a couple of people on my friends list that I chat with occasionally. Many of the others are from a RP group that I was really involved with for a few years. I don't speak very often anymore with any of them, nor do they contact me hardly ever, but I keep them on the list more for old-times sake (and because they haven't removed me from their side either). This isn't to say that I won't talk if someone that I casually know IM''s me, but it's hard to know whether there will be that 'click' where I feel comfortable conversing or not. Outside of family, I'm pretty much this way in RL as well, so over the years I've come to terms with how I am and am comfortable with it. When I've been in situations where I've had to be social, I can get by for short periods of time, and when I was working or involved with other community groups, I've had a lot of acquaintances and casual friendships, but very few that have lasted outside of work or the larger group. So, you'll never see me making a post here looking for friends, or responding "yes! let's meet up!" to someone else's looking for friends post.
  14. My thoughts about the WHO and what they might have done or not done in terms of COVID-19 response, are pretty minor when compared with the actions of a world leader who initially downplayed the whole pandemic thing, thought it would be better for us to make our own test kits, initially praised the Chinese for their response, and then later - after reality pierced the world of alternate reality - decided to blame China and the WHO. I have a feeling that no matter how excellent the initial response of the WHO could have been, there would still have been some world leaders refusing to take the information seriously and react appropriately in the best public health interests for their citizens. Fairre, I do hope that you will be able to get the medical care you need soon. I think that whether physician offices are open or not, whether or not they are seeing patients in the office or just by video conferencing, etc., is probably dependent on County guidelines as well as local medical association / physician groups guidelines. I have started receiving reminders from my local health plan group regarding making appointments to get caught up on screenings and other preventative medical needs that may have been postponed due to California state and county shelter in place orders. So there is movement in my part of the state, though not quite in the order I would prefer - I was contacted to set up an appointment for a mammogram this month, but the ophthalmologist I have a referral to so that I can start the process for getting cataract surgery is still only making appointments for emergency eye care. In terms or the thread topic, I am more concerned and worried now, than I was a month or so ago. As more things open up, my concern about people no longer physical distancing and wearing masks increases. Looking at my county's active versus recovered graphs, I'm not seeing any consistent drop yet in the active cases. Yesterday was the first reported significant drop in active cases, but whether is the start of a downward trend or not remains to be seen. Our Public Health Officer did slow down the re-opening process for our county last week based on our county's data compared to the State's guidelines for further re-opening. The propensity for the recent protests to turn violent has me concerned as well. We have had looting and vandalism the last two nights in the downtown area of the largest city in my county. I've decided to hold off on all the little mini-vacations I do during the summer with the grand-kids, my sister or my husband, even if hotels in the areas we usually travel to do open up for regular guests before the summer is over. There is so much upheaval and unrest at the moment - I'd rather wait until we figure out what the new normal is going to look like, and have settled into that, before resuming things like traveling around.
  15. I've only been here 6 years, but the sense I get from talking with others that have been around for a long time and from seeing pictures from the earlier days, is that the RL 'realism' that seems to be a focus these days wasn't the focus initially. I don't think it's necessary to have the entire mainland conform to some sense of being realistic looking. There are times I'm not sure I like something a neighbor has built on their parcel, but for the most part, there are usually things that I can do to mitigate it. One of the things I enjoy about traveling around mainland is all the different types of things that have been created. I often stop in at shops I see while out and about, especially if they are interesting or different looking. Travelling in the neighborhoods of Bellisseria can be a very pretty experience, but after a sim or so, it all starts to meld together - just more of the same types of houses with the same general types of landscaping.
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