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  1. If the button wasn't clickable, double check that you are standing inside the parcel (or if it's one of the older linden homes, that you are standing inside the home) before you open the "About Land" window.
  2. First, make sure that you pick all your objects up (if you don't do this before you release the land, you won't lose anything, but all the objects will be returned bundled together as one single coalesced object in your inventory). Bring up the "About Land" window and then click the "Abandon Land" button. There should be a 2nd box that will pop up asking you to confirm your action.
  3. There shouldn't be an issue with using the PayPal account on more than one SL account. The main issue tends to be the PayPal not being a verified account. If it had worked before, and it is still a verified PayPal account, then you probably need to talk with Billing Support. Billing Support contact info is in this Knowledge Base article link:
  4. One thing you can do: When you have the Map open and are viewing one of the mainland continents, click on areas that appear empty. The parcel name of where you've clicked will be displayed on the map, so if the land is abandoned land, you'll see that displayed for where you clicked.
  5. I saw some videos of dances an acquaintance, in a group I belonged to on Facebook, had made. She also had posted some stories about some of her experiences when she had been active in SL. It intrigued me, so I searched around and found some other videos on youtube that showed some of the building and creating aspects. I've always liked games where you could customize, to some extent, your avatar and home environment, so that was what drew me here.
  6. That makes sense to me - the tribal leaders need to do what they feel is best to protect their tribal members, especially when they are in areas lacking in resources such as adequate medical care, hospitals, running water, and so forth, and I would think that they should have the legal right to make those decisions. I would also think that the states they are located in would want to support those decisions of the tribal leaders, to protect as many lives as possible, but we seem to be in a world these days where I can no longer understand a lot of decisions or positions government is taking.
  7. I use the Slink Redux body and being able to wear system layers and use alpha layers instead of appliers and alpha cuts is much easier for me, and very much like how things were when I started here in 2014, so it felt very familiar for me. I often got frustrated with using appliers, dealing with what goes on what layer, which layers need to be turned off for different outfits, and trying to remember which outfit needed which alpha cuts turned on or off. I had tried some of the auto-alpha stuff, but never quite got the hang of that when I was combining pieces from different outfits together to make a new outfit. So far, there has only been a handful of clothes I have that I wasn't able to find an existing alpha layer that worked. Slink includes a set of alpha layers with the body, plus has another set for free at the store. I also picked up a nice set of alphas from the Little Black Dress store, plus I already had some alphas in inventory from clothes I purchased over the years that included an alpha layer in the package. Slink included instructions for making alpha layers - and a colored template tattoo to use for figuring out what needs to be alpha'd out - plus she made youtube videos for making alpha layers using photoshop or using Gimp. It was a simple enough process that I was able to successfully make a couple of them. Given that my brain wants to leave the room when I open Gimp, I was quite pleased about how easy it turned out to be. So for me, it's pretty much like it used to be with wearing mesh clothes on a classic body (though for some types of clothing, it is still best to wear a version of the clothing item that is rigged for the brand of mesh body you have - not all old standard sized clothing will fit well).
  8. No, I didn't go and get the BD viewer to do a sideways picture - this is just how I ended up at an exhibit at SL17B trying out weightlessness
  9. I did G&S farming for over a year, and never had an issue from the weekly rolling restarts with losing any of the no-copy items that were rezzed out.
  10. I think people should be able to voice a frustration without everyone else jumping in or on with their viewpoints. Though, personally, I will be sad if Laika stops posting here - she always has such beautiful pictures. Anyway, here's me taking a break from walking around at SL17B - I found a nice courtyard with pretty artwork to gaze at while resting my feet.
  11. Unless I'm looking at the wrong item in the MP, EVA looks like it's still a classic system avatar - though with rigged mesh clothing included. When you say that your classic Vana dragonshirt set doesn't work with EVA, in what way(s) is it not working? Perhaps you need to adjust your shape?
  12. It's the Camping BBQ Summer Party Copy version from !! Follow U S !! https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/DAILY-OFFER-Follow-US-Camping-BBQ-Summer-party-COPY-version-BOX/17430664
  13. Those are valid comments. What I had quoted was only a part of the communication sent out. I had interpreted it as two somewhat separate items - a review of policies and practices, and the plan for increased community involvement. I think the public feedback will result in additional things being addressed, that the Council may not have previously realized needed changing - particularly about more subtle types of harassment and/or discrimination that people of color experience from law enforcement on an ongoing basis. In a perfect world, city councils and police agencies would be consulting with the community on an ongoing basis, resulting in ongoing fine-tuning/modifying of policies, but it's not a perfect world and my little town isn't the only city where there has been a disconnect between public perceptions of police policies, or other city policies, and actual changes of policies and procedures. I see these steps as an acknowledgment of that, and of the need to work on improving that feedback/fine-tuning of policies and procedures loop, and would hope that is something that will be continued and built on into the future.
  14. I'm not familiar with the hair brand you got the demo from, but in general, most hair from popular places should work on a Classic avatar head. There are still people who still use the Classic head, even with a mesh body. Generally, the alphas that come with a hair don't need to be worn unless parts of the head poke through the hair and one doesn't want to change their head shape. In terms of clothes and a Classic system avatar, though harder to find, there are still creators making mesh clothing that includes versions for the classic system avatar. Look for clothes that mention classic system avatar, standard sizes or fitmesh and try demos. With the mesh clothing, it is common for their to be an 'alpha' layer that hides sections of the body - the alpha is worn along with the mesh clothing item, so the end result is the clothing covering the area that vanished. If a clothing description mentions appliers or Omega look to see if it also includes system or BOM layers. Appliers or Omega refer to things that only work on mesh bodies, but system layers or BOM layers will work on classic avatar bodies. A relatively recent development is BOM (Bakes on Mesh) which allows a system skin or system layer clothing to be 'baked' on a mesh body. If you want to use classic clothing (system layer clothing) on a modern mesh avatar (such as Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, ebody, Eve, etc. avatars) you need to activate BOM for that body on the body HUD (or use the BOM version of the body, if there are 2 versions of the body included with the purchase - Slink includes both their 'classic' version, and a BOM version called Redux; Tonic includes their original version plus a 'lite' version, with BOM being activated on the body HUD). Depending on how a particular body brand implements BOM, the body may still include alpha cuts on the body HUD, or there may be no alpha cuts and you need to wear alpha layers with clothes to hide parts of the body which may poke through. Even with BOM, when looking for mesh clothing you will still want to look for clothing that is rigged for the particular mesh body you are wearing, whether or not you are using the BOM feature. If you do not use the BOM feature of a mesh body, then for the mesh body to show a skin layer, you need to buy a skin applier that works with the particular brand of mesh body that you have - you would wear the full body alpha that comes with the mesh body (and hides the system body), wear the mesh body, and then 'apply' a skin either through an option on the body HUD or with a skin applier purchased from a skin maker. If you are only wearing a mesh body, but not a mesh head, make sure you wear the included body alpha that covers only the body, not the body and head. If you use the BOM feature of a mesh body, then only the mesh body is worn (not the body alpha) and the skin that the system body was wearing will be visible on the mesh body. There are youtube video tutorials and explanations, but I don't usually watch those, so I don't know which ones are good ones to recommend. Most likely someone who posts after me will have some good links to share with you.
  15. I'm a little confused also. It's not clear what "those illegal sites" is referring to. Based on your comment about Tubi and the SL web browser... are you wanting to watch shows or movies from Tubi in SL? Even if SL partnered somehow with Tubitv, I doubt that would satisfy everyone who wanted to watch some type of video, movie or show while inworld.
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