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  1. Not sure about animations and AO, but if you're looking for static poses for taking good snaps, Mewsery and Stun have more than good poses!
  2. One of the reasons I go for ponytail hairstyles, saves me trouble of cringing and dying on the inside whenever I find a really cool piece of clothing and my hair slips through it As Zeta and Rowan mentioned, Stealthic make really good hairstyles that don't collide with the clothing (most of the time). I've been using their hairstyles for I dunno how long and I can easily say I'm more than happy with them. Another brand which I personally favor and never had issues(at least for the type of clothes I wear) is #Foxy, you should definitely check them out as well.
  3. One simple solution to your predicament. Use different web browsers, dedicate one browser to SL related stuff while all your traffic is from the regular ones that you use. There are plenty of really good and secure web browsers now available and you can easily have many of them installed and used for different purposes
  4. Out of the ugly sweater, bunny slippers and messy ponytail and into something more stylish
  5. The new home page looks very well designed, even on mobile view! That is until you decide to log in and switch back to web view on your phone 😐 My inner QA screams at times at the things I see around the site, but hopefully they'll redesign to be more modernized and mobile compatible too. Aand some performance optimization would be great too!
  6. Definitely works! Bonus points for the motorcycle
  7. Overworking myself so half my work is automated afterwards
  8. Had a little inspiration during lunch break
  9. I like to sit on my computer to play games so I can log inworld to sit on my computer and play games, while I'm on my computer and playing a game I honestly do the TV watching inworld for the immersion on roleplaying part, though the built in browsers can be a little clunky and hard to deal with. Me and virtual tech don't get along well.
  10. Amen to that, girl! As for good public chat spots, you can try the ones listed in the Destination for starters or some of the more common clubs and pubs. People there are usually talkative. As for the voice preferred places I really can't say since I'm the type of person who prefers to have music constantly playing over listening to others, but you can either try browsing sims through the Destination Guide in the homepage or use the inworld search using keywords and check the places with high Traffic amounts, they usually have more visitors.
  11. High resolution shot with increased shadows taken with Black Dragon which then is tweaked tiny bit in Photoshop for color adjustment and background blur
  12. Just finished episode one of this masterpiece, can't wait for the next episodes
  13. What happens when you mix British and Japanese metal 🎢🎡
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