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  1. again, thank you all for your comments they were both helpful and informative. I think i was able to achieve the look i was going for https://gyazo.com/961b70ffa98b8ec09f7aac488a36e5ff
  2. thank you all for your help ❤️ i appreciate it greatly! ^ your comment made me LOL haha . I guess i will keep her and just play around with the sliders, see if i can achieve anything I also have those spots already , they were by bossie im fairly new to SL so im learning as i go . Its sad that some people inworld dont like to help , ive encountered some very cocky, uptight people smh. So i honestly am grateful you guys gave me some advice / info ❤️ oooo also, do you guys prefer the Nuri head or the Nova head ?
  3. hey guys , thank you for all of your comments . I tried to find a gyazo of some shots i took of people whom i thought were beautiful asf but cant seem to find them. Here is one my sis took of someone and i was just in awe https://gyazo.com/5d113a9d7de7607c1ce8da930a34c20c . Maybe realistic isnt the word to use but i love THAT look. While ill agree that some bodies have some unrealistic proportions haha , im really just worried about the head. https://gyazo.com/664d7ecedb811acc3f644a1c5affe43f this is how i look currently. I cant really grasp what im missing or what im doing wrong. Ill try and see if i can SS more pics when i see em. How do people get their heads to be so still also ?
  4. Ive seen many of beautiful avis with such realistic features. For some reason i can not achieve it. i switched from genus to lelutka thinking it'd help but no i still cant achieve it. any advice? ive tried different skins , popular ones too. i dont know what im doing wrong. thank youuuu ❤️
  5. Hey guys, my names Tia. My account may be only 2 months old however I am not new to SL. I just had my two monthaversary a couple days ago and continuing to grow more with my account. With that being said, I’m currently looking for a new job. A little about myself: I’m an exhilarating individual if I do say so myself. I am online most of the time and would consider myself a very friendly and open person. I am non-judge mental and always willing to explore and make new friends. I aim to provide great conversation and a great team player. I respect everyone no matter what race, status, or orientation. I am interesting in looking for a job that respects that I do not voice nor cam. However I am willing to voice verify that I am woman if 100% needed too. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my page and have a great day! If there any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. xoxo Tia B. ❤
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