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  1. In the past couple of days I've been once in similar situation. Met a random guy in a random sim, we talked for a while and he seemed very nice. Later I offered him to hang out and chat more, 5 minutes into hang out and chat he starts going all romantic on me wanting to cuddle and etc... So that didn't last but I figured maybe he was feeling that way in the moment. In the following days I offered him couple of times to hang out since both of us weren't doing anything particular. Every single time he went into romantic mode! I now find that person very annoying because I know I can't have normal conversation without it turning into attempt for something else...
  2. I like how some billionaire's self funded 10 minute trip to the edge of space spurred so much debate for completely unrelated topics. At least we finally have people pushing towards scientific development, even if it's who has the bigger dick shaped rocket
  3. "Build a man a fire, you keep him warm for a day. Set a man on fire, you keep him warm for the rest of his life" - words to live by when people piss you off
  4. Black dragon viewer has built in DoF features that you can use inworld. Aside from that it's playing around with filters and blurs in different photo editing tools.
  5. Make your enemy your friend, then pour him a drink because he's such a nice guy and carry on. Oh and go out and do something for the environment
  6. Burrow Coffee & Whisky Co. is a good place for just hanging out, or any cafe or fast food joint you find around sims. I choose spots that are very casual looking where you just can't get that "let's make out" vibe. Even a outdoors sim will do, places where there are camping areas or country side. It's hard to get romantic when there's a cow next to you minding it's own business I like to tell them - "That will be 200$ for half an hour and 300$ for an hour" They run away so fast!
  7. Let's face it, SL is a place where everything just as RL is over sexualized. The amount of skimpy female clothes compared to regular ones is enormous! In short we're often center of attraction. Many of the people that usually text me with the purpose to "Hang out" actually mean "Let's cuddle, make out and bang". Of course there are always exceptions! To battle the "hang out" I like to invite over people at a cafe or other public area where the tables or furniture has only singles poses so they can't make a move. That way one can determine quite easily the person's true intentions. If they want to do more than just hanging out, they will quickly get bored and probably leave. Just because a girl likes to dress sexy, provocative or makes adult orientated content doesn't mean she'll "Hang out" with anyone that offers it. On a side note: How guys look whenever they see a girl inworld that has "interesting" photos or looks
  8. I filled mine with my geographic region and time zone, because imagine that, there are people outside USA hours and even zones that are a day ahead. Other than that I don't feel obliged to provide any additional information or verification. What's next? Put my ID card on display?
  9. You picked my interest with that topic and I decided to take a test or two. My personality is nowhere near to that of a narcissist I wouldn't say narcissism is a disorder as it can be useful to have such person around you when you push to achieve a goal. True they tend to think they are top of the top but as every person with common sense, a little soft skills can turn around things for the better. In my line of work having people with diverse personality is considered a plus. Such people that experience these personality traits can be directed towards leading a project or completing extra work with the goal of being praised for doing their job(my inner manager is speaking, haha). On the downside having someone who wants to be center of attention or likes to express their importance can lead to frustration and even conflicts. It's all about balancing and... probably therapy
  10. Freshly baked bread just taken out of the oven.
  11. I've been listening to this guy's podcasts for the past couple of days and now I want to change my profession
  12. I think is more of lag and performance issues that keep people from being in the same place. People also often lack proper communication skills or just manner when they talk or meet, this in my experience can certainly push a person from visiting crowded and social areas. Also I'm certain many of us hop inworld to relax and rest from the drama in our lives and we actively try to avoid it inworld as well. Sadly this does lead to people not getting together.
  13. At first I was wondering where did all those Daddies pop in my friend list, but then I realized LL allowed "Daddy" as name 🙄
  14. My advice, stalk the weekend sales. There are usually plenty of very good make-up products on sale, specially for Genus and Catwa. In no time you'll have enough make-up diversity to experiment and mix.
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