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  1. Yup you are right on that Ethan. I've even had noobs approach me for lindens. There are so many ways to earn lindens why "panhandle" on SL for them?
  2. The trick is keep on it...Don't smother them but at same time don't say hi and disappear either. People on SL (Myself included) tend to remove friends we don't talk to much (if at all). Also, You may find people who are not "newbie friendly" and have no patience to teach the ropes of SL. then you got guys (and gals) like me who get a kick out of it. Cause we know years down the line you are going to remember that thing we taught you.
  3. Hello everybody! My avatar name is Fenix Greycloak. I do have alts, but Fenix is my main avatar. I have been in SL for five years now. I was first introduced to Second Life through a real-life freind who suggested I use SL as a venue for our RL group of freinds to hang out. Of course, that idea went nowhere, but I stayed in SL. I spent the first year of my time in Second Life quietly exploring the grid. within 6 months I was a DJ on SL earning lindens of my own, going shopping, going out to clubs and dancing, etc. All the while my. RL wife kept asking me "you playing that stupid game again?" I introduced her to it and now she is more hooked on the "stupid game" then I am LOL. I have found the best way to make friends in Second Life is to simply follow your interests. There are always communities to join, discussion groups to participate in, and clubs to visit to suit every possible taste in music. If you are friendly and outgoing, people will be (mostly) friendly to you in turn. I also run a SL Newbie school in world.
  4. I am married in Both SL and in RL to the same person. We SL together as man and wife just as we are in RL. However, I HAVE had experiences with another man trying to take my wife away from me in RL.....Fortunately I caught him at his game and nailed him on it. My wife did not give in to his advances. But You HAVE to be careful what the person's motives are. There are many people on SL (male and Female) who are equally guilty of this. To these people, SL is either "just a game" and they forget there is a RL person (or people) behind the avatar. Or They look at SL as a matchmaking service (Albeit not a very good one...I mean Who here looks EXACTLY like their Avatar in RL?)
  5. I am White both in SL and in RL. My Online Sister is Black in RL and in SL. Sweetest person ever. Her SL hubby, Also black in RL and in SL is one of my best friends. He has a ton of black family on SL....its not that rare if you know where to find them. All the ones I know are friggin AWESOME and love to have fun.
  6. Texas Stockyard is currently hiring experienced DJ's and Hosts. We are looking for reliable, friendly, outgoing and energetic people with a great sense of humor and who want to ensure that everyone has a great time. The music genre includes Country, blues, Southern/Classic rock (60s 70s 80s), & soft pop. DJ's and Hosts receive 100% tips. If interested, please pay us a visit and pick up an application. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Texas%20Hill%20Country/195/208/22
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