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  1. The way I see it is like this (and Yes I also have a Flickr page..I don't care who sees it, I'll post the link below.). If anyone wants to post "nudies" of their avatar on a flickr account, it is nothing more then them being creative with said avatar and just showing off that creativity. As a previous poster said (and totally nailed it), its not like people are seeing them in RL. You won't be too likely to find nudies of me, not because I don't want to show my avy naked, but rather because what I HAVE posted I have found pretty cool looking and again for "artistic creativity" I Post them
  2. The most annoying thing for me is my neighbors putting out objects that "Shout" in local and you can "hear it" on my parcel. Even checking the "limit sounds and gestures" option doesn't work. Try using "say" or "Whisper" if the object gives you the choice.
  3. Many club owners require voice so the DJ can advertise their Host, the club, upcoming events etc. VIPS are not always in chat range, even with an extender, but are always in range of the DJ Stream wherever they are on the club's land.
  4. I have a female alt, and I really don't run into this issue so much as the alt is mainly used for designing female orientated things that would not work on a male Avatar.
  5. And it keeps on going! I probably have 3 different incarnations of Fenix Grecloak in this thread alone!
  6. okay you said you have a stream rented. that's a vital basic. However, most club owners (myself included) won't look at anyone under 90 days old in world. Largely due to the fact in the first 90 days you are still learning SL. The SLURL you reference is provided by the club owner/management. Some things to consider: 1: Managers and owners frown on clearly "pirated" music. Such music can get an owner AND the DJ fined a hefty amount of RL Money and can potentially get the club shut down by Linden Labs. So don't do it if you can help it. 2: You have the stream rental, you will
  7. *Phoenix Underground Club is looking for exceptional Dj and Hosts, committed individuals that can have fun, entertain a crowd & relax in a great club environment *Phoenix Underground Club Plays a mix of genres (Just no death metal,Gansta rap, trance or techno, anything else is open game) *Djs & Host keep 100% of their tips *We welcome recent graduates of S&I DJ School to apply *Applications are available at the club or at our ad board in the S&I School http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Desires of Dreams/191/153/1003
  8. I won't use google chrome for privacy reasons (They are notorious for collection your private information), I use firefox in linux but getting firestorm (or any viewer) to work in firefox is pretty much the same in all OSes, here's How I added Firestorm to Firefox's "Open with". 1: In URL bar, type in "About:config" (no quotes) Search for "network.protocol-handler.expose.secondlife" (again without quotes) 2: If nothing appears, Right click on a white space and create a new Boolean entry titled "network.protocol-handler.expose.secondlife" (no quotes) and set to false. Then proceed t
  9. Yup you are right on that Ethan. I've even had noobs approach me for lindens. There are so many ways to earn lindens why "panhandle" on SL for them?
  10. The trick is keep on it...Don't smother them but at same time don't say hi and disappear either. People on SL (Myself included) tend to remove friends we don't talk to much (if at all). Also, You may find people who are not "newbie friendly" and have no patience to teach the ropes of SL. then you got guys (and gals) like me who get a kick out of it. Cause we know years down the line you are going to remember that thing we taught you.
  11. Hello everybody! My avatar name is Fenix Greycloak. I do have alts, but Fenix is my main avatar. I have been in SL for five years now. I was first introduced to Second Life through a real-life freind who suggested I use SL as a venue for our RL group of freinds to hang out. Of course, that idea went nowhere, but I stayed in SL. I spent the first year of my time in Second Life quietly exploring the grid. within 6 months I was a DJ on SL earning lindens of my own, going shopping, going out to clubs and dancing, etc. All the while my. RL wife kept asking me "you playing that stupid
  12. I am married in Both SL and in RL to the same person. We SL together as man and wife just as we are in RL. However, I HAVE had experiences with another man trying to take my wife away from me in RL.....Fortunately I caught him at his game and nailed him on it. My wife did not give in to his advances. But You HAVE to be careful what the person's motives are. There are many people on SL (male and Female) who are equally guilty of this. To these people, SL is either "just a game" and they forget there is a RL person (or people) behind the avatar. Or They look at SL as a matchmaking service (Albei
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