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  1. Hello there my name is Viper and I am a role-player here on second life since 2018. I am seeking to make friends of all sorts and for those who use Bloodlines to roleplay with or learn the system with its improvements over the years. I am a polyamorous type person and I hope that is fine with you. I do not bite or attack in bloodlines and use the system for mainly roleplaying purposes. I am also a female in real life that uses a male avatar / roleplay character it is because what I feel most comfortable with. If you are interested in becoming my friend please contact me on second life. There is more that meets the eye with me and I am a pretty cool person once you get to know me. I know bloodlines has a past of being bad but I want to make it fun for everyone to enjoy on second life. You do not have to be my friend to join bloodlines if you just want to get to know me and hangout I am cool with it.
  2. Hello there, Vipers Manor is currently open for members who are in Bloodlines or looking to find a family to fit your adult desires here on Second Life. We welcome all sorts of lifestyles with only a few rules that must be followed. Vipers Manor has been around for a month now and we are a family of creatures and humans together with a mixture of Poly, Open, Taboo and BDSM friendly type place. We do have a Bloodlines Haunt that offers more of the Bloodline events we have. Our Most important part of our family is that we do not allow drama or disrespect of all members. Humans are prey but can decline any ongoing attack requests. Other Bloodline players must respect our ask to attack policy to all who come onto our land. As stated we do not allow anything illegal but we are a highly adult manor to allow people to be themselves. The Opening event is this weekend Friday April 23rd - Sunday April 25th. Come by and join us at Vipers Manor. (You can use the search option to find us or talk with Viper Nova (xxVi3perxx) to come join us for this grand opening event or to chat with him about the manor and what you might enjoy. Viper Nova (xxVi3perxx) LM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Aspen Pines/175/18/22
  3. I'm a old sl player but I took a long break and decided recently to join back and while it's okay and all I really miss being in bloodlines but I find it really hard to reach out to people I'm scared of negative reactions and honesty I just want some bloodlines friends and people to talk to I have no idea what to do where to go and who to talk to though and I'd really love some help I'm sorry if this post is weird but I'm really anxious and quite overwhelmed
  4. "Discussion post please keep in mind the guidelines for the forums." Hello there I've been in Bloodlines for two years almost three, I have seen people mostly when I am interested in roleplaying with them tell me no Bloodlines play (Which is fine with me) but I don't see the problem with Bloodlines besides the attacking can get annoying and when I asked some people it varies from being an annoyance to keep up with the RP system Bloodlines has or not really fun for them. I'm not saying Bloodlines is bad because it has some perks in recent months with new things added but what is everyone's opinions on it. Please remember to respect the guidelines for the forums I just want to know everyone's past with Bloodlines good or bad. I came back to SL in 2018 and Joined Bloodlines in a former clan that split ways because people were not active in it and just wondering on everyone's thoughts. I am in a clan that is active all the time and seen some negative things in posts about Bloodlines but wonder what everyone's thoughts are on it.
  5. Hello. I am wanting to start my own bloodlines clan. I used to be a king/queen of a clan but I left sl for a long time. I don’t really want to do it by myself as I work a lot in rl, and quite frankly, it can be expensive to run a clan. I’m looking for someone who may be interested in being my counter partner. We would split tier for clan land and split responsibilities. We would def have to get to know each other first to see if this would be a good thing. Please message me here or in world if interested. **PS** my clan would not just be another basic bloodlines clan. I want the RP aspect of it as well. If you don’t like RP then this would not be the endeavor for you. sl name: crescent666 resident
  6. Contact me in-world on how to change it or respond here, I will check back when I can and contact you in-world. If I don't respond in-world please try again or send me a notecard, my messages get capped. Just to confirm this is for you to switch to a free system so you don't get bled out financially in SL.
  7. So.. Halloween is like my favorite holiday of the year. I am so excited to be bringing all my favorite fun and spooky tunes to our weekend disco's this year. House of Willuna is currently overrun with witches, ghosts, skeletons and I have definitely heard more than one bump in the night. Please come visit us and make us your one stop party spot this weekend. Here is a little run down of our special events coming this week; House of Willuna Book Club Wednesday 6-8PM SLT This week we are discussing up to chapter 10 of Wuthering Heights. Please contact me if you would like to join in the discussion. We will be meeting weekly at this time to chat about our current novel. Paul Nowles Group Presents Open Mic at The Sand Bar Thursday 6-8PM SLT- Open Mic continues to be a most popular weekly event. The talent and the audience keeps growing and not a night to be missed for any live music fan. We will have a Halloween theme this week with costumes encouraged for all performers and guests. Devil's Night Friday October 30th 6-8pm SLT - DJ NIKKI at Shadows Nightclub. Our weekly Bloodlines themed party takes on a special seasonal flavour for Devil's Night. I will be spinning my favorite festive 80's and 90's alternative along with a a few surprises. Nine Inch Nails, Sisters of Mercy, and Mr. Halloween himself Rob Zombie. My lovely Host Willow will be there to insure everyone has an awesome time. All Hallow's Eve Saturday October 31st 6-8pm SLT - The party continues with DJ NIKKI spinning a special mix of all her favorite Halloween party music at Club Xplosion! Prizes for best costume and lots of fun to be had. Where - All events held on our SIM http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lack Manor/123/45/21 House of Willuna is a Bloodlines friendly SIM but definitely not a requirement. The resident Clan, Umbra Unitas is a mature role play focused Clan with the emphasis on fantasy and fun, not soul chasing. House of Willuna (adult sim) provides a safe, supportive and friendly atmosphere for all of our events. All are welcome regardless if your are fanged, winged, furry or just frilly. The best staff, the best DJs and the most fun. Come party with us!
  8. Uber: https://bit.ly/338GCZR Visit and follow us on Facebook: https://bit.ly/2X6e3IW Follow us on Social VR: https://bit.ly/2P73Qat Do You Tweet: We DO!:https://bit.ly/32ZKfkS Now Hiring: bit.ly/2BCNpQ7
  9. Sanguine Draconis Bay, an island that welcomes all peoples, races without any difference, wrapped around a flag: freedom and fun; Our Land is Bloodlines themed, home of numerous Vampires, Angels, Humans and Fury who live together peacefully respecting each other Snowy mountains and crystalline lakes, white beaches and magical forests, are the frame of a magnificent castle that stands out towards the sky with the its peaks. Come visit us, we'll wait for you. Click Here to Visit Us
  10. Games such as Bloodlines and Hunger, Angels & Demons and Progeny, have taken root in a part of Second Life that can easily draw you into only ever experiencing them for your Second Life. These games can become a way of life with bearing their HUDs, thus then being in their game with their features to participate without the harm of the non-participants (generally speaking, drama would be an exception). It is a major part of why I have started this poll where you can express what you like and don't like about any of these (and other) games that you have played. You can find the Google Forms poll right below: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfSRhzBZJWGaqjyLrhbkJ8rBavR4DB0j67iiaRqY_KfdtZKBg/viewform?usp=sf_link I appreciate any of your input in advance.
  11. Good Eve For a new Supernatural Clan (vampire-lycan etc) we are looking for a: Member Manager Recruiting Member (PR). Visit our location WORLD SUPERNATURAL
  12. 🎉It's Time to Dance Come into a New Exclusive Club in World Supernatural Party Start at 21.00 pm Dance House Music Live Mixed.. a glass of wine offered by the house to all participants
  13. The Crimson Court is ideal for your home or business in SL. Privacy and security is important to us. Each rental is paired with CasperSafe security to put you in control of your home. Pay four weeks get one week FREE! Create your home with one of our 64x64 sky platforms starting at L$200 per week for 200 prims! Up to 600 prims for L$600 per week. Or check out the Sky Apartments listing for the same rates. We are an all inclusive Bloodlines friendly Adult sim. Please take a notecard for more information, or contact me with your questions. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fields/94/123/29
  14. Hello, my avatar is a vampire, and I haven’t been on for a year. I drank the vending machine but need to save linden, with permission am I allowed to bite random humans or will it effect their avatar? I don’t want to ruin anybody else’s game, i won’t bite unless they said I can
  15. https://al.eternal-conflict.com/ Before you run to the marketplace to get your free garlic necklace to block bites from Bloodlines or your free ring to identify Progeny nearby, be aware that there is a new vampire in town who can bite you at a larger distance that the Progeny can. Up to 10m away. If you have a good processor and graphics card on your computer, they can calmly even sit at a Skippo table and kill you. Without your knowledge or permission. Without you accepting a request. Without having to come up and stick right against you. No more beta version... they are up and running at the present. Free system as well. Oh, and they can bite newbies without age or time restrictions too, all as long as the victims are "healthy"...
  16. I am disappointed that the Progeny little vampires provide no way of keeping safe from bites without asking for your permission, or clearing your name from any of their capricious little lists of bitten victims. Is there a way to request that this be provided?
  17. (( GLOW )) Alternative Music Club invites you too: Musical Galaxy! 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM SLT Host: Jesse DJ: Kichirou Genre: Indie Rock, Indie Rap, Indie House, Indie Hip Hop 2 hours of Surreal-ness as DJ Kichiou takes you through the most unique Indie Rock, House and more. This is the party to attend to discover more awesome bands! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lost%20Souls/196/222/21
  18. (( GLOW )) Invites you too: Indie Bash! Featuring DJ Kichirou! from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM SLT. Genre: Indie/alternative Rock, RnB, Dubstep Want to feel your back at a festival in the winter? This is the event for that in SL! DJ Kichi will be giving you the boho, chill n exciting vibes asif you where at a Festival! Get dressed in ya festival gear n body paint ready to party tonight yass! SLurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lost Souls/152/217/21 Website: https://glowclubsl.blogspot.com/
  19. I've been on SL for a long time. I used to have a BL family a while ago and since i was dealing with RL situations im not apart of it anymore. I was destroyed but i have gotten blood since then. I am cursed but all in all im just looking for a family or people to connect with since I have been gone for so long. Also, if anyone knows where I could just talk to people that would help too. Thank you <3
  20. Hello my name is Lucien Von Helsing and I am the head of the Helsing Family , we are a small vampire family ... focused more on the IC aspect and family RP more than bloodlines itself. Anyways I am looking for some like minded friends to take into our fold. First and most importantly I am looking for a son , I am single in SL and most likely will remain so ... so hopefully you're cool with a single dad , I have a large lot on the mainland with an amazing mansion . As my son you will be given a prim allowance , free to have some friends hang around ... but living within the home is family only . You should be 12-17 years old and a vampire or desire to be one, and for the love of that is unholy ...don't talk like a freaking toddler , that baby stuff ... will have you out the door before you set your bag down. I am openly gay , and open to a gay or straight or undecided son . I am not into anything sexual , but I do expect that we can have a rp friendship as father and son and a OOC thing where we can just hang out. If you have a boyfriend thats cool , he's welcome in our home but not long term off the start. As for friends a new family hopefuls , I could use a brother , sisters ... an aunty , the Role of mom and dad are taken , they are deceased and no one could ever take their place. about our family RP : We role play as an elite kindred souls family , that is to say regal royal types of the upper crust . Not stuffy snobby rich but very much a royal family . Our vampire lines are traced back generations , in fact Great Great Grandpa is laying at rest in the family chapel . We are in the process of rewriting our back story . We mingle with other families of the elite , host parties and gala events and socialize . basically royal role play with a vampire twist feel free to send me an in-world note card (dieselaffair Resident) with a quick intro and photo , and we can take it from there . I am MST so +1 SLT time , work nights in RL ( 5 on 5 off) so you will have me on limited on my work days and annoying you for 5 days as im off lol
  21. So one of my most favorite vampire places is called No Salvation. When I first joined SL it was a pretty popular place. Now there is never anyone there, well I still go there an wander around, but its always empty. Anyway here is a picture of part of it.
  22. I'm so mad, i had to close my seven years avatar because a damn vampire bitten me when i was noob, and of course my soul gone at first try, and now, if i want to continue with it i should drink a 14L apple potion, everyday, to stay human..... Roleplay yes.... But at what cost ? if i knew it was irreversible because now that stupid vampire got a necklace that protect them from being killed, she can now enjoy my soul forever and YOU make nothing to cancel that. Got a lot of friends in the same case. and it's nothing to say, we are disgusted. i made a cross on a long time avi and many linden spent just for a damn vampire acting as jerk and says "no i will never get ur soul back, hahahahahahaha" If u aren't aware that everyone is tired of that sick mind, NOW u know. You should no let that kind of experience ruin the sim and make people gettin' angry. Please provide a good answer to this. Benji
  23. Basically, I and a friend have decided to finally get back into BLs after a long time. If there's anyone who hasn't played BLs in a while and wishes to, or would like a change of scenery, just let me know in world via IM! Everyone is welcome!
  24. Hallo ihr lieben, ich habe mal wieder eine Frage an euch: Ich habe mich bei Bloodlines registriert und auch das HUD gekauft, nun moechte ich gerne wissen, wie ich einen eigenen Clan gruenden kann, da ich keinem bereits bestehendem beitreten moechte. Leider kenne ich bisher nur zwei weitere Bloodlines Spieler in SL, aber die sprechen leider nicht meine Sprache und es ist halt schwierig das zu verstehen, wenn es einem nicht in der eigenen Sprache erklaert wird. Kann mir da jemand von euch helfen?
  25. Club Phoenixxx is having a grand reopening! Looking for Djs and hosts in order to bring Club Phoenixxx back into the hearts of many! English speaking preferred Club hours: 9 am slt - 11 pm slt Djs needed: No experience necessary Can play almost any genre of music 100% tips On job training provided if needed Hosts needed: No experience necessary Enjoys rallying up a crowd 100% tips On job training provided if needed Please contact Jack (assaholicdirector) or Angie H Wonderland (angieinwonderland) if interested We look forward to hearing from you!
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