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  1. Hello everyone, Yesterday I read about a small town here in SL, Basilique, which would be closed on the 30th of this month. So today I went to visit and to know before it disappears. It is a small town full of details, very beautiful .. well worth the visit. I took these photos and hope to take some time to go back and take some more.
  2. Photo with the new look (redhead) and as I always do... on a beach.
  3. I forgot this photo, so here it is... I fell off the board a few times that day, the waves were big.
  4. I loved to see you again, and I really enjoyed the time we were together @CurseSmile
  5. Having fun with my friend Anna and then we saw a dolphin very close !!
  6. Well, actually it was yesterday... walking around.
  7. Hello everyone, I saw the SL ad on a website, and I remembered that I had read something about SL a few years ago ... and I thought ... if it still exists after all these years, it should be interesting. So I decided to give it a try ... that was 19 days ago. I'm still here !! I was lucky to have met some nice people here, among those... some of my country, which makes communication easier for me. And so I have fun, talking, going out in search of clothes, dancing ... exploring around ... etc ... etc .. June Crystal
  8. (I searched the Forum but found no answer) Guys... One question, I changed the display name, so when people search for me, it's okay to be by display name or it just needs to be username? Thank you. June Crystal
  9. I can say that we Brazilian girls are not like that. lol It may even be that we have more curves ... But we are more like Rhonda Huntress. To tell you the truth, if she walks around here like this image, she will naturally blend with all of us Brazilian girls. And this here is me, as you can see I do not have it so exaggerated.
  10. Hi @CurseSmile I have been here in SL for a few days, but I have met few people here from my country. And I have these two friends, where we spend a good deal of time talking and shopping. If I can find you inWorld, I'd like to talk to you and get to know you better. * The only problem is that usually I can only connect after midnight (time in my Country). From what you said (Eastern Day Time), here in Brazil, I am 1 hour more than you. June
  11. @Talligurl I'm sad because I can not find you, to talk to. Our schedules are not matched. June
  12. Hi @Rhonda Huntress, Thank you, I'll ask whenever I need it. I'll probably need it very often. I already realized that here in SL, it's very complex ... but I'm going slowly. I'm having fun and discovering a little bit each day. June
  13. Hello everyone, I'm new to SL, I've been here for 9 days only. And this is my first post here. I'm reading a lot here in the Forum, to understand more about SL. I was lucky to meet 3 girls here from my country, so I talk a lot with them to learn. So far, it is being fun this experience here in SL ... I met some nice people and of course others not so much. I'll leave 2 photos of mine
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