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  1. End Of Summer : Pool Party w/Dj Scotty Come to enjoy some good music and meet a few new friend. Don't come alone - bring your friends, family, and love ones. THE MORE WE ARE , THE MORE WE WILL ENJOY! August 31| 12pm - 2:30pm SLT| Isle Of Creation (160,27,21) Dress Code : Beach wear - free to attend https://www.canva.com/design/DADjbf281Vc/Jw53hlAfp4XNCs676qnTVQ/view?utm_content=DADjbf281Vc&utm_campaign=designshare&utm_medium=link&utm_source=sharebutton
  2. Hello and good morning, evenings and nights, according to your watch. I am new here in second life, although in the biography of my avatar I say that I have been here a lot, well it was not until about 2 months ago that I began to give a little importance to this virtual world. But leaving aside the formalities, I have not had the greatest experiences working in SL, however I am looking for work because they already know what they say "nobody is born knowing", said that I would like to tell you that I do not aspire to great jobs how to be a member of alguin and stuff. And well as I am very good with the numbers, I can only tell you with X number how much experience I have or could have in the following jobs, jobs, etc : 1.Host : 0% 2. Dj : 0% 3. Dancer : 20% 4. Security : 68% 5. Photographer : 57% 6. Waitress : 76% 7. Model : 10% 8. Designer : 0% 9. Creator : 0% 10. Secretary : 82% 11. Assistant : 80% 12. Baby sister : 90% 13. Stylist personal : 87% 14. Caretaker : 75% 15. Interior decorator : 94% 16. Event organizer : 73% 17. Receptionist :93% And well that would be all, but I must also add that. I don't do jobs like: Escort in sexual plan, stripper, etc. I think I already understood, I do not even participate in jobs that have to do with sex. I have nothing more to say, except say thank you for reading this and I will be more grateful to you in case you hire me, the name of my avi in the world is the same as here.
  3. Hello and good afternoon, I do not usually respond to a job announcement that has so much labor demand, however as I have noticed that the schedule is flexible I have fallen in the conclusion that I would like to apply for the assistance position in fact already filled and Send one of the requests. Thanks for reading my comment, I await your response.
  4. Hello, I am interested in this ad, but only in the teaching part, so I would like you to give me more details such as the schedule and the pay to teach. So when you can contact me by replying to this comment, have a good day.
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