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  1. I think we replied at the same time so you didn't see my edit. I'm going to compare some other viewers the next few days. I wasn't using anything that was Bakes on Mesh, just using the viewer alone caused lag, etc.
  2. I've tried other viewers in the past, I do not like them ... I hate the LL viewer and anything that is similar to it. I hate how you can't turn off group notices, the interface of it, etc. I tried so hard to get used to it in the past but it left me feeling irritated and discombobulated. I also tried Catznip, Singularity and other ones. I love the interface of Firestorm and it spoiled me, gahhh! @Velk Kerang this reply would fit your comments too. I will try another viewer though that is BoM compatible to see if I get the same lag, for comparison sake. Thank you both for replying!
  3. I'm an ambivert.. best of both worlds!
  4. I downloaded the Firestorm BoM version a couple weeks ago. Since I did that, SL had become VERY laggy, was freezing up, etc. I thought it was my internet connection at first. I lowered my Draw Distance to 32, put my graphics on low-med and other such things to help, however none of that helped. My FPS had went from an average of 10-15 in busy sims way down to 2-3. I suffered for 2 weeks with it then thought, hmm let me delete this version and go back to the previous one. Once I did that, everything was so much better! Sadly though I want to have the BoM version and soon it will be the version that everyone has to use. So, should I file a JIRA? Should I got to the FS support sim and ask questions? Not sure how to handle this. Has anyone else had this problem?
  5. I like Catwa and Lelutka the best. I have a LAQ head but shaping it is limited, it will always have that young girl pixie look to it. I have tried Genus demo and shaping it but it just does not feel like "me". I have Catwa Catya and Lona, both which react well to shaping it in different ways. Lelutka is good too however it does not react a lot to the sliders, therefore you will always have a lot of the "default" shape to it.
  6. We silly humans will never get along. We have too much pride, selfishness, bitterness etc. So, best to just ignore or agree to disagree. Pick your battles. I used to always want to argue and debate with those who would pick on people who they thought were "below them" but most of those people don't care. They are either narcissists, sociopaths or some other form of mental issue that makes them lack sympathy and empathy. These idiots are not worth our time, breath or rise in blood pressure.
  7. I have heard so many bad things coming from people who use SL Facebook groups, mostly all drama, cat fighting, etc. I have a SL Facebook but hardly use it because I refuse to even be an observer of such drama and immaturity. It may be wise to take a break from those groups or leave altogether.
  8. Men who IM me and say that they like my look then EXPECT me to like them. After I tell them thank you and then they ask what I am doing, to which I say that I am talking to some friends, they get angry and start insulting me. Nowhere do I ask for IMs in my profile and I am not single and it states that there. However, I know many don't read profiles. Why can't people understand that just because they may be interested in you, that you are not obligated to feel the same, ughh!
  9. I've noticed more lag, more freezing up, more being logged out in the last week. 😫
  10. ClariceRose

    Any Idea?

    That looks like a head by LAQ, because of the chin. I could be wrong though.
  11. Boating, jet skiing, surfing, games, carnivals, live singing, events, hunts, discussions, live dance theaters, people watching, truth or dare with friends, dressing up in silly costumes, wrestling, skating, picking out random sims in the destination guide, so so much to do!!
  12. She wants to know why you're on SL. Now I want to know because am nosey. : )
  13. Unfortunately there are people like that everywhere as you know. Public sandboxes are feasts for trolls because they're usually unmonitored and they're able to use griefing tools in them. I used to question why people did certain things in rl or sl, but it all boils down to them thinking it's funny. No matter how many lectures they get, most never change. Respecting other's boundaries is something that many don't practice. The best that can be done is report the griefing to the sandbox owner and Linden Lab.
  14. Unfortunately people do this most likely when they don't have the balls to be confrontational or they found someone else. They figure that ghosting is less drama and energy for them. They don't consider the feelings of the other person who needs closure or wants to know why. Some are serial ghosters who consider SL just a game. It's sad, but best thing to try to do is not partner/get close to someone the first month. Because that's the "honeymoon period" when everything is going well. Usually after that, you start to see the other person's real personality...and see if you both are compatible.
  15. You can't make everyone happy. Some will like BOM, some will hate it. There will always be people who will be unhappy. I've been looking forward to BOM for a long time. It will be great to be able to wear tats, makeup, moles, freckles and other things together. Yay!!!
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