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  1. I love my Maitreya but would also love Freya to use.
  2. People who are fun, love conversations, deep souls, those who see the beauty in things that so many others often are blind to, creative people, empaths, compassionate, passionate, alive in spirit, gregarious and are not afraid to compromise (I am willing to), and those who seek what sets their soul on fire!
  3. Exploring, also use a random tp hud that sends me to random places, events, live singing, dance theaters/shows (not many realize that there are dance groups that have weekly events), art sims and art shows, games like Greedy/Blitz 31/Pictionary etc, photography, clubs, striking up conversations with strangers, help others, people watching, try to build things but make hot messes instead lol, crash vehicles because I'm horrible at steering in sl, do silly dances in public, do random acts of kindness and so much more to do in sl !
  4. So, the bottom line is, regardless of what someone is thinking about doing...sit back and think, what are my true intentions? Am I ready to deal with the consequences of my actions? And can I deal with them in a civil way? We all must do some sacrificing to get along with others. That's what respect for fellow man is about. I don't agree with a lot of opinions or beliefs whatever, but I try to respect their freedom to believe how they wish. I'm not going to run around with syringes in a funny way around people who don't believe in vaccines. It would also be nice if people didn't always pick Jesus to mock. Freedom of speech is allowed. Everything that is allowed however is not always beneficial. It boils down to respect for fellow man. Either practice it or not. If one wants to be a rebel and badass and refuses to practice it, then don't whine when no one wants to be around you.
  5. I think to put on an avatar that is referencing any religion and trying to use it for humor is iffy. If you use it around people who consider their faith holy then it will seem like you are mocking them. If you use it around atheists, then less likely to offend. It would be compared to someone dressing up and trying to be funny about something that is near and dear to your heart. Yes, many people get way too triggered and offended but I don't think this topic falls into that issue. This is because faith is very important and in the heart and spirit.
  6. People who make mountains out of molehills. People who use a microscope to dissect comments to hopefully find a little something to make a big deal out of it. Then hold it in their fist up in the air and yell aha!
  7. Ok, I tweaked my head shape a little and put on the smallest size hair, it seems to help. However there is a small part in the middle of the baby hairs that separate (due to using a smaller sized hair), however, if I make my head too small, it looks weird. I will see if this helps for now, unless it makes itself a mess again lol. https://gyazo.com/ce26869d0e5f736823e67bb3e9e2239e Thank you, Maitimo.
  8. Thanks for the reply, Maitimo. I am using Catwa Catya. The hair fit fine until a few days later after I bought it. I tried a fix that helped Marianne in another thread but doesn't seem to help me. It happens regardless if I use an extra hairbase or just the hair itself. Marianne said that BOM fixes this issue but I can't be BOM yet, L'etre did not convert to BOM yet for my skin. I will try the suggestion of altering the shape/size of my head.
  9. Ok, I have a few questions.. I use Firestorm, do not use Advanced Lighting. I have been having issues with 3 hairs lately, 2 by Besom and one by Stealthic. Is it the eyebrow shaper that the problem is with or the hairs? I did the edit with the hair style and eyebrows that you said but it is not fixing the issue. If I used a different eyebrow shaper, will that fix it or is it the hair? Is there another way to handle this issue, does anyone know? I am wearing Izzie's babyhair hairbase and Besome Evira hair, but even with the Izzie hairbase off, it does this: https://gyazo.com/5341f2c9915bdf87b4f1dd615df0f8aa
  10. I have this problem a lot lately and I don't use advanced lighting. I don't understand how to fix it as I'm not techie. What do I need to do with my eyebrow shaper?
  11. Pet peeve: People who think that everyone should view things as they do. No. Everyone is not on the same part of the path as you, some not even the same path. Some are more wise and some need to still learn. I'll admit that I expect most people to rise above, because that's what I try to do. Oh, but a decade ago etc, I was entering too many battles that weren't even mine. Being wrong, falling in the gutter, making mistakes...they mold us for wisdom. Most people learn. Those who don't, well, treat them like you just walked in on two ugly people having sex...cringe and walk away slowly. Try to figure out how to bleach your brain of them and return to bliss.
  12. That's freaking hilarious. I needed that laugh.
  13. A friend of mine accidentally saved a new shape over her favorite one and they're quite different. Is there a trick that we don't know about that can go back to the other shape?
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