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  1. As Hotel California plays in the background...☠️
  2. Right. LL can give us all a red carpet and 1 million Linden dollars, but there will be people that would say.. I wanted a blue carpet and why can't I get 2 million?
  3. People who act like that they don't need to lift a finger, and that others should do it for them. They refuse to solve their own issues and want to dump them in someone's else's lap by playing stupid. People who don't read FAQs, important notices, important emails then act like it's an EMERGENCY when the said matter happens. Not our fault that you don't read important things, we are not going to drop things for you. Learn responsibility. People who whine about everything. I am sure you MUST have some positive things in your life to be grateful for.
  4. I've spent a ton of money in SL too! That does not mean we should go berzerk over this.
  5. Many of us still love you LL !!! Anyways, who wants a miserable customer? As a former business owner (not in SL), it felt so good to get rid of clients/customers who made my life a living hell because they were never happy. Every thing that I did was not good enough, after so many times of that, it is just not worth it. I opened the door and told them to leave. Toxicity is not worth a few bucks in my pocket after taxes, fees, etc.
  6. Very good, you adjusted your life as you seemed fit. That's what I'm saying to do. Things change in life all the time and we need to sit down and figure out alternatives. We can voice our opinions but we may not get what we want. So, we need to then move forward and adjust things as we seem fit. People getting bent out of shape like it's the end of the world, due to these changes is scary. LL can't make everyone happy, if they did, they'd probably go out of business due to no profits. We can voice our opinions without raising our blood pressure, hating, etc.
  7. Do you flip out like this when grocery prices get raised, your cell phone bill, your rent? Calm down.
  8. People saying that they hate LL now, wow. If you get that upset over a virtual world, what's your temper like regarding rl matters? During my time in SL, I've never had hate for LL. When issues came up, I realized that things like that happen, no biggie, go read a book or something. When fees were raised, I would figure out how to make it work or not. My life is not SL, and no one's else should be. Even the employees, creators, etc need to have a plan b. Tomorrow things could be drastically changed in our world and this thread will seem like a waste of time. Stop looking at SL as your be all, instead breathe and try to enjoy life. Look for things that you have in life and be grateful, because someone else wishes that they were you. If less groups and raised fees cause someone to get that upset then maybe you should back away for a bit. Or leave. Never put all your eggs in one basket. If you depend on SL for anything, you should start planning on other ways to supplement your financial needs, other ways to help you socialize. Tomorrow SL can go under. Then what?
  9. I'm not a technical person, but with the groups causing problems for LL's backend, then we need to focus on that. There should be an alternative to groups, and we should start shifting to that alternative. It may be too labor heavy and cost heavy to fix the group issues, so plan b is needed. Also, a majority of the chat even in the large groups is nonsense, questions that were addressed already ( but people too lazy to find those answers), whining, off topic dribble, etc. 95% of my groups have chat turned off, notices off, it makes things less stressful and I can focus more. The only two groups that have chat on are my beloved Bellisseria groups. But, like I said, we probably need to start figuring out a way to replace the groups if it's too much of a monstrosity to fix. No amount of us complaining will make a magic wand fix things. If someone's roof is leaking, you wouldn't just yell about it and shake your fists at it. Asking for more patches only helps temporarily. There will come to a point where the old roof needs to be ripped off and trashed. A new roof will be needed.
  10. Ok, duh me, I'd have to try to renew on or after June 3rd... To help with the transition to the new pricing, starting June 3, we’re offering a limited-time opportunity for existing Premium members to lock in their current rates for one more billing cycle,
  11. You're correct, I just tried to renew early and it got this:
  12. LOL....because women need to rant and vent, or we may end up hurting someone badly. It is good for the safety of those around us. 🔪
  13. Fellow annual here too.. we can renew early per here: " Simply renew before June 24th to extend your current Membership at the same low rate. For example, monthly members will be billed at the lower rate for one more monthly billing cycle, while annual members may renew (or monthly users may upgrade to annual) early to add one more year to your existing Membership at the current lower rate. "
  14. Unfortunately, prices go up in every business. LL can't keep everyone happy, some will not be able to renew premium, some may have to put wanting to be premium off the side and some will have to cut things in their RL to be able to continue to afford premium. That is life. I get disappointed as well when our DirectTV bill goes up, grocery prices go up, etc. The way of the world. I am a first time premium member since last month and did annual subscription, I will probably lock in for next year. After that, I will cross that bridge when it comes.
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