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  1. By Modifiable, do you mean resizable or you want to mod it besides that? If just resizable, Tram has a lot of hair for that. I am not sure if they are full mod though. Yumyum too.
  2. I think that making avs "outside the box" are fun! I often do it, then I try to strike up conversations with people and love the reactions. I love learning about how people react to different things. Sometimes, I may have an atrocious look, then I will say hi to several men in IM. Most ignore me. Then about 10 minutes later, I change back to my normal self.. and THEN they start replying LOL... and what do you think I do to their replies? X out. Most men are very visual and will ignore or vent about women/avs who are not up to their expectations. That is OK. However, you better look in th
  3. I'd say it is acts of kindness? As long at they are genuine. I often compliment people on things without an ulterior motive. Just being nice.
  4. Not sure if someone suggested this yet, as I didn't read all the replies but... a really good way to deter someone from wanting to be your friend is to start acting weird. If they send you a friend request, you can say omggg we can explore SL sewer sims together! Or something really weird like that. The person will most likely run LOL.
  5. Found a few articles about/mentioning Second Life that are recent. I have not been checking much but have there been many others the past year? https://mashable.com/article/the-office-dwight-second-life-local-ad-episode/ https://www.themarysue.com/second-life-dreaming-ai-lovemachine/ https://finance.yahoo.com/news/covid-19-destroyed-real-economies-110029836.html
  6. FYI: I am on reddit and in that sub, wallstreetbets. I did buy stocks from some of the companies. There are in depth reasons for them starting this rally, too much to type here though. There are also people pretending to be on the side of wallstreetbets and giving out false information such as buy this stock now, buy silver now, etc. DO NOT BELIEVE IT. Use caution whenever you buy a stock or whatever, do not just go with what someone says on the internet. Use your discretion and NEVER buy stocks with money that you need for bills and necessities. ONLY invest what you can afford to lose and won
  7. I didn't read all the replies but there is a news article about a Chinese game company and other investors that invested in IMVU. The article was made in the last few days, Not sure if I can put the link here, so I haven't. I tried IMVU a year or so ago, hated it, was there maybe a few days then deleted it. It seems too cartoonish and the marketing seems to be for people under 25. I'm not part of that market.
  8. If you are using a BOM hairbase, you need to use a hierarchy of any BOM things.. the hairbase must be ABOVE the BOM skin. You will find this in Appearance/Wearing. Look to see where the BOM hairbase is listed in there, if it is below the skin, you will need to move it up. You can do this by lower left corner, then edit outfit, then when you put your mouse over the list, you will see up/down arrows, find the BOM hairbase and move it above the skin then click save. (Think of it as logic, you would put on a skin FIRST then the hairbase, so skin must be below the hairbase in the list) If you
  9. But, have you tried it? I turned my nose up at it at first, but it is pretty good. It will NEVER be better than piggy bacon, but it is a good alternative.
  10. I've noticed that a TON of people will call someone a Karen, just because they are annoyed/angry with them. It's becoming universal to transition from what it really means to simply use it when one is trying to insult someone in a haughty way. My peeve: People who overuse trending words or phrases. Be creative and make up your own.
  11. I have been seeing very sexual events more often the past few months.
  12. Best thing for you to do since you won't listen to others lol.. is to go on the marketplace and do a search for Actanon under Apparel. See what comes up.
  13. You have to edit the eyebrows IF they are editable. If they are not, you need to wear ones that are. Then what you do is in your Appearance tab, right click on the eyebrows, select edit, go to Eyebrows tab, use the sliders. then hit Ok or Save. Since Genus and Lelutka are different heads, the same eyebrows will look different on each head. So, edit for each and save with the appropriate name for that eyebrow example: Genus eyebrows and Lelutka eyebrows
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