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  1. @Zero Slackerintroduced me to this place, they have dance parties, karaoke, voice, board games etc..a bunch of people drop in off and on. Looks fun! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wolves/134/230/3804
  2. I would suggest joining the Mama Allpa group or go to their sim.
  3. Can you link the location please? Thanks! @Zero Slacker
  4. I visited the sim, went skiing. It's so pretty, feels like RL winter. Great job.
  5. Ooh, ty!! I didn't know about Stealthic and Doux having a sale.
  6. Weird. Unless she got sick or rl circumstances did not allow her to set up the sale. Hope she is okay.
  7. Hi, does anyone know if I return a gacha that was rezzed out, to someone if they will get it? They have not been online and the skybox is not being renewed. Or does it get deleted even though I am trying to return it?
  8. I was wondering the same thing, was going to head there. I have not seen them on any lists.. well I could have missed it too. Ok, nothing in their group notices, no signs at the store. I would say no sale.
  9. Hi, I'm always looking for friends to play games with like Greedy, Yahtzee, Blitz 31, Pictionary, etc. I also like exploring, dancing, live singing and dancing shows, sl bowling, sl mini golf, surfing, sailing. .a ton of stuff! I also love to do laid back things like people watching and relaxing. I have a joyful and often silly personality. If you or anyone else who feels that we share interests, send me a notecard, I'd hate to have my IMs capped and miss messages.
  10. Rowne is 50% off and has high quality clothes. Their group gifts are awesome too without a group fee. They're similar fashion to places like Coco, Ison, Giz Seorn, etc
  11. Yes, Legacy has a sale but they are not saying how much yet.. see here, top row https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?vanity=KawaiiFeed&set=a.869696450237081
  12. Live singing events Themed events Dance shows Game nights with friends Challenges with friends Truth or Dare Taking pictures of sims Random acts of kindness Helping new people Boat races (or any vehicle races)
  13. Make a pond with monsters creeping out of it with different heights. An animesh monster that is behind a Bush that walks out of it at times. A path of doors and the last door are a few scripted zombies behind it. Bubbling puddles with green ooze Scripted cobwebs that move when walked into Body parts poking out of the ground Fog Maybe there is quicksand somewhere being sold?
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