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  1. If someone is hiding, it doesn't always mean that they are being rude. Maybe they're sl working or taking pics or need alone time with their significant other, etc. Or maybe they want peace and quiet. Think outside the judgemental box at times 😊
  2. You don't need a Yahoo email anymore, use any one to sign up. Also, a free member gets up to 1000 pictures.
  3. L'etre, Lara Hurley, Mila, It Girls, YS&YS
  4. Thank you, I went and got all the games. Woot!!
  5. Once you start taking away the rights of others, yours should be affected too. Why get upset? It's SL. If someone copied you then they think that you have good taste. That's a good thing.
  6. There are/were already rp cruise ship vacations. A few friends of mine did it before. However that was last year, not sure if the companies are still around.
  7. Truth Imani is similar. I have it.
  8. Art is an expression of unsaid words. To some, it can be weird, ugly, interesting, conversation starter, or beautiful. Each person who makes "art" , it's something personal to them. Sometimes they hope for others to see it as they do, other times they can care less. I don't think it hurts society. It can be beautiful or ugly, but it's an expression.
  9. The Ruth 2.0 body is gorgeous. I used my current shape with it and couldn't believe how great it is. I love the butt on it better than other mesh bodies. Of course you need the uuid of skins to apply skins but it comes with 2 skins. I didn't care for the 2 skins included. I'll be looking for full perm skins for it. I have to say that it is comparable to how good Maitreya bodies are. Just need to get skins for it.
  10. As Hotel California plays in the background...☠️
  11. Right. LL can give us all a red carpet and 1 million Linden dollars, but there will be people that would say.. I wanted a blue carpet and why can't I get 2 million?
  12. People who act like that they don't need to lift a finger, and that others should do it for them. They refuse to solve their own issues and want to dump them in someone's else's lap by playing stupid. People who don't read FAQs, important notices, important emails then act like it's an EMERGENCY when the said matter happens. Not our fault that you don't read important things, we are not going to drop things for you. Learn responsibility. People who whine about everything. I am sure you MUST have some positive things in your life to be grateful for.
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