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  1. If you can actually get a new Linden Home, that is!
  2. I'm left wondering what the point is in having premium membership... Not everyone in SL is a business owner and good neighbourhood rp sims are diminishing bit by bit. This could potentially be the best thing for SL in a long time, if only Linden Labs would use a bit of sense. To be honest, I am so annoyed at how difficult it is to get a new home and the unfairness of it all, that I am thinking I might as well leave for good!
  3. Me too - I have returned recently after a long break. Seems SL is a lot quieter than a couple of years ago
  4. For the first time I was 2 months late paying my membership bill. I am still unable to login at my rented home and was wondering how long it takes for the account to go back to normal access of premium sims?
  5. I'm not that technical, so can anyone please tell me how to safely install the normal viewer? I have been unable to download any updates and was told to do a safe install?
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