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  1. This isn't too far off actually, my computer is in my bedroom, but my bed is higher and turned the other way . And I have 3 pillows .
  2. Personally I never thought the hopping around was for me. I swore I wouldn't do it. At first I brought out one alt in cause I wanted a houseboat & a traditional, then the campers came out had to bring a 3rd one out and then for the vics had to bring out a 4th. Being the campers aren't for me, I will be using my 4th to get a log house. I am going to be royally screwed when the other themes come out. Come to the dark side @reynols hee hee.
  3. You are probably right, okay I am going to hop till Sunday and see what Monday brings cause I can't resist clicking on them. 🤣
  4. I love this new theme also. I have an alt who is currently without a house. Of course I keep wanting to click on the abandoned homes. But yeah, I would like to have all 5 of my tries for the new release.
  5. I hope someone will post some pictures tomorrow for those of us who have to work during the reveal. Pretty, pretty please .
  6. There is nothing wrong with offering help. Sometimes it is welcomed and sometimes not. We can't control how people react to it. However, it is always good Karma for the one offering it . Don't let this stop you from being you.
  7. I am releasing this Victorian in Bandstand in about 10 minutes, lets say......................................11:40 pm SL time. @93YearOld there is a house down below that you can throw stuff down if you cross the street! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bandstand/195/216/32
  8. I base a lot of my decisions on my computer. I don't want a property where I have to have my draw distance set over 100 to enjoy the landscaping around me. Also I agree with others here too that it is how you feel about the property. I actually did get one property that was in a region where the name triggered me even though I loved the parcel. Might be silly but the name of the region was the last name of someone I knew back when I was drinking. But the name just brought back bad memories and my struggles with alcoholism so I just had to let it go.
  9. Addicting isn't it! Right now I have 3, 1 traditional house, 1 houseboat, and just got a victorian I like. And I have 1 more alt I brought out for the new release, so I have 4. At some point I know I will only have 2. But right now with the new themes coming out and new releases, I am just having fun with it.
  10. Just means that your house it still out there. It is waiting for you to find it .
  11. Yes, I prefer the water in the front too, and i like the front quite open. I don't like a lot of fencing or hedges in front or even on the sides. I also like the back to be a private, yet a bit open on the sides if that makes any sense, i just don't want that feeling of being boxed in on all sides. I am finding this more challenging in regards to the Victorians because there is lots of fencing and hedges to make them feel more private.
  12. Okay I am going to release this parcel in Burnside at 9:30 pm SL time. It is not waterfront, however this parcel is quite unique and very private as well. Lots of trees too. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Burnside/187/160/48
  13. New releases are a hit or miss depending if you are looking for a house at that particular time. Most of the properties I am able to get are abandoned ones. People release parcels all the time. Also it is good to follow this thread and you can join the Bellisseria Citizens inworld as well as Patch, Whitney and some of the moles post there as well. You can go here to get some tips on trying to get a new linden home using auto refresh. Good luck!
  14. @Kristin Linden Thanks for clarifying. It would make sense with all the alts some people have to do extra verification.
  15. It will be happening.........................................................sooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!
  16. Yeah I think that this is something new. The last time I filed a ticket was when the Victorians first got released, some fencing had to be fixed on their end. I don't recall getting asked those questions back then.
  17. @Selene Gregoire Thanks for putting those questions out there. Like I said I have no problems with the security questions, it just would have been nice if they asked these at the time you put in the ticket as I wasn't able to get to live chat. Maybe there is some way they can implement that, little boxes asking you these questions when you submit your ticket. The house would have had to been fixed no matter who owned the parcel, I wasn't needing an account reset, just a simple mailbox reset so that I could rez the houses.
  18. I agree. I don't mind being asked security questions, but of course I have to send it back and then wait for a response. All I wanted was for someone to fix my mailbox so that I could rez a house. Just seems odd I have to go thru top security clearance to get it fixed, but I guess they have their reasons. I would have gone thru live chat but I had to work the hours they were open.
  19. I filled out a support ticket the other day in regards to my LH not rezzing. They also asked me the same questions.
  20. Whoo hoo! Congrats! Going to welcome you to GOH too as you seem like an addict in the making! 🤣
  21. Looks like there is only 7 houses there. Blink and you miss it 🤣!
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