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  1. I'd be complaining cause I want a unicorn damnit! 😂
  2. I am actually checking these out now. I got rid of my house today to try to get a better location, but I think I might try to get these campers instead. My avi is not too tall so it actually is quite spacious for me. I am quite impressed with them.
  3. I don't think it matters what they do some will be unhappy. You just can't please everyone. Personally I think it is better to have smaller releases throughout the week, but that is just me. I had a house and abandoned it today trying to get a new one cause I wasn't happy with where my house was located. And of course I didn't get a new one so I will try again on Wednesday. I am not upset I knew the risk I was taking. My alt still has their houseboat and I am happy with that one.
  4. No you can only abandon by going to the parcel and doing it there.
  5. Well so far it is the Santa Louisa one. It was all empty and now they are all taken. Maybe the New Hampshire is on Wednesday.
  6. They only released some, they were gone in a matter of seconds.
  7. yes that region and they were gone in a matter of seconds.
  8. ............or you can just choose to view just the Linden auctions only by clicking on the box when you go the auctions therefore avoiding the resident auctions. People can list their land for however much they want for it. Doesn't mean they will get it, but it is their right. And people have a choice on whether to buy it or not.
  9. I agree that people definately want the bigger houses. I think these campers are great for those starting out that aren't sure if they really want land or just want a small home base. Even though I always had a Linden house I also bought land cause I wanted to have a bigger space to decorate.
  10. When I first jointed SL I would have been happy with one of these. Really is the perfect size and the fact you can now have a platform in the sky makes a big difference. It would have been a nice home to go to in order to unpack your stuff or demo.
  11. <===================== wonders if something kinky is going on over in that houseboat. 😁
  12. The good thing is that people can make a choice on whether they want to buy the body or not. No one is being forced to buy it. And with anything in SL I always tell myself buyer beware. And I always ask myself if I am willing to put the money into something. I have the old body and it still is my favorite body out of all of them. I haven't bought the new one, however I have demo'd it and I will admit I am tempted. Just because of the shape, skin and the number one thing for me is resizing the feet. I haven't forgotten what they were like in the past, sometimes it is just a matter of wanting something 😀.
  13. @Ingrid Ingersoll I'm glad you started a thread for good old dirty mainland. I love mainland even though I have a new Linden house. I do have a 4096 plot however my friend does most of the decorating for it. I use to stalk one of your plots that you had before (I'm pretty sure it was yours). You always changed your houses and I use to love seeing what you did with your plot. I was sad when I went there one day and you no longer owned it. Now make sure you post here so I can see what you are doing! 🤣
  14. Thanks for posting this. I have a 32x32 and it would be nice if they could do this. However, I think it is going to be the one thing they won't beable to do. But one can dream!
  15. Only if they are doing something kinky. 😇
  16. When you get your Linden traditional house or houseboat, you don't get a choice, what you get is random. It's picked for you. People here are just posting what plot they really wish they could have if they could pick for themselves. Just a fantasy thread really.
  17. Soon or soonish..........................................whichever comes first!
  18. They may comment.........................................soonish. 😀
  19. So totally impressed with you guys! Just wow to everyone. Totally jealous and totally going to shamelessly copy some of these ideas!
  20. @Jennifer Boyle I think you look fabulous! Good job! And yes @Rhonda Huntress is good people.
  21. I am just in SL to play grown up Barbie. I love making my avatar look as good as she can and I enjoy decorating. That is really it. sorry guess it is kind of boring!
  22. @Rhonda Huntress Wow I am seriously impressed with what you have come up with.
  23. Yeah "my" friend wants to know too.😉
  24. One of my friends got this body and the deformer doesn't work 100% all the time. Which is why they should allow people to demo it. As for skins, the ones she used and uploaded before the new body came out, she can use those, but can't add anymore. Unless of course they are made specifically for the legacy body. For some of her skins she uses the skins that comes with the body and she does get a pretty good match sometimes. Otherwise she just wears a choker and that seems to fix the problem and I can't even tell that the skin is not from the same maker. I can admit that I am tempted to buy this body, I just love the shape of it and you can resize the feet. I have the older classic one and got the bento hands for it when they had the update for free. And sometimes I do put it on and run around naked and admire my shape and little feet. I can't get the same shape with belleza or maitreya and I have tried. But not being able to demo the deformer is a big negative for me. I don't even really care about the cost or the fact it is not omega as I don't really use tattoos or other appliers on my body other than just skin. I am more a**** retentive about my mesh heads and having omega for those. Picking a body is a personal choice and people shouldn't feel bad or be made to feel bad because they choose to go with what is controversial. And people shouldn't be made to feel bad because they don't want to try the legacy body or post about their negative experience with it. Every body out there for sale is unique and people have their own reasons why they go with a certain body. Not for me to judge that your reasons are right or wrong.
  25. I don't think there will ever be a fair way that will make everyone happy. I didn't have to camp at my computer to get a houseboat, I was just lucky I was off that day and was able to get one. Otherwise I would have been out of luck.
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