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  1. Forum is quiet lately. Caught this little beauty last night and I am releasing this beach property at 9:00 am SL time: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pantelleria/62/129/24. It is right on the water and the water view is from the back and it is all sand if that is what you want. This definately is going to make someone happy! EDITED TO ADD: gone in 4 seconds.
  2. Yeah mine didn't either. It looked odd but very nice though just to look at landscaping with no houses.
  3. Thanks for sharing that! Always love hearing these kinds of stories.
  4. I am releasing this Victorian at 1:20 pm SL time: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Grote Dijk/95/215/23
  5. @Chloe Dolores I think that looks really pretty.
  6. Just makes me sad when people people make comments like this. Especially from one woman to another.
  7. hopefully this thread will either be locked or removed soon.
  8. I agree. I would much rather people use security orbs with the 15 seconds rather than having banlines. I have found that 15 seconds is plenty of time to get off someone's property if you have wandered or fallen into it.
  9. I am releasing this parcel in Yew Betcha at 10:30 pm SL time : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Yew Betcha/51/106/54
  10. Yes Edited to add: not trying to be a bad influence AT ALL. Just offering my opinion
  11. Just got a log home in Mijn Paard. Lots of homes left in that region.
  12. At the end of the day I would hope that people try to use common sense when decorating. This is one reason I use Firestorm so that I can derender things I don't want to look at. I am not too bothered by what people do on their parcels as long as their stuff it isn't on mine. I lived beside someone on a beach in a traditional house and they had a green prim for grass (to cover the sand) and evergreens. Just didn't bother me. Now some would say it is out of theme cause you are turning beach into a forest, but I would say it was in theme as grass, trees, etc . , this is how they see their parcel. So again, in theme or not in theme can be open to interpretation. I find nothing wrong with ARing things that one might think is against the covenant. Worse case LL thinks it's not and it stays. I also think too that with the houseboats it is more obvious and right there in your face. More so than in a TH or Vic. The houseboats are way more open and close together so you just see it all. It is sometimes hard to find a happy medium with the HB in regards to you and your neighbors.
  13. You have to be Premium. You can go here to claim a home, however the system picks the home for you after you choose what theme you want. No guarantee you will get a parcel in Whitehall. Could be another region. https://land.secondlife.com/en-US/lindenhomes/land-selection.php
  14. As long as their items are on their plot and aren't over the height requirement then as far as I am concerned it is okay. It's not my style, but it is their parcel. ETA: Also if you feel it goes against the covenant then you can always AR it and quietly move on. It is really LL decision if it is against the covenant or not.
  15. I still plan on posting any waterside parcels I end up abandoning.
  16. I too seem to have better luck if I don't pay attention to releases. Yeah it has been a bit frustrating lately, so I haven't really been trying that hard when someone posts that a region has released. However, sometimes my click happy finger can't help it and I still try. These log homes seem to release a bit different and I have had to rethink my expectations in regards to landscaping and water. Now I am trying to think lots of trees and mountains and hills with a good amount of space between houses if possible, maybe a wee little pond. Now that you mention that, my best catches seem to be ones that I wasn't looking for or really expecting and just clicked for the fun of it.
  17. I have a horrible time making my own shapes, especially for heads. I thank god that people take the time to make them and I have no problem buying them. I try to find a shape that looks somewhat what I want and demo it first. I can't imagine all the time that gets put into making these shapes, why should they not be compensated? Not all of us has the patience or talent to make our own shapes. At least I don't!
  18. I am releasing this one in about 10 minutes................. so 6:40 pm SL time. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Purslaine/23/46/52
  19. @TessaPaige Jupiter and thank you so much for opening your place up for all of us to see it. I can hardly wait to see what you have come up with for your next project. It is going to be great!
  20. I clicked and got one in Nott. I have released it though. There is no way of knowing where it is unless you click on it like Sylvia suggested. Not everyone posts here when they abandon a parcel. There could be 1 sitting in the queue, maybe more, there is just no way to know.
  21. I am releasing this log home at 12:00 midnight SL time. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pisgah/21/80/58
  22. I can't see them including the unfinished ones, but that is just me.
  23. That was probably me. I do this when I am contemplating whether or not I want to keep the parcel. I like to walk around my property first then walk around the house and look out the windows to see what the view is. Closed windows ruin it so that is why I open them, same with doors. I don't want to have to continually open and close them. Sorry! I am just an odd bird, I know 🤣.
  24. I am so sorry to hear this Evangeline. I will be keeping him in my thoughts and prayers.
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