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  1. Not a roleplayer, but personally I think if you really want to do it that way you should do it. There is no way to know if this will take off or not unless you give it a go. Worse case it just doesn't work out. JMO.
  2. Whitney Linden is posting in the group chat not sure if there will be another release but doesn't hurt to be ready just in case.
  3. Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri I decided to do some release stalking along with abandoned stalking with an alt that I brought out for a month when I decided to try a camper and because I had a few days extra off. I have to say it is frigging exhausting. I have no idea how people do this day in and out all week. By Friday I didn't care if there was a release and totally missed it! I am just more happy trying every once in awhile to get something that is abandoned. I am also not criticizing those that do enjoy doing this I understand that some have fun doing this and if you do then more power to you! I can see the appeal in always trying to find that perfect spot and the gamble of seeing what you get. At the end of the day you have to feel right about your LH. I mean even the old houses, I would jump around trying to find a better spot or one that just felt better. I image when the older linden homes came out I am sure there was a mad dash for everyone to get one way back then?? Here's hoping that everyone eventually gets the spot that works for them without exhausting themselves to death 😂.
  4. You can use auto refresh, you just have to set it to like 72 seconds. Some also use 68, whatever works for them.
  5. Honestly there is nothing wrong with it sitting there empty and no where does it state that you have to spend all your time on your boat or even use it. I also have homes on mainland so I spend time there too. My LH are for just a place to go to get away from the chaos when I need to. My LH have always been about that.
  6. This is how I feel about my houseboat on my main. I got a lovely location in Pearlcoast when they released that one, I was trying for a house and clicked houseboat instead. First time I ever caught anything during these smaller releases. I wasn't going to keep it but found it was the houseboat I had actually looked at that day when I was looking around the region (thinking to myself, if I had to get a HB I would want this one) . I didn't think HB's were for me, but the plot is in the green (even the sand below the boat has green in it) and it faces the water and it is the rectangle one. I don't think I could ever give this one up. I would get rid of my house on my alt before I got rid of this one. There is nothing wrong with sitting on it for awhile until you know for sure you want to get rid of it because once it is gone, it is gone and the chance of you getting it back is like zero.
  7. I think it is nice that you considered that. At the end of the day, no one is under any obligation to even post they are releasing some of these more sough after parcels. However it is very nice that you do, but no way should anyone feel bad about when they release them.
  8. You shouldn't feel guilty. You release the house when it works for you.
  9. I got one too In Toad Hollow and it is right beside yours. I have to say I like the name of it. I am going to have to set up my frog sounds.
  10. Today is not normally my day off so I am going to take a stab at whatever gets released today with my alt. Normally I fail at them, but willing to try!
  11. Be careful as it can be a tad addicting. I brought an alt out for a month to get one of those campers and discovered that the campers just aren't for me. I think they are super cute but 175 is just not enough for what I want to do. So I have been kind of hopping around with my alt to see what comes up for traditional houses.
  12. My alt is going to release a traditional house in Kahuna: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kahuna/112/104/23 It is close to the ocean, all sand, nice view. I will release at 6:00 PM SLT.
  13. Can you derender some of the stuff around you for now just to make it look more open?
  14. <============== now has the urge to run around the neighbourhood peeping in people's houses!
  15. When I got my first house I was excited and felt lucky to get one. However as time went on I found it hard to decorate the yard and I was also landlocked and surrounded by houses. I had this house for quite a while and continually tried to make the landscaping work for me. Finally I decided to let it go as it got the point where I wasn't even going to my house anymore. When I let it go, I let it go knowing that it might take me time to get a new one. And I did get one 2 weeks later. I have gone thru about 5 houses and now have the house that works best for me. It's not 100% perfect, but it pretty well checks all the boxes on my list. I also agree with @Evangeline Arcadia about being realistic as well. From what I see it is harder to get a HB than a house. If you are that unhappy in that location there is nothing wrong with releasing it, just make sure it is really what you want to do and realize you might wait to get another one, or you could luck out and get one right away.
  16. It means that the house of your dreams is still out there and hasn't found you yet 😁
  17. yeah that would be a good place to have a houseboat, only 7 on the region and a lighthouse right there.
  18. You haven't done anything wrong there are various threads on how to get a home and the tip you gave is in several of them already. Everyone is able to do the same thing until LL says different.
  19. gosh I am so sorry. I have had this body for awhile and I know at one time we had to get some update. thank god for @Skell Dagger !
  20. Make sure you have the updated version. You can go to the store and get a redelivery if I remember it was a bug and they did fix it.
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