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  1. gosh I am so sorry. I have had this body for awhile and I know at one time we had to get some update. thank god for @Skell Dagger !
  2. Make sure you have the updated version. You can go to the store and get a redelivery if I remember it was a bug and they did fix it.
  3. I bought it too even after saying I wouldn't. I run around in barefeet most of the time so I am happy that I can now change the size of my feet. Is the body 100% prefect? Nope, but the pros of it far outweigh the cons for me. Even the two skin makers I get my skins from have made appliers for this body. Like you I have several heads I have spent the same amount on, so I figured why not. I understand this body is not for everyone, but I certainly love it and I have no regrets buying it.
  4. Congrats to everyone that got a new house today!
  5. It should show up for someone to claim hopefully at some point. It is odd, some places when they are abandoned get snapped up in seconds and then some take hours to show up. By the way congrats on getting a HB!
  6. Well good luck I hope you get one. And good luck to everyone else trying to get a new home today!
  7. Sometimes when you abandoned a home it can take longer than few minutes for it to go back in the pool. Some have stood and watched to see who gets their parcel and they wait and wait and wait lol. When I abandoned my houseboat it took 30 minutes for it to get taken.
  8. People are under no obligation to hold on to a home they don't want just because it is release day. Plus we don't even know if there will even be one.
  9. I think it is lovely. And the others are right, it comes down to what you like. As long as you like it that is all that matters.
  10. You can check out this thread: Not the exact dates, but what day and the times.
  11. I use the same setting as you as I like to see things as well. I don't take pics really so for me I am not too concerned about windlights for pics. I do like do use some of the day cycles though to walk around and also some of the night ones when I don't want things too bright. But windlights don't factor into my decision when I keep a parcel. I am more concerned about how the view looks when I walk around my parcel, how the landscaping looks and the FPS.
  12. Congrats @Patch Linden
  13. The houses went in a matter of seconds as there were only 4 on that region the rest were house boats.
  14. Okay just wanted to make sure as some aren't aware of it. I am sorry you didn't get one today. I do hope you get one soon.
  15. What browser are you using? Also when you refresh you have to make sure you click on the drop down arrow beside Meadowbrook, it doesn't always show Bellisseria first you sometimes have to click the drop down menu to see it.
  16. What an awesome post. That is a wonderful way to look at it.
  17. I feel that i have found the ideal parcel for me. It is green, has a great view from the front, not too surrounded by houses, back has tall rocks and is private. For me this is the kind of view I love. And I am okay having that view in back or front as long as I have it somewhere.
  18. Totally agree with this. I have gotten some really nice locations that people got rid of simply because they wanted to try for a houseboat or the location wasn't beachy enough for them. I myself have given up a great location just because there was too much sand for me and I like green. Personally I think one has a better chance of getting an abandoned parcel rather than trying for a new release.
  19. you have to go in world to see the names they are on the green lettering on the houses.
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