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  1. I too seem to have better luck if I don't pay attention to releases. Yeah it has been a bit frustrating lately, so I haven't really been trying that hard when someone posts that a region has released. However, sometimes my click happy finger can't help it and I still try. These log homes seem to release a bit different and I have had to rethink my expectations in regards to landscaping and water. Now I am trying to think lots of trees and mountains and hills with a good amount of space between houses if possible, maybe a wee little pond. Now that you mention that, my best catches seem to be ones that I wasn't looking for or really expecting and just clicked for the fun of it.
  2. I have a horrible time making my own shapes, especially for heads. I thank god that people take the time to make them and I have no problem buying them. I try to find a shape that looks somewhat what I want and demo it first. I can't imagine all the time that gets put into making these shapes, why should they not be compensated? Not all of us has the patience or talent to make our own shapes. At least I don't!
  3. I am releasing this one in about 10 minutes................. so 6:40 pm SL time. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Purslaine/23/46/52
  4. @TessaPaige Jupiter and thank you so much for opening your place up for all of us to see it. I can hardly wait to see what you have come up with for your next project. It is going to be great!
  5. I clicked and got one in Nott. I have released it though. There is no way of knowing where it is unless you click on it like Sylvia suggested. Not everyone posts here when they abandon a parcel. There could be 1 sitting in the queue, maybe more, there is just no way to know.
  6. I am releasing this log home at 12:00 midnight SL time. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pisgah/21/80/58
  7. I can't see them including the unfinished ones, but that is just me.
  8. That was probably me. I do this when I am contemplating whether or not I want to keep the parcel. I like to walk around my property first then walk around the house and look out the windows to see what the view is. Closed windows ruin it so that is why I open them, same with doors. I don't want to have to continually open and close them. Sorry! I am just an odd bird, I know 🤣.
  9. I am so sorry to hear this Evangeline. I will be keeping him in my thoughts and prayers.
  10. I bought it from here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/BATTLESCARS-WL-STARS-RIVER-10-PREMIUM/17849840 Honestly I haven't kept up to date on EEP so really I have no idea.
  11. I totally agree. The criteria I set for the traditional homes, doesn't necessarily work for the Victorians. So I had to change what I was looking for in the Victoria homes. I like my water view to be in the front of the house , nice water view with minimal fencing and hedges, nice and open, which is much easier to find in a traditional house. However, this is almost impossible to find in a Victorian home because they have more landscaping and fencing in front, so for these ones, I have to find one with a water view in the back with minimal fencing and landscaping . Log homes are the same way, the criteria is going to be different. Even though I did get that lovely one on the water I would still like to find one that is more tucked away and private just to see the difference. Cause for me that is kind of what log homes are all about. For me though. I find with each new theme I have to be more open to something different than the previous one.
  12. No, that is windlight settings from BATTLESCARS you can get them on the MP. These are part of the river and colony package.
  13. Personally I think people focus way too much on the new releases. Every single water view parcel I have gotten has been an abandoned one. My traditional is a water view one and is actually a house I looked at before it was released. Someone abandoned it months later. My victorian and all the campers I have gotten that were water view, also all abandoned. I got this log house a few weeks ago and this one was also abandoned. I can either make myself feel like I am on a lake with a view of other houses or that I am on a big big lake with just a water view! And someone abandoned this. I don't have a problem with people using alts, I use them myself. Water views for the log homes are much harder to get as there is not as many and there is no coastal views either.
  14. @CandyxHaven That looks absolutely stunning!
  15. Me too. Is this something that is meant to pinch someone else or yourself? Now I need to know. Any visual will help! hee hee
  16. Good idea, this has been happening to me too. Think I will take a break over the next few days.
  17. Personally if i was after waterfront I would abandon this one and try to get one that actually had water, not wait to see if water will be put there. Reason being is that there is still lots and lots of regions to be released that have water there already. And there is still chances to get water locations that people do abandon. At the end of the day it really depends on how much you like that plot (without the water there) and how badly you want water. You just have to weight the pros and cons for yourself .
  18. Sometimes it is a glitch. I had it happen to me, had a name picked out and got the house and didn't think anything of it till someone pointed out it still said Linden Home. It was very odd. If someone hadn't have said something I could have gone for days without even noticing, maybe even weeks.
  19. I just got a log home in Boom Tender. Seems to be lots of houses still available. Some by water.
  20. Yeah I thought that had been yours. Even though I like water in the front I am finding in the Victorians I like the water in the back best. I think because there is more landscaping with hedges and fences in the front of the yards. Which make sense with the Victorians.
  21. okay sending this Victorian back in the pool at 6:30 pm SL time. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Carrollton Bay/148/102/36 Nothing wrong with this one at all, front facing to the ocean. I still like my other Victorian best.
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