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  1. @goonka92 That just looks spectacular. I just love it!
  2. big hugs to you too and I hope you get what you are looking for .
  3. It is hard to say, sometimes they do a second release between 2 - 3 SL time. But again there is no guarantee.
  4. hahahahahahaha that is exactly what I was thinking too! Have to have this add-on.
  5. There doesn't seem to be a lot of campers in this region, but lots of mountains.
  6. It's from Dust Bunny. The set is called Gracie you should be able to find it in their store. I bought the set awhile back.
  7. Go to this thread here: Lots of tips on how to get a house and how to use the auto refresh.
  8. I am totally so jealous! That looks like a fabulous place!
  9. People have a wide variety of reasons they abandon a property. Location is definately one them. There is also the landscaping inside and outside the parcel and how it works with how you want to landscape yourself. Another factor is how many houses you are surrounded by along with whether you have a corner plot or not. Some like to be boxed in with their house and yard and others like it wide open.
  10. I think if you get added onto their ban list you will see ban lines. Check the parcel and see if your name is there.
  11. The only problem with this is if they are a holes about it and you go to AR them, then they know that you are the one that AR'd them. This is how many fights start with a neighbor. I don't see AR's as a knee jerk reaction, but that is just me. At the end of the day people have to do what is most comfortable for them and I am glad that you reaching out direct worked for you . Some I am sure have had bad experiences with previous neighbors and most likely just prefer to AR and there is nothing wrong with that either. With that said I have no problem with anyone IMing me about something on my parcel and I would never make their life miserable or be rude about it and if someone chooses to just AR it then I am fine with that too. It's not personal and they have every right to AR me if they think I am breaking the covenant. If i didn't agree with what they were asking me to remove I would tell them myself to AR it and let LL decide if it was that important to me.
  12. Unfortunately no. You have to do it from inworld.
  13. @roseelvira You are just so awesome! hahahahaha
  14. Lots of people have 2, I have a houseboat on my main and a house on my alt. then my alt I brought out for a month has a camper.
  15. She definately has the knack for the landscaping it always looks fabulous!
  16. Hee hee I perved your location that does look like a great spot.
  17. It is still unclaimed. I am just across the river from it. I really lucked out and got a nice location. I think I'll have my alt try this one and see how I like it. Location can make a big difference along with the landscaping that is already there. At least for me it does. I don't even want to turn the sound off on my parcel cause I can hear the waterfall and the birds.
  18. This sort of things happens only when one goes to the bathroom or runs to get some coffee! At least that is what always happens to me. 😀
  19. I would definately take it as a compliment. Okay my take on copying people. Yes, I have done it cause I am not artistic or very good at decorating. I can't even decorate in RL least of all doing it in SL. However, I have gotten better at it. And I got better at it by copying people. I think too there are lots of people coming from the older Linden homes and probably didn't really spend a lot of time decorating the older ones and with the new ones, maybe they are feeling a bit overwhelmed. Copying helps with that. I have seen looks I like and I have copied it in my own places if I have the pieces and if I don't I will sometimes buy it cause I like it. After I set it up that is when I start to make it my own. I will add things, take things away, change colours, textures etc. Copying from someone else gives me a starting point. Not all of us are good at decorating or coming up with our own ideas. Sometimes I don't know where to start so that is why I copy. I have no problem admitting it and I certainly am not embarrassed about it either.
  20. This is just absolutely stunning.
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