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  1. I sometimes do throw a house quietly back. I don't post every single house I release here. I really only post the waterfront properties I am going to abandon or truly private ones. I like giving a heads up as you never know how many are reading this thread and not posting on it and this will be their first house or you might be releasing a parcel that someone always wanted and never had a chance to try for it. I got a beach house property I always wanted because someone posted here that they were going to release it.
  2. I will be putting it back in the pool at 1:00 pm SL time: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Neville/109/171/32
  3. I am letting this Victorian go at 11:30 pm SL time: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Palatine Hills/196/139/23 Sandy/some grass corner plot by the water.
  4. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/BAZARMorocco-Full-set-PG/12449592
  5. Yes i have caught a few over the last few days despite it being stuck.
  6. Try not to get disheartened. Lots of us here have gone thru many, many, many, did i say many?............different homes to find the gems that we have now. Houseboats are probably the hardest one to get and to get a good location is even harder. Don't give up cause people really do give up good locations for houseboats. Derender is my friend and I use it on things I don't want to look at. Once it is gone I forget about it. But that is just me. We all here get frustrated trying to find a parcel that works for us and we also get the same parcels again and again. I sometimes get them weeks later. Just keep trying and don't give up.
  7. It is okay if you don't like it. Not everyone is going to and I think like Sylvia said for some, it is sentimental. And i think it is great that people are posting their thoughts on it. Be it positive or negative.
  8. Can we all please just have a group hug now?
  9. I do think the logo is much easier to read. I was fine with the other logo and I am fine with this one.
  10. I think it would be great if they offered another theme with the 512 parcels. I would definately try it out. I plan on trying out all the themes when they bring them out.
  11. Had it happen to me too then got a parcel in Epsom Quarry.
  12. I have found personally that the location of your houseboat really makes or breaks how you feel about them. I am just speaking for me here. My first houseboat was in Ixa and I was so happy to get one, but it was inbetween others, very shallow under the boat so i really couldn't do the underwater garden the way I wanted and all the view was of other boats. And it was square so even if i used the evening star or windlass the doors faced the other boats beside me, not the water. So I abandoned it eventually and didn't even think about another one. What changed my mind was during the Pearlcoast release I was trying to get a house there and clicked houseboat in error and ended up with a lovely long houseboat facing the water and it is a nice green area. Made a big difference in how I felt about the parcel and how I decorated it. I have moved on since then to a nice green square houseboat on one of the cloned islands and it has become my number 1 favorite LH and this houseboat is the one I have had the longest out of all of them. If i was only able to choose one parcel I would keep my houseboat and get rid of my TH & VH. I am glad you found a HB parcel you like .
  13. I am going to be releasing this parcel at 7:30 pm SL time: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Vengerberg/213/67/53 It's a log home and a lovely parcel, but it is time to retire my alt until the new theme comes out.
  14. Maybe give you both a few days to cool off and then send her a really nice IM or note card apologizing and ask if she will possibly consider taking you off the ban list. You have nothing to lose at the end of the day.
  15. This brings back memories that region is where I got my first houseboat when they did the 2nd release with all the houseboats. My parcel was beside this one!
  16. Have to agree with Sylvia. It just takes time and patience like she said and bringing in a few alts doesn't hurt either. I have also released water side parcels that people would call me nuts for releasing. I will say that the best parcels that work for me I have gotten were ones that people abandoned. I rarely get the parcels I want during new releases.
  17. Congrats on this one! I am super jelly, front faces the water, nice rocks and hills in the back! Hope you enjoy your find!
  18. I just got a Victorian in Grenouille. Looks like a new region.
  19. There will be other ones. This thread just shows that these parcels show up when you least expect it.
  20. You don't owe anyone any explanations. It was nice that you even posted that you were releasing it at all.
  21. I personally don't care I usually ignore them unless they IM me or say something in chat. Honestly, someone just walking onto my property or into my house while I am there has happened very rarely in all the years I have been in SL. Yes, I have seen some of these trolling videos and am often baffled why people engage with them when all you have to do is block and mute them.
  22. I use this body, I do have the bianca head but haven't used it for awhile. I find this neck seam skin color issue is with every body or head I use. It is however much more obvious with the legacy body. I usually wear a choker so that helps. You can also try changing your windlight settings, but that just helps with your view not everyone else. Hopefully others will come along with other tips.
  23. I have the legacy and genus head and yes the neck seam is more obvious when wearing the legacy body. However, I seem to have issues really with any body and head, but it is more obvious with the legacy. I usually wear chokers anyways, so for me not too much of an issue for now.
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