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  1. Not everyone has the knack for decorating. For some they want to, but have no idea where to start and so they will copy someone else. And I am sure there are quite a few people that are getting these new homes and have never had to worry about decorating and are drawing a blank. It can be hard to decorate if you have no artistic talent like me. I am not the greatest at it, but I enjoy it even though some stuff might turn out crappy. Have I copied ideas I have seen? yup, I have. If I have the same kitchen or furniture that someone has and I see a look I like, I will try to set it up basic like they did. That just gives me a starting point and from there I can take things out, move things, add things, change colors etc. I know for me I need a starting point and I am so not embarrassed to say: hey man I have copied people! All these add-ons people come up with I really admire and envy them. There is no way I could come up with these porches, rooms, etc. I see them in my head but I can't execute. If someone copies your set up almost exact or pretty close, then consider it a compliment. Out of ALL the homes or pictures they saw or looked at, at the end of the day yours to them was the best!
  2. I went over and saw it earlier. Good job and it looks great. I can see this being a popular spot.
  3. Mine looks truly, utterly.............................boring.
  4. No one should get mad at you because you had a house and let it go. I released the first home I got. I love your post cause it is so awesome when someone gets a house almost exactly where they wanted it.
  5. I can't do it as I am afraid I will miss something! I am just to nosey to put people on ignore.
  6. I go to one of the ones that are open to premium members and it is 4 hours before they return. I can send you the landmark if you like.
  7. My comment was meant as a joke :). It's an old saying.
  8. I have a platform where I demo stuff. Nothing fancy just used a prim. I like a neutral and uncluttered area when I am demoing stuff.
  9. Everyone here will be happy for you! I am not sure why you think people wouldn't. The people you clash with the most will be the ones that will be the happiest for you.
  10. I got my first house within the 48 hours and it was quite by accident. I was looking for a new one and noticed that the Bellisseria came up, I picked that one and got a house. Since then I have abandoned it and got a better location. I am quite the introvert in SL however, I have met my neighbor and we chat when we are on and I even went to one of the shows she helps put on. I also went on a boat ride with @PrudenceAnton. I have ran into Hammy a few times and the beaver who likes tools. I am having fun decorating and changing my houses. I just love the landscaping everything just looks so nice. I even am learning to drive in SL (be careful if you see me on the road) and I really can't explain it but it just feels so peaceful when I am there. <========== wants to join Beth's group.
  11. @Trinity Aironaut Stunning as always! What is the grass in the background of your last picture? I have sand and am looking for some kind of grass.
  12. Thanks after I said chicken I looked again and thought hmmmmm my eyes are getting bad.
  13. @CynicismSells That looks great! is that a chicken avatar? What avatar is that?
  14. Sometimes it is a benefit to you because they just can't seem to get over what seems like a flaw and they abandon it. I did that with my first home. I just couldn't get the yard the way I wanted where I was and believe me I tried. So I decided to let it go so that someone who would appreciate the parcel would get it :).
  15. Well i think it looks great. Maybe I will try your tutorial when I get a chance.
  16. @Marianne Little You need to put these on the MP 😁
  17. I am actually looking forward to Christmas so that I can decorate and I never have decorated my other plots for the holidays.
  18. Go here for some detailed instructions you might find helpful:
  19. Just make sure you spell bellisseria correctly. Some have never gotten a hit cause the name was spelled incorrectly so make sure to double check.
  20. @GinkoStar Congrats! That is an very nice area too.
  21. This just looks so elegant in it's simplicity. Sometimes less is more, nice job.
  22. But they can still get a home. Maybe not the one they want, where they want, but they are still being given the option of getting a home. You can still pick one in the older neighborhoods until newer ones come along. Also getting a house is not the only benefit you get from going premium. There are lots of others. However, I do understand that people decide to go premium for various different reasons. I truly do feel bad for those trying to get the newer houses and they can't get them. People do invest themselves emotionally in these games and once you do that you usually start investing financially in them. So yeah, I get the let down that you can't get a house right away. There really is no easy solution, they are working hard and as fast as possible to get these new homes out.
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