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  1. This is probably a stupid question but, posting links into your in-world profile. How do I get them to show as links and not just text?
  2. All of a sudden, when I right click to edit an object, the object becomes transparent while in edit mode. How can I edit an object I can't see??? Help me fix this, please! Using firestorm viewer.
  3. I have the selection beam turned off, but my Avatar still points at every object I select. How can I turn this off? I have browsed through every debug setting and can't seem to find it. PS. Using Firestorm viewer.
  4. I love that color on your walls. That doesn't come up as an option for my Victorian.
  5. I got a 1024 Victorian!!!! Thanks for the help, guys!
  6. I just had my hand on one and was gone before I could click next. Ugh!
  7. Honestly, I'd be content with one of these too if it was a 1024 parcel.
  8. Sadly I know a noob that just got one and I've been trying on and off for weeks. Annoying.
  9. I will bookmark both of these threads!!! I was concerned that it wasn't just me and why was everyone else qualified for these. Thank for the tips!!
  10. How does one get in? I'm a premium member and only get the original 4 options of themes. I know people that just got in this week.
  11. Is it possible to change the them of your Linden home? I want the log cabin style and now have the California style.
  12. thanks so much for your help, I'll check into all of those links
  13. It would be helpful if you wanted to change your lip color or nail color, but the way it is, it doesn't make too much of a difference.
  14. Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but do any of you creators have any links they'd like to share for creating avatar skins? Or where I could start to look? Thanks!
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