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  1. Spending some time reading this Topic this morning and it is very clear it has gotten so off topic that I sense it can never return to the original post. So this topic is now reached the end of it's time on the SL Forums! While at one point there was some good discussion, alas that is no more!
  2. Just posting this as a heads up... Please get this topic back on track. If not then it will be locked down if y'all can't play nice!
  3. While some posts are back on topic... There is still a mess of posting being done here that serves no purpose... Please lets get this topic back on topic from what the OP originally posted...
  4. Topic has traveled way off course. Going to lock things up here. Hope everyone is having a nice Sunday.
  5. This thread is now open again. Please try to keep it on topic and not dive into things outside of what the point of this long topic has been. Again stay safe everyone!
  6. Going to be locking this topic as it has derailed from the Original Posters intent. I hope everyone is staying safe through all this stuff.
  7. Closing the thread as it has gotten off topic and become a back and forth about political views. I hope everyone is staying safe and having a good weekend!
  8. Going to be closing this topic as it has gotten so far off the original topic. I hope everyone is staying safe and having a good weekend.
  9. Okay chiming in here before locking this thread. It seems the item has been removed and replaced with something else. Let's consider this situation resolved.
  10. As some have guessed it... This topic has gotten so far off the OP... Time to lock the thread. If you wish to continue a conversation about the Original Post please by all means fire it up again. But try to stay on topic
  11. Okay all, Seems this topic has spawned out of control. It is time for this topic to be closed and fade away into the history books of the SecondLife Forum!
  12. Greetings Programs! The items causing all the annoyance have been zapped/cooked/sparked... well they have been removed. If they return please submit an Abuse Report again and we will get it dealt with. END OF LINE!
  13. As this topic has strayed from it's origins I am just gonna close it up
  14. Hmm, this looks very similar to a thread that Tommy just closed recently, and given the inappropriate nature of the title, and the content of the thread in question, we are going to go ahead and lock the thread at this time.
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