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Found 2 results

  1. Hello! my name is "Primrose" and I want a roleplay family. So basically i would be 14-16 and i would like a twin brother and or a twinsister either way its fine, i would like a ton of siblings as well. Now for the family part of things I would just like parents weather it be Mom or Dad or both, either is fine, I would like to live on an rp sim any sim is fine. and if the parents have parents of their own and siblings that would be awesome. About the Family: The Owains-- this is the family name. Primrose and Anarose owain--This is the twins of the family. Now for the more interesting part that i think will catch a lot of eyes. So, i've decided to take it upon myself to make this family as realistic as possible so i am willing to do whatever i can, I spend a ***** load of L on my Avi so for a twin i know we'd need to look very similar. i'm willing to fund any and everything to make this family perfect and make sure everyone looks as similar as possible, So if you need a new mesh head or body or clothing and hair and accessories i'll pay. This not only goes on for whoever my twin would be but for the parents and potential siblings.
  2. To Whom it May Concern, I have recently visited one of the best sims I have seen in Secondlife and the only one in recent past I wanted to take my actual real life daughter who has an account here to visit. The website is full of stores selling junk I don't need as well as disturbing fetish sims. Yet, I have discovered this wonderful site called "Exploratorium" and Scilands which offers wonderful builds of the solar system and space exploration and functions like a real life museum with many wonders to see. I have recently found out that it will actually be deleted at the end of THIS MONTH due to inability to pay for the Sim, and that Linden is shutting it down after having given it for free from April to Dec 2019. I am protesting this. If I cannot take my daughter there when she can finally login to Secondlife (because she's a full time ER hospital staff as well as a full time student in nursing and has limited time), then I think I will be so disappointed. I have spend 1000s of Lindens on objects for my land plus a land tier and 2 premium accounts for me and her. I am highly considering cancelling my accounts if they will not continue to support this project for free because I think it should be a public service. If someone is willing to go into Secondlife and create a huge scientific or educational project that benefits the entire community, I believe Linden should allow them to have a free grant sim to do this, it is a lot of work to create these builds, and many people have jobs with limited time to do such a project and are volunteering to create it for the public and not profit. Therefore Linden should support these types of projects. Without these, many people will not come to Secondlife who wish to have regular nice and exploratory, educational, and fun experiences here and it will be abandoned to only people who wish to live out secret "secondlife" fetishes of a disturbing nature. Please take this into consideration and continue to allow this to continue as a public benefit. Thank you. Peryda Resident https://www.sciencecircle.org/event/audience-questions/ https://www.sciencecircle.org/our-region-in-second-life/
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