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  1. sorry about that. the hamster is just getting a snack, he'll brb in the wheel momentarily.
  2. Oh don't worry. This time they're just going to unplug things and plug them back in really quickly again. While you may experience minor disruption, it will be nothing like last night. Just in case though, we've sacrificed a goat. It gives us just a little extra confidence.
  3. Thank you all for your patience. We can't wait to call it a night! The Lindens who were doing the maintenance work tonight are amazing. They were so sharp and on point, and kept communicating out, so that we could communicate to you all. The forced downtime is not something any of us would have chosen, but the way things were handled was absolutely stellar.
  4. I feel like the cleaning crew is getting a bad rep here! Thank you all for your patience. We're going to make sure everything is coming back online in an orderly fashion and then we will all sleep a whole lot. Saludos.
  5. If we were to keep up with the cleaning lady metaphor, I'd say she's finishing up and we're about to start plugging things in again. Not quite there yet, but we're coming out on the other side of this thing. Sorry, I mixed metaphors there.
  6. I didn't think you were going to say "coffee" at the end of that sentence.
  7. TBD. We'll update if it gets cancelled.
  8. That's almost it. She's just getting all the dust bunnies under the rug... hold on.
  9. Zazaaji, unfortunately we can't say for sure right now. It could go either way, but we will make every attempt to have service restored by morning SLT. It's probably cold comfort to reiterate to everyone here that this is not our idea of a good time either.
  10. Websites are back up. Logins are going to stay off for a bit longer.
  11. If I may recommend some videos? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5dsLkNZX9pVgmEHpJX9QCA
  12. You heard it first. It's all Lucia's fault. Seriously though, we're very carefully lining our ducks back up in a row - and will enable logins again as soon as it's prudent. We're not actually that crazy about taking down the grid, but we had to bang on some things, and are terribly sorry!
  13. I'm gonna say Lucia jinxed it. We have disabled logins and are bringing services back up. Should be available again soon.
  14. We always make an effort to do scheduled maintenance work (which may cause disruption) during the lowest concurrency hours. That's at night/early morning SLT. That said, I'm sure you all can point at times where we had to do work outside of that window 😕 ...
  15. anara Ansar, the process for GDPR deletion requests is described in the Knowledge Base article below:
  16. The real answer is, we've been working on this around the clock and, as you may have surmised, it's a really difficult problem to catch. It's not terribly helpful that the issue is intermittent and therefore we cannot have a bulletproof repro scenario which will save us (and more importantly, all of you) from testing in production. Until we're able to see a drop in the percentage of failures, we are left scouring the forums for anecdotal reports (hi ). After the SLS update this morning (this was on LT & BS yesterday), the early numbers are looking promising. We're waiting with bated breath, while working on additional contingency plans. We will certainly share more detail of how things progressed on the back end once we've got a few good days of metrics!
  17. you know, it may have been initially written by an immigrant...
  18. It's been fixed! Apologies for the inconvenience.
  19. Confirming that this change affects changes to Group Tags (ones that cycle groups and / or group roles). P.S. People will do the most amazing things with our feature set. We always assume that, we just can't always foresee the direction these things will go...
  20. Ethan, the forums are not an effective way of communicating with Lindens. While we occasionally lurk here and even crawl out of the woodwork once in a while, we do not monitor the forums for bug reports. But! There is a place which we monitor for those, every day. A bug report with screenshots on there is sure to get our attention very soon.
  21. Tom Boellstorff's work recently was the focal point of a full-feature film made by Draxtor (which won a bunch of awards too, yay!)
  22. We believe that the issue should be fixed. Please let us know in comments if problems checking out persist. ... see? didn't even ask to file a bug report!
  23. Grumpity Linden


    As long as you're in good standing with Linden Lab (not delinquent with billing or otherwise in violation of the Community Standards and Terms of Service) your Second Life account can remain inactive indefinitely. This means that your avatar and inventory will continue to be stored on the Second Life servers. If a Premium account cannot be billed, it will never be deleted. After a period of time, the account will go into delinquency. At that point it is still possible to access the account and settle the balance. More detail on inactive accounts: More detail on what happens if you are having trouble paying:
  24. Hi! We took a look and didn't see any general problems with the marketplace during that time period. If you experience issues again, it will be immensely helpful to have a bug report with details of the attempted purchase, the time frame when the issue occurred, and other relevant details, so that we can look in the logs and try to identify the problem. Thank you! More info on filing bug reports:
  25. Будет, но только на этой версии, и без обновлений: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Release_Notes/Second_Life_Release/
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