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  1. We are not aware of any cases where the Issuer (Bank issuing the Credit Card) was mis-classifying the transaction as a Cash Advance, only if it was done via PayPal. Despite PayPal earlier disavowing any knowledge of changes, it was, indeed, a change on their side which caused this issue. Now that they have rectified it, we're working with them to identify all affected transactions. If you have an issue with the Issuer (Bank) classifying your SL transactions as a cash advance, please contact our Billing Support.
  2. Hi All. Our legal team has successfully pushed back on PayPal changes which led to these transactions being classified as cash advances. We want to be very clear that this change in classification was not initiated by LL, nor did we benefit in any way from this. We have been assured that this should not occur going forward. We’re working with PayPal to see if there’s a way to make our users who were affected by this whole.
  3. well, you know. you file them - we fix them. sometimes anyway
  4. We don't reward bots for failure! That's why it got the sharp stick poke. ...It restarts the regions when it's time or it gets the hose again...
  5. Hey Teresa, no offense taken. We're really not able to comment very much in terms of details for now, but we are quite earnest in the Press Release, and I personally think Inara's blog is a great breakdown of that.
  6. In all seriousness -- this really really is a good thing. We’re excited for the opportunities it presents and we’re rock solid sure of the bright future of SL. And with that… NFC
  7. Actually, the Grid Poking Bot had been fixed. Unfortunately, things happened between then and now and it was recently discovered that the bot needed another poke with a sharp stick, which has now once again been achieved. The alerting for over-long region uptime has been adjusted to catch the current failure mode. I won't say that sanity has been restored, but something along those lines...
  8. Due to a short week in the US and some vacations scheduled, the Monthly Web UG meeting will take place NEXT Wednesday, July 8, at 2pm PST. See you there! https://secondlife.com/my/community/events/event.php?id=8150063
  9. Hi Muffmuffin, There is a known issue with some Skrill accounts which can be resolved by deleting the payment method from your account and re-adding it. See: https://status.secondlifegrid.net/incidents/ypxmpnf1vm41?u=7m369bw9c1md. If you are still having issues and it's inconvenient to call the billing line, you can file a ticket in the support portal.
  10. Hi Micaela, 1) There are some situations in which we are required to verify your identity before we can proceed with requested transactions, most commonly when you request to transfer funds to your payment method. But there are other circumstances where we may need to verify your identity to comply with regulations. 2) Most ID verification is completed automatically and takes just a few minutes. In cases where manual followup is needed, it usually takes 24-48 business hours, but can be up to 4 business days if the volume of requests is unusually high. 3) If you are ever in a situation where you're unable to pay due to a delay on our end, I would recommend reaching out to Support to see if we can help work something out.
  11. Hi secondBeach, No action is needed from you in this case. Your USD purchases, if any, will be handled by Tilia, with which you already have a relationship and have accepted the Terms of Service.
  12. I highly recommend Soft Linden's blog post on privacy and security in Tilia:
  13. Hi Piovefiore! Sorry I didn't respond here earlier. Most likely you're seeing this because of a change in the LindeX market rate between the time your purchase order was placed and the time it completed. Because your card is charged when you place the order, the remaining difference in cost of L$ is credited to your USD wallet, which results in the Tilia ToS acceptance requirement. I know this experience is a little jarring, and we're working to make it less so. Accepting the ToS does not require you to provide any additional information or result in any new fees.
  14. Hi Epoch, This does include premium costs as well. I don't believe there should be any change to what you see on your statement, however, the exact line item you see on your bank statement may change in the future. I will update here if I'm able to find out more specifics.
  15. Hi kiramanell! I was making a little joke, because Chic Aeon has a strong opinion about these changes, and had referred to them as BIG, and I was needling her just a tiny bit about it. In all seriousness, it is, of course, everyone's right to decide whether a particular Terms of Service are acceptable. So while I, personally, as a regular grumpity human think that these changes are minor, as Grumpity Linden it's my job to make sure that our customers are minimally disrupted in their daily activities by this transition, are aware of the change, and to answer any questions and concerns. In retrospect, I should have refrained from making light of this, and I apologize. We are all focused on keeping the Second Life economy strong while making sure we're complying with all applicable regulations, and Tilia is the solution created by Linden Lab to do just that.
  16. Nope, you're all good. Renewals will happen automatically, same as always.
  17. Chic, you understand it correctly. I am not at liberty pass a value judgement on the size of that change :).
  18. Hi Peaches2U, When you sell L$ on the LindeX, your USD wallet is handled by Tilia. That means you need to agree to the Tilia ToS and Privacy policy when you offer the L$ for sale. This has been the case since August 1, 2019 and is not changing in any way now. You can continue to use that balance to pay for land, premium etc.
  19. Hi Chic! Since all USD transactions are handled by Tilia, you will be agreeing to the ToS and PP when you transact. For example, you will see something like the following when you purchase L$: This does not have anything to do with the question from last weekend. I would expect she had encountered that issue due to a refund from a changing exchange rate on the LindeX during a L$ purchase. My apologies for not responding there earlier. It slid off my plate while I was distracted.
  20. Lindal, good news! Not much is changing in terms of actual everyday experience. Starting May 26, when you pay with a Credit Card or add a new Payment method, you will see text informing you that by proceeding with that action, you are agreeing to the Tilia ToS and Privacy Policy. That's it.
  21. Another possibility is a LindeX order you may have forgotten about (since the exchange rate has been moving recently) - say if you had placed an order for a particular rate some time back and the LindeX only got to the volume at this rate now, it would have only filled now.
  22. One of our major providers has confirmed a fiber cut. In two places! The backhoe has been seriously busy - must be taking advantage of how little traffic there is? Just a note to let you know that it doesn't matter which account you're trying. It's just dumb luck for when you do manage to log in...
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